Electrical Binding Post

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A metallic postlike terminal, insulated or uninsulated, which is mounted on a board, chassis, panel, or other similar supporting surface. It is designed for frequent manual connections and disconnections of at least one electrical conductor, such as a wire, alligator clip, or spade lug. It may have additional tip jack features for the acceptance of banana plugs, phone tips, and the like. It may also have provisions for permanently attaching an electrical conductor(s). For items which require all electrical conductors to be permanently attached (soldered, crimped, and the like), see TERMINAL, STUD. See also JACK, TIP. View more Electrical Binding Post

5940-14-248-9213 POST,BINDING,ELECTRICAL 5940142489213 142489213

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NSN Created on 1 Jan 1968
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January 2023
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