Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips - Canada (CA)

Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5940

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 5940

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 59 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 59 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

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NSN Format for Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips
Codified by Canada

Federal Supply Class

NATO Supply Class 5940 is a classification within NATO Supply Group 59, which is dedicated to Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components.

NATO Supply Class 5940 specifically focuses on Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips. These components are essential for electrical and electronic systems as they provide a secure and reliable connection between wires, cables, and other electrical conductors.

Lugs are typically metal connectors that are attached to the end of a wire or cable. They are designed to be easily connected to other components, such as terminals or terminal strips, to establish an electrical connection. Lugs come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different wire gauges and connection requirements.

Terminals are similar to lugs but are usually designed to be mounted on a surface or a panel. They provide a point of connection for wires or cables and are commonly used in electrical distribution systems, control panels, and other applications where multiple connections need to be made.

Terminal strips, also known as terminal blocks or connector strips, are devices that provide a convenient way to connect multiple wires or cables together. They typically consist of a plastic or metal base with multiple screw terminals or spring-loaded clamps. Terminal strips are commonly used in electrical panels, control cabinets, and industrial equipment to organize and secure electrical connections.

In summary, NATO Supply Class 5940 encompasses lugs, terminals, and terminal strips, which are crucial components in electrical and electronic systems. These components ensure reliable and secure connections, making them essential for various applications in the field of electrical and electronic equipment components.

FSC 5940 Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips - Canada (CA)
FSC 5940 Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips - Canada (CA)

Includes Binding Posts; Battery Clips; Stud Terminals; Test Clips.

Excludes Caps, Electrical; Clips, Electrical; and Contacts, Electrical.

Note-Mounting hardware, included in classes of this group, includes such specially designed items as brackets, holders, retainers, etc. Excluded from classes in this group are such hardware items as screws (Class 5305), bolts (Class 5306), studs (Class 5307), washers (Class 5310), rivets (Class 5320), and other common items indexed to specific classes, other than in Group 59. The FSC indexes and structure will govern the classification of items used on or with mounting hardware cited above.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 5940 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 5940

What is Federal Supply Class 5940?
FSC 5940 is the Federal Supply Class (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 5940) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 5940?
NSC 5940 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 5940 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 5940 in?
FSC 5940 is in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 59 which contains Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components.
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 5940 in?
NSC 5940 is in NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG) 59 which contains Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components.

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 5940 Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 5940

What is a Conductor Splice? 366 Items
A Conductor Splice (SPLICE,CONDUCTOR) is an item designed to expedite or simplify the connection of two or more electrical conductors without bringing them to a fixed point such as a binding post or terminal. It may have a separate tubular shaped piece of nonmetallic, flexible material designed to be slipped over the crimped first piece to seal the conductor joint through heat sealing.
What is a Battery Terminal Adapter? 25 Items
A Battery Terminal Adapter (ADAPTER,BATTERY TERMINAL) is an adapter constructed to accommodate electrically and physically a cable lug to a battery terminal whose physical design will not normally warrant their connection.
What is a Terminal Board? 1301 Items
A Terminal Board is an item consisting of insulating material, which is specifically designed to have fastened thereon, or on which are fastened terminal(s), such as screws, solder lugs, solder studs, solderless connectors, clips, and the like. It is usually used for junctions or terminations of wire or cable assemblies. It does not include items as defined above with parts, such as resistors and capacitors mounted thereon. Do not use if a more specific name exists, such as FUSEHOLDER; HOLDER, RESISTOR; FANNING STRIP; CONTACT ASSEMBLY, ELECTRICAL; JACK ASSEMBLY, TIP; CHAMBER, CABLE TERMINAL; PANEL (2) (as modified); CONNECTOR (as modified). Excludes TERMINAL, STUD; TERMINAL, FEEDTHRU, INSULATED; POST, BINDING, ELECTRICAL; and CHASSIS, ELECTRICAL-ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT. For items having printed electrical conductor paths, see PRINTED WIRING BOARD.
What is a Terminal Box? 65 Items
A Terminal Box is an enclosure which includes, mounts and protects one or more terminals and/or terminal boards. It is designed for and may include a cover and such accessories as mounting hardware, brackets, locks, and conduit fittings. For boxes which include combinations of different electrical devices such as terminals and/or terminal boards, fuseholders, switches, jacks, circuit breakers, connectors and the like, see DISTRIBUTION BOX. For boxes which are designed to mount, but which do not include terminals and/or terminal boards, see JUNCTION BOX. Excludes TERMINAL BOARD ASSEMBLY. See also CHAMBER, CABLE TERMINAL; and INTERCONNECTING CABINET.
What is a Terminal Board Cover? 101 Items
A Terminal Board Cover (COVER,TERMINAL BOARD) is a cover designed to protect electrical terminals against damage, shorting and/or grounding. May have provisions for the passage of wire or cable. Excludes SHIELD, TERMINAL and SHIELD, TERMINAL BOARD.
What is a Lug Terminal? 1449 Items
A Lug Terminal (TERMINAL,LUG) is a terminal designed to be affixed, usually at one end, to a post, stud, chassis, or the like for mounting. It has provisions for attachment of wire(s) or similar electrical conductor(s) in order to establish an electrical connection and could require the use of tool(s) for attachment of wire. For post like terminals, see TERMINAL STUD. Excludes CLIP, ELECTRICAL; TERMINAL, QUICK DISCONNECT and TERMINAL FEEDTHRU.
What is an Electrical Binding Post? 91 Items
An Electrical Binding Post (POST,BINDING,ELECTRICAL) is a metallic postlike terminal, insulated or uninsulated, which is mounted on a board, chassis, panel, or other similar supporting surface. It is designed for frequent manual connections and disconnections of at least one electrical conductor, such as a wire, alligator clip, or spade lug. It may have additional tip jack features for the acceptance of banana plugs, phone tips, and the like. It may also have provisions for permanently attaching an electrical conductor(s). For items which require all electrical conductors to be permanently attached (soldered, crimped, and the like), see TERMINAL, STUD. See also JACK, TIP.
What is a Stud Terminal? 421 Items
A Stud Terminal (TERMINAL,STUD) is a terminal, generally postlike, having an axial portion of its body designed for projecting through or into a panel, or the like, for mounting. Requires the use of tool(s) for attachment of wire. The conductor connection may be insulated from the mounting. Excludes TERMINAL, FEEDTHRU. See also TERMINAL, QUICK DISCONNECT and TERMINAL SET, QUICK DISCONNECT.
What is an Electrical Conductor Ferrule? 23 Items
An Electrical Conductor Ferrule (FERRULE,ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR) is an item of one piece construction designed to be permanently fastened to the end of an electrical wire or cable in order to facilitate the insertion of the conductor into devices such as clamps, splices, and terminals. It may also be used to water seal insulated wires. Excludes items designed to mate with a specific connector or jack. See also PLUG, TIP; and JACK TIP. Excludes FERRULE, METALLIC SHIELDED CABLE, GROUNDING. For items with other than cylindrical mating end, see TERMINAL, QUICK DISCONNECT.
What is a Terminal Board Assembly? 57 Items
A Terminal Board Assembly is two or more terminal boards having a common mounting or mounted on each other.
What is a Grounding Terminal Strip? 53 Items
A Grounding Terminal Strip (TERMINAL STRIP,GROUNDING) is a rigid metallic item of electrically conductive material. It is designed with terminal(s) and/or wire-accommodating holes on one end and facilities for connection to another conductive surface on the other end. For items without terminals or wire-accommodating facilities, see PLATE, ELECTRICAL GROUNDING; CONTACT STRIP, RADIO FREQUENCY GROUNDING; and STRIP, ELECTRICAL GROUNDING.
What is a Radio Frequency Grounding Contact Strip? 21 Items
A Radio Frequency Grounding Contact Strip (CONTACT STRIP,RADIO FREQUENCY GROUNDING) is a semirigid metallic item of electrically conductive material designed for the specific purpose of grounding and/or bonding radio frequency equipment. It is normally attached to one item to give spring action to form a ground and/or bond with another item. Excludes TERMINAL STRIP, GROUNDING; CONTACT, ELECTRICAL; and STRIP, ELECTRICAL GROUNDING.
What is a Sectional Terminal Junction Block? 38 Items
A Sectional Terminal Junction Block (TERMINAL JUNCTION BLOCK,SECTIONAL) is an electrical item with multiple socket contacts which may or may not be interconnected by bussing, to form one or more circuits. Item may be of feedback, feedthrough and/or terminating design and may afford a convenient method of interconnection. It may or may not include a sealing grommet. Sectional blocks are normally retained in a track or channel mounting. Excludes CHAMBER, CABLE TERMINAL; CONTACT ASSEMBLY, ELECTRICAL; INSERT, ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR; JUNTION BOX ; TERMINAL BOARD; and TERMINAL BOX.
What is a Feedthru Terminal? 125 Items
A Feedthru Terminal (TERMINAL,FEEDTHRU) is a terminal designed to be mounted on a chassis or other partition, and having through connected wire mounting facilities. It may or may not be insulated. It is fabricated into a single item whose parts are not separable. For items whose parts are separable, see INSULATOR, FEEDTHRU.
What is a Grounding Metallic Shielded Cable Ferrule? 93 Items
A Grounding Metallic Shielded Cable Ferrule (FERRULE,METALLIC SHIELDED CABLE,GROUNDING) is an item of one or more piece construction designed to be affixed to the outer, or shielding, conductor of CABLE (as modified) to simplify grounding of the outer conductor and/or to anchor the cable to prevent fraying or slipping. For items used with other than shielded cable, see FERRULE, ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR.
What is a Terminal Board Marker Strip? 16 Items
A Terminal Board Marker Strip (MARKER STRIP,TERMINAL BOARD) is an item, generally of insulating material, designed to identify terminal position on terminal boards. Its thickness is small in comparison to its length and width. They can be printed to show terminal designations by numbers, letters, symbols, or any combination thereof. It may serve as insulation between terminal board and chassis. Excludes MARKER, IDENTIFICATION and PLATE, DESIGNATION.
What is a Quick Disconnect Terminal? 217 Items
A Quick Disconnect Terminal (TERMINAL,QUICK DISCONNECT) is a terminal which is a component of a TERMINAL SET, QUICK DISCONNECT or a SPLICE SET, QUICK DISCONNECT, and incorporates a means permitting its rapid engagement and disengagement, without the use of tools, to a mating part(s). It is designed either for attachment to a stud, post, chassis, or the like, or for permanent attachment to an electrical wire or cable. For items with cylindrical mating ends, see FERRULE, ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR.

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