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Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5930

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 5930

Group Description: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 59

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 59

FSC 5930 Switches
FSC 5930 Switches

Includes Rotary, Knife, Toggle, Push Button, Mercury, Thermostatic, and Differential Pressure Switches.

Excludes Switchgear.

Note-Mounting hardware, included in classes of this group, includes such specially designed items as brackets, holders, retainers, etc. Excluded from classes in this group are such hardware items as screws (Class 5305), bolts (Class 5306), studs (Class 5307), washers (Class 5310), rivets (Class 5320), and other common items indexed to specific classes, other than in Group 59. The FSC indexes and structure will govern the classification of items used on or with mounting hardware cited above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 5930

What is Federal Supply Class 5930?
FSC 5930 is the Federal Supply Class (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 5930) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Switches.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 5930?
NSC 5930 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 5930 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Switches.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 5930 in?
FSC 5930 is in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 59 which contains .
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 5930 in?
NSC 5930 is in NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG) 59 which contains .

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 5930

What is a Knife Switch? 249 Items
A Knife Switch (SWITCH,KNIFE) is a switch using hinged blades for contacts which enter or embrace fixed contact clips. Includes switches which have a movable blade which swivels to permit contact with each of several fixed contact clips. See also SWITCH, BOX.
What is a Hook Switch? 37 Items
A Hook Switch (SWITCH,HOOK) is a switch in which the integral external actuator is hook shaped or lipped so that the hanging of an object on the actuator will operate the switch. Excludes sensitive switch with adapters.
What is a Mercury Switch? 202 Items
A Mercury Switch (SWITCH,MERCURY) is a switch in which a mercury pool is used to bridge fixed contacts when their inclosing sealed capsule is tilted. Do not use if switch has an actuator, such as lever, push button, toggle, and the like. See SWITCH (as modified). For items in which a contact may be moved into a mercury pool by a magnetic field, see SWITCH, REED.
What is a Centrifugal Switch? 240 Items
A Centrifugal Switch (SWITCH,CENTRIFUGAL) is a switch which is actuated by centrifugal force.
What is a Foot Switch? 668 Items
A Foot Switch (SWITCH,FOOT) is a switch with a pedal which is actuated by the foot. For items not provided with a pedal, see switch (as modified). Excludes SWITCH, BEAM SELECTING, HEADLIGHT.
What is a Lever Switch? 3609 Items
A Lever Switch (SWITCH,LEVER) is a switch which is externally actuated by a lever and whose contacts open and close at a speed proportional to the speed at which the lever is operated. Includes pile-up lever switches and wafer lever switches. Excludes SWITCH, TOGGLE; SWITCH, ROTARY; SWITCH, KNIFE; SWITCH, SENSITIVE; SWITCH, BOX; and SWITCH, MERCURY.
What is a Toggle Switch? 22832 Items
A Toggle Switch (SWITCH,TOGGLE) is a switch which is externally actuated by a lever and whose contacts open and close with an instantaneous (snap) action; includes items having one or more momentary positions. Includes switches (snap action) which use mercury to bridge contacts, and assemblages of complete switches (snap action) having common actuators. Excludes SWITCH, LEVER; SWITCH, ROTARY; SWITCH, KNIFE; SWITCH, SENSITIVE; and SWITCH, BOX.
What is a Pressure Switch? 17642 Items
A Pressure Switch (SWITCH,PRESSURE) is a switch which is actuated by changes in pressure of any gas or liquid or by changes in a vacuum acting upon its sensing element. Excludes BAROSWITCH; SWITCH, PRESSURE-THERMOSTATIC; and SWITCH, SENSITIVE.
What is a Sensitive Switch? 14027 Items
A Sensitive Switch (SWITCH,SENSITIVE) is a switch with a quick-acting mechanism actuated by a highly delicate tactile contact. Includes membrane switch. Excludes SWITCH, FLEXIBLE; SWITCH, PRESSURE; and SWITCH, THERMOSTATIC.
What is a Slide Switch? 1537 Items
A Slide Switch (SWITCH,SLIDE) is a switch designed to be actuated by the sliding of a button, bar, or knob.
What is a Lock Switch? 1901 Items
A Lock Switch (SWITCH,LOCK) is a switch which is externally actuated by a key designed to be inserted into a switch, or actuated by a predetermined combination dial setting(s). Excludes SWITCH, LOCK, IGNITION.
What is an Interlock Switch? 876 Items
An Interlock Switch (SWITCH,INTERLOCK) is an item which completes or interrupts the connections in one or more electrical circuits. Its electrical elements consist of separate parts designed to be mounted respectively on a frame and a door, drawer, or cover, It acts as a safety device to open a circuit when the door or drawer is opened or the cover removed. It does not include devices of which a complete switch with an actuator is one of the parts; for such devices, use SWITCH (as modified). Excludes SWITCH, MERCURY; and SWITCH, REED.
What is a Pull Switch? 286 Items
A Pull Switch (SWITCH,PULL) is a switch which is actuated by a device, such as a pull rod or a chain which requires pulling for each action. Excludes LIGHT-SWITCH ASSEMBLY and SWITCH, SENSITIVE.
What is a Push Switch? 49393 Items
A Push Switch (SWITCH,PUSH) is a switch that is externally actuated by a device such as a push rod or button, which requires pushing for each actuation. The action may be momentary, with mechanical return. The actuating device may or may not be an integral part of the switch. The item may include provisions for mounting indicating lamp(s) or light emitting diode(s) in the actuator. Includes items consisting of individually separable switches that are physically interlocked, that have a common actuator, or are electrically connected. Excludes LIGHT-SWITCH; LIGHT-SWITCH ASSEMBLY; SWITCH, BEAM SELECTING, HEADLIGHT; SWITCH, FOOT; SWITCH, INTERLOCK; SWITCH, PRESSURE; SWITCH, PUSH-PULL; SWITCH, SENSITIVE and SWITCH ASSEMBLY. For devices which start, stop, reverse, select and/or regulate the speed of a motor, see STARTER, MOTOR and CONTROLLER, MOTOR.
What is a Push-Pull Switch? 1219 Items
A Push-Pull Switch (SWITCH,PUSH-PULL) is a switch which is actuated in one direction by pushing and in the opposite direction by pulling. Excludes LIGHT-SWITCH ASSEMBLY.
What is a Trigger Switch? 252 Items
A Trigger Switch (SWITCH,TRIGGER) is a switch which is actuated by pulling a trigger. The switching device with trigger action may be a separate unit but is usually mounted or designed to be mounted in a pistol-grip handle. It may include provisions for locking the switch in the "ON" position. Excludes GRIP ASSEMBLY, CONTROLLER, AIRCRAFT.
What is a Thermostatic Switch? 19386 Items
A Thermostatic Switch (SWITCH,THERMOSTATIC) is a switch that is actuated by changes in ambient temperature. Excludes CIRCUIT BREAKER; CONTROL, TEMPERATURE (as modified); FUSE (as modified); PROTECTOR, THERMAL-OVERLOAD, ELECTRICAL MOTOR; RELAY, THERMAL; and THERMOSTAT, FLOW CONTROL. See also CONTROL, TEMPERATURE (as modified) and REGULATOR, TEMPERATURE (as modified).
What is a Switch Drive Subassembly? 356 Items
A Switch Drive Subassembly is two or more different types of items having a common mounting or mounted on each other which together form a portion of a switch drive but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definite item name.
What is a Switch Subassembly? 4608 Items
A Switch Subassembly is two or more different types of items having a common mounting or mounted on each other which together forms a portion of a switch but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definite item name. See also SWITCH SECTION, ROTARY and CONTACT ASSEMBLY, ELECTRICAL.
What is an Electrical Switch Cover? 1474 Items
What is a Switch Assembly? 9713 Items
A Switch Assembly is two or more complete switches mounted on each other or having a common mounting the major function of which is to hold the switches. Each switch, as a separable item, must be capable of functioning in accordance with its own name. Excludes items consisting of individually separable switches which are physically interlocked (e.g., one button returns when the other is pushed), which have a common actuator, or are electrically connected. See also SWITCH, PUSH.
What is an Electrical Switch Rotor? 262 Items
An Electrical Switch Rotor (ROTOR,ELECTRICAL SWITCH) is an item designed as the rotating part of an electrical switch.
What is an Electrical Switch Stop? 226 Items
An Electrical Switch Stop (STOP,ELECTRICAL SWITCH) is an item designed to restrict the movement of an electrical switch actuator, Excludes DETENT, SWITCH; and LATCH, SWITCH.
What is an Interlock Control? 96 Items
An Interlock Control (CONTROL,INTERLOCK) is a device that determines the mode of operation of an interlock system.
What is an Inertia Switch? 113 Items
An Inertia Switch (SWITCH,INERTIA) is a switch which is specifically designed to be actuated by an abrupt change in velocity of the item upon which it is mounted.
What is a Switch Latch? 188 Items
A Switch Latch (LATCH,SWITCH) is an item which is an auxiliary part of a switch and designed to hold the switch in a position into which it has manually or mechanically been thrown. See also DETENT, SWITCH; and STOP, ELECTRICAL SWITCH.
What is a Switch Detent? 282 Items
A Switch Detent (DETENT,SWITCH) is a mechanism which is a part of or may be added to a switch to establish predeternimed switching positions. See also STOP, ELECTRICAL SWITCH and LATCH, SWITCH.
What is a Rotary Switch? 56892 Items
A Rotary Switch (SWITCH,ROTARY) is a switch actuated by a definite angular rotation of the switch shaft about its axis. For items having rated actuation travel and pressure characteristics, see SWITCH, SENSITIVE. Excludes RELAY, ROTARY; SWITCH, STEPPING; and SWITCH, TELEPHONE (as modified).
What is an Electrical Switch Actuator Bar? 290 Items
An Electrical Switch Actuator Bar (BAR,ACTUATOR,ELECTRICAL SWITCH) is an item which is long in proportion to its other dimensions and is used as an electrical switch actuator.
What is a Switch Guard? 2674 Items
A Switch Guard (GUARD,SWITCH) is a framework fabricated of rigid material designed to protect a switch against external damage and/or prevent inadvertent throwing of the switch. Excludes switch locking devices.
What is an Electrical Switch Roller? 70 Items
An Electrical Switch Roller (ROLLER,ELECTRICAL SWITCH) is a machined pin, rod or cylinder which is used in the mechanism of an electrical switch to reduce friction and wear.
What is an Electrical Switch Yoke? 46 Items
An Electrical Switch Yoke (YOKE,ELECTRICAL SWITCH) is an item designed to join together two electrical switches or parts of a switch so as to cause the joined items to function as a unit.
What is a Box Switch? 1418 Items
A Box Switch (SWITCH,BOX) is a switch designed with its actuator extending from the box which incloses the circuit elements. The door or cover of the box is designed so that it may be readily opened or removed, thus providing relatively easy access to the circuit elements. The item is commonly designated as a safety switch or entrance switch. May be fusible and may have interlocking device.
What is a Tilt Switch? 240 Items
A Tilt Switch (SWITCH,TILT) is a switch which is actuated upon angular displacement from a predetermined plane. Does not include SWITCH, SENSITIVE and SWITCH, MERCURY.
What is a Switch Actuator Adapter? 1684 Items
A Switch Actuator Adapter (ADAPTER,SWITCH ACTUATOR) is an adapter designed to be mounted on a switch so that the switch may be opened or closed by an action of force not adapted to directly actuate the integral switching mechanism. Does not include knobs. See also EXTENSION, SHAFT.
What is a Rotary Switch Control? 493 Items
A Rotary Switch Control (CONTROL,ROTARY SWITCH) is an item which determines the mode of operation of an integral rotary switch. It is controlled manually or by a CONTROL, REMOTE SWITCHING.
What is a Pressure-Thermostatic Switch? 303 Items
A Pressure-Thermostatic Switch (SWITCH,PRESSURE-THERMOSTATIC) is a switch which is actuated by changes of pressure (vacuum) on any gas or liquid and by changes in ambient temperature. The contacts for the temperature and pressure sensitive elements may be common.
What is a Rotary Switch Section? 2161 Items
A Rotary Switch Section (SWITCH SECTION,ROTARY) is an item consisting of electrical contacts mounted on an insulated plate which together form a section of a switch or relay. It includes both rotor and stator but does not include drive or actuating mechanism.
What is a Switch Handle? 936 Items
A Switch Handle (HANDLE,SWITCH) is the detachable portion of an actuator. It is usually attached at an angle to the pivoted axis of the actuator. May include a radial lever as an integral or detachable part. Excludes KNOB; and HANDWHEEL.
What is a Sensitive Switch Housing? 251 Items
A Sensitive Switch Housing (HOUSING,SENSITIVE SWITCH) is an item designed to inclose a basic sensitive switch providing characteristics features such as dust-proof, explosion-proof, watertight, and the like, and having provisions for actuating the switch. Excludes BOX, SWITCH.
What is a Switch Box? 2008 Items
A Switch Box is an enclosure which includes, mounts, and protects one or more electrical switches. It is designed to have a cover which completely encloses the switch(es) and its (their) actuator(s). The cover may or may not be included. May also include mounting hardware, lock(s), conduit fittings, and terminal board(s) used specifically for terminating the switch(es). For boxes containing combinations of different electrical devices, such as switches, jacks, fuseholders, connectors, circuit breakers, terminal boards, and the like, see DISTRIBUTION BOX. For boxes designed to mount but which do not include switches, see JUNCTION BOX. Excludes CONTROL (2) (as modified); PANEL, POWER DISTRIBUTION; SWITCH, BOX; and SWITCH ASSEMBLY.
What is a Water Switch? 42 Items
A Water Switch is an item consisting of two electrodes which pass current when immersed in salt water. It may have an electrical connection cable.
What is a Dust And Moisture Seal Boot? 1296 Items
A Dust And Moisture Seal Boot (BOOT,DUST AND MOISTURE SEAL) is a flexible, nonmetallic item designed to prevent entry of dust, moisture and other contaminants into critical areas around shafts, levers, electrical wires and hoses. Sealing may be either static or dynamic. The item may include mounting hardware (support plates, clamps and the like). Excludes BELLOWS, PROTECTION; GROMMET, NONMETALLIC; and CABLE NIPPLE, ELECTRICAL. See also CAP, ELECTRICAL; CAP, PROTECTIVE, DUST AND MOISTURE SEAL; and SHIELD, ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR.
What is a Nonluminous Switch Actuator Cover? 103 Items
A Nonluminous Switch Actuator Cover (COVER,SWITCH ACTUATOR,NONLUMINOUS) is a clip designed to fit on the end of a "bat" or "ball" type actuator of a switch or switch type circuit breaker. Its function is to cover luminous ends to prevent radiation, and/or to mark or identify when certain switches or circuits should not be used. For similar items having fluorescent or radioactive type inserts, use MARKER, SELF-LUMINOUS.
What is a Pressure Switch Diaphragm? 249 Items
A Pressure Switch Diaphragm (DIAPHRAGM,PRESSURE SWITCH) is a maintenance item for a SWITCH, PRESSURE. It converts pressure into motion for opening or closing the switch contacts.
What is a Stepping Switch? 410 Items
A Stepping Switch (SWITCH,STEPPING) is an electromagnetically actuated switch having contact wipers which are successively rotated over fixed bank contacts. The contact wipers are progressively advanced over the fixed bank contacts through a repetitive series of stepping operations. The stepping operation may be a continuous forward rotation acting through 360 degrees to return to its normal unoperated position or it may be designed to include an electromagnetic and/or mechanical means for releasing and resetting the switch to its released position for a subsequent operation. The contact wipers may be mechanically held in contact with the fixed bank contacts after the armature of the actuating coil has released. The switch may be released at the end of its travel or at any intermediate position. It includes items designed with two electromagnetic actuators that enable the switch to operate in either direction. For items having the dual function of a switch and a relay assembled together on a common mounting, see RELAY-SWITCH. For other than electromagnetically actuated switches whose contact wipers are manually rotated over fixed bank contacts, see SWITCH, ROTARY. Excludes RELAY, ROTARY and SWITCH, TELEPHONE (as modified).
What is a Reed Switch? 688 Items
A Reed Switch (SWITCH,REED) is an item actuated by an external magnetic field and having two or more contacts inclosed in a sealed capsule. Do not use if switch has an actuator, such as a lever, push button, toggle, and the like. See SWITCH (as modified). For items provided with an operating coil, use RELAY (as modified). It includes items in which a contact may be moved into a mercury pool by a magnetic field.
What is a Proximity Switch? 2702 Items
A Proximity Switch (SWITCH,PROXIMITY) is a switch designed to perform the function of opening and/or closing one or more electrical circuits. The switching function is accomplished by means of separable contacts, semiconductor devices, or a combination of separable contacts and semiconductor devices. The item functions in response to electrical changes in its internal circuit caused by capacitance, inductance, or magnetic flux changes. It is activated by permanent magnets, metallic materials, or nonmetallic materials which come within its sensing range. For sensing switches which respond to changes other than capacitance, inductance, or magnetic flux, see SWITCH, AIRFLOW; SWITCH, CENTRIFUGAL; SWITCH, INERTIA; SWITCH, PRESSURE; SWITCH, PRESSURE-THERMOSTATIC; SWITCH, THERMOSTATIC; and SWITCH, TILT.
What is a Flexible Switch? 142 Items
A Flexible Switch (SWITCH,FLEXIBLE) is a switch that is externally actuated by the application of pressure at any point along its operating surface which encloses parallel electrical conductors. It may have one or more sets of parallel conductors. Excludes SWITCH, PUSH and SWITCH, SENSITIVE.
What is a Flow Switch? 2391 Items
A Flow Switch (SWITCH,FLOW) is a switch which is specifically designed to operate by the influence of a gaseous, liquid, or solid media velocity on its actuator.
What is a Liquid Level Switch? 1692 Items
A Liquid Level Switch (SWITCH,LIQUID LEVEL) is a switch which is actuated by a float or sensing device(s) to control liquid level and/or actuate visual or audible warning systems. It may include a relay controlled by the switch element. Excludes TRANSMITTER,LIQUID QUANTITY.
What is an Electrical Switch Retainer? 2576 Items
An Electrical Switch Retainer (RETAINER,ELECTRICAL SWITCH) is an item designed to position and/or restrain the movement of one or more switches in their normal operating positions.
What is a Solid State Switch? 401 Items
A Solid State Switch (SWITCH,SOLID STATE) is a switch designed to perform the function of opening and/or closing of one or more electrical circuits. In lieu of separable contacts, the switching function is accomplished by means of an arrangement of semiconductors and passive circuit devices. The item functions in response to electrical changes in its own internal circuit caused by the approach of permanent magnets, metals, capacitance or inductance. The form of the item and kind of actuation (push, toggle and rotary action) may be identical to that of switches having separable contacts.
What is a Switch Shield? 88 Items
A Switch Shield (SHIELD,SWITCH) is an item specifically designed to be placed around or over one or more SWITCH (as modified) in order to prevent or reduce electrical and/or mechanical interference.
What is an Electronic Switch? 2548 Items
An Electronic Switch (SWITCH,ELECTRONIC) is an electronic device which provides for the transfer of the electrical signal input from one component to another, or between two or more components. It may also provide a continuous sequence of switching or sampling of a number of circuits. See also GATE, ELECTRONIC.
What is a Programming Switch? 39 Items
A Programming Switch (SWITCH,PROGRAMMING) is an item with a motor-driven program switch which, contrary to pulse-actuated stepping mechanisms, is permanently driven. Program mechanisms are required in applications where the program flow must be free from control pulses. For pulse-driven switching mechanisms designed for stepping operations see SWITCH, STEPPING.
What is a Push Button Set? 124 Items
A Push Button Set is a group of two or more push buttons (the detachable portion of a switch, circuit breaker, controller or the like). They may be any shape or design and may include detachable tops, marked with letter(s), numeral(s), or other characters. Excludes KNOB, HANDLE, AND KEYTOP, KEYBOARD.
What is a Dummy Switch? 18 Items
A Dummy Switch is an item occupying the space of an electrical switch, without having its functions.
What is a Switch Actuator Arm? 1192 Items
A Switch Actuator Arm (ARM,SWITCH ACTUATOR) is an arm designed to be mounted on a switch mechanism shaft.
What is a Switch Key? 823 Items
A Switch Key (KEY,SWITCH) is a device intended for insertion into the actuator of a switch to lock the switch in either an on or off position.
What is a Push Button? 13963 Items
A Push Button is an item which constitutes the detachable portion of a switch, circuit breaker, controller, motor starter actuator or items equipped with a key type station selector device etc, upon which the pushing pressure is applied to operate the item. It may be of any shape or design and may include a detachable top, marked with letter(s), numeral(s), or other characters, and/or a plunger or rod as an integral or detachable part. Excludes KNOB; HANDLE, SWITCH; BAR ACTUATOR, ELECTRICAL SWITCH and KEYTOP, KEYBOARD.
What is a Code Indicating Wheel Switch? 2534 Items
A Code Indicating Wheel Switch (SWITCH,CODE INDICATING WHEEL) is a switch which is externally actuated by a thumbwheel and/or pushbutton. A legend or message is visually displayed at each position of the indicating wheel which corresponds to electrically coded output. Electrically coded output is achieved by rotating a set of brush contacts permanently attached to the code indicating wheel, against a stationary commutator which is usually a printed wiring board having electrical pads or contacts which are interconnected by the rotating brush contacts. May have additional electrical components (such as resistors, capacitors, diodes) premounted on that portion of printed wiring board which extends beyond the back of switch housing.

Stock Items From Supply Class 5930

5930-00-001-8536  SWITCH,THERMOSTATIC
5930-00-001-7405  SWITCH,TOGGLE
5930-00-003-2647  SWITCH,PUSH
5930-00-001-7562  SWITCH,LEVER
5930-00-001-8753  SWITCH,ROTARY
5930-00-001-7400  SWITCH,TOGGLE
5930-00-001-6128  SWITCH,PUSH
5930-00-001-8682  SWITCH,ROTARY
5930-00-001-8808  SWITCH,LEVER
5930-00-001-3837  SWITCH,PUSH
5930-00-001-8650  SWITCH,ROTARY
5930-00-001-5935  SWITCH,LEVER
5930-00-001-7263  SWITCH,PRESSURE
5930-00-001-3184  SWITCH,THERMOSTATIC
5930-00-001-7474  SWITCH,PUSH
5930-00-001-7304  SWITCH,THERMOSTATIC
5930-00-001-7479  SWITCH,PRESSURE
5930-00-001-5414  SWITCH,WIRED,ROTARY
5930-00-001-5790  SWITCH,THERMOSTATIC
5930-00-001-5896  SWITCH,PUSH
5930-00-001-5413  SWITCH,WIRED,ROTARY
5930-00-001-5936  SWITCH,LEVER
5930-00-001-3178  SWITCH,THERMOSTATIC
5930-00-001-3084  SWITCH,TOGGLE
5930-00-001-3142  SWITCH,PUSH
5930-00-001-1890  SWITCH,SENSITIVE
5930-00-001-3108  SWITCH,PUSH
5930-00-001-2932  SWITCH,ROTARY
5930-00-001-2571  SWITCH,ROTARY
5930-14-470-3139  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-422-8787  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-519-9381  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-386-0857  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-452-0979  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-528-1950  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7896  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-373-7629  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-031-7884  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-37-036-0397  DIMMER S/W
5930-37-557-0307  PANEL ASSY,L/G
5930-14-041-1656  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-331-5082  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-457-2746  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-222-2826  A/A OVERRIDE PUSH B
5930-14-409-0870  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-342-2717  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-415-4065  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-466-0617  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-269-0304  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-395-6157  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-329-3901  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-99-774-9638  SWITCH,INHIBITOR/RE
5930-14-380-2364  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-466-0620  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-272-8758  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-382-5349  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-388-2914  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-337-0485  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-419-4438  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-379-6085  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-369-4387  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-455-7908  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-256-2527  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-269-0300  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-334-3189  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-423-2442  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-382-5337  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-236-0701  PULANTE AVVIAMENTO/
5930-14-382-4943  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-332-7185  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-15-123-3339  MICRO SWITCH FREE/L
5930-14-496-3721  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-556-1246  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-33-190-3966  INTERRUPTORES/CONMU
5930-25-149-8987  BAKPLATE F/EFFEK
5930-14-352-5374  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-508-5807  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-507-9534  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-541-1193  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-306-9544  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-466-0618  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-521-0957  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-397-5411  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-27-047-0522  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-301-9339  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-312-8144  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-404-2366  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-468-8411  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-420-1841  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-372-5439  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-460-6060  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-374-0323  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-422-9897  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-22-256-9218  THERMO-/HUMIDOSTATE
5930-27-041-8875  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-439-7846  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-433-0625  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-278-8363  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-533-4489  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-261-7623  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-392-7453  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-27-034-1924  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-393-6650  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-382-4938  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-523-3286  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-511-6965  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-417-2433  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-476-0235  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-382-4945  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-282-1013  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-37-555-8948  S/W,PUSH BUTTON
5930-14-439-7847  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7903  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-332-7186  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-305-6182  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-386-0806  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-545-3754  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-383-0402  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-391-3657  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-284-8094  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-505-5004  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-530-8408  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-443-3511  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-475-5596  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-402-9573  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-524-9321  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-476-0504  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-511-6966  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-382-5350  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-471-3431  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-535-7423  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-388-1700  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-324-1936  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-380-4901  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-530-0165  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-290-7279  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-281-6365  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-523-3264  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-27-034-4832  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-294-4632  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7897  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-477-0882  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-249-6517  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-477-4961  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-477-1694  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-544-7700  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-394-2892  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-402-8615  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-399-5326  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-391-2103  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-481-5817  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-508-9804  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-463-2637  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-380-2356  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-368-9769  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-27-043-0986  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, AY
5930-14-340-1005  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-420-1838  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-15-221-1357  SWITCH 8 PORTE 10/1
5930-14-305-1622  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-15-147-0565  SWITCHBOARD SSL6/6
5930-14-349-5331  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-27-044-5296  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-27-050-9469  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-336-1751  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-306-8113  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-332-6868  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-258-7104  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-329-1345  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-386-0855  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-450-1380  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-372-8653  SWITCH,ON/OFF
5930-14-306-9591  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-456-6330  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-407-1571  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-331-5085  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-37-557-1955  P/B S/W(KH-3008)
5930-14-394-1906  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-310-6807  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-381-0202  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-466-6617  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-325-8131  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-346-5858  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-396-9135  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-268-0503  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-447-9926  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-374-0322  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-230-7731  INTERRUTTORE 10VA/2
5930-27-014-8519  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-549-5897  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-384-3049  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-431-2277  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-381-0145  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-454-9317  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-324-1944  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-431-9657  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-513-1818  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-344-0433  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7930  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-483-5636  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-552-2847  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-386-0813  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-213-8348  SWITCH 16P 10/100 M
5930-14-426-3892  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-355-2313  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-536-2034  DWG/ICA POWER SUPPL
5930-14-290-7277  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-399-5330  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-362-8560  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-228-6322  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-15-114-9731  INTERRUTORE MB21/S
5930-14-303-0648  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-296-6908  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-283-1011  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-455-3907  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-219-6409  BLOC VIGI MH200/440
5930-14-511-8645  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-339-8508  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-451-9419  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-33-145-6068  INTERRUPTORES/CONMU
5930-14-350-7439  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-288-1317  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-535-9347  FORWARD/REVERSE SWI
5930-15-135-3501  PRESSOSTATO 0,8 KG/
5930-14-294-1350  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-343-0839  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-37-555-5737  LIMIIT S/W
5930-14-306-9551  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-306-9540  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-292-6609  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-687-2388  ON/OFF SWITCH
5930-14-440-0716  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-397-5408  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-228-6282  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-186-4049  A/A OVERRIDE NVG.
5930-14-283-1021  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-283-1019  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-383-0262  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-555-3564  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-372-5357  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-382-7014  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-33-003-4929  INTERRUPTORES/CONMU
5930-14-505-3907  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-490-6133  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-382-4940  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7931  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-325-4401  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-368-0211  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-25-128-9836  SOCKET F/POWER UNIT
5930-27-032-9755  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-281-6881  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-27-027-9813  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, AY
5930-14-212-0148  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-392-7450  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-147-0564  SWITCHBOARDSSL3/3
5930-99-350-1939  TRUE / MAG - EGI S/
5930-15-203-5429  SPEED/HOUR COUNTER
5930-14-410-2397  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-379-9551  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-343-3206  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-454-8167  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-423-2247  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-431-0926  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-342-7340  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-459-0236  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-457-3198  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-724-3344  LIMIT SWITCH C/W RO
5930-14-431-9660  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-448-5291  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-37-400-9072  S/W ASSY OIL PRE
5930-14-337-0483  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-329-8706  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-474-5461  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-477-0188  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-228-6331  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-15-175-3573  RIVEL.MAGNET.AP/DA
5930-14-397-8257  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-213-8347  SWITCH 8P 10/100 MI
5930-33-160-0356  INTERRUPTORES/CONMU
5930-14-382-4944  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-27-027-7437  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-27-043-6734  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, AY
5930-14-380-2392  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-444-7930  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-041-3033  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-454-8171  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-23-113-3952  BUTTON SWITCH 24V/3
5930-14-420-5884  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-315-0167  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-380-5591  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-516-1897  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-422-8778  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-460-5158  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-451-4834  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-353-9480  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-422-8792  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-15-167-1102  THERMO SWITCH 10/C
5930-14-439-2976  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-37-517-8418  EXT,DOOR C/U
5930-14-448-5929  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-413-0084  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-25-129-2406  ROSETT M/TRYKKNAPP
5930-14-423-2277  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-511-9952  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-452-5816  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-424-9380  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-532-8189  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-733-1093  SWITCH FLOW 1/2IN.
5930-14-424-0988  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-466-0619  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-454-4730  SWITCH,UP/DOWN
5930-14-396-4767  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-259-4167  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-333-4994  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-451-4840  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7939  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-383-0400  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-337-0481  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-228-6283  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-37-555-7274  P.B SWITCH W/SAFETY
5930-14-487-6287  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-326-7888  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-375-0848  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-306-8115  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-398-8173  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-332-6857  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-379-6088  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-286-9608  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-463-1983  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-443-5777  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-228-6315  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-388-2919  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-228-6314  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-384-4802  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-290-7273  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-123-9231  COMMUTATORE A/D
5930-14-423-1754  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-481-5816  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-351-9771  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-396-2744  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-27-059-2884  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-259-4224  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-223-3372  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-23-114-1513  SUMMER/WINTER SWITC
5930-14-368-2661  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-269-9220  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-452-2161  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-321-9734  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-424-0985  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-318-2088  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-442-2838  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-422-8796  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-286-6091  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7906  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-448-5290  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-372-5455  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-385-6759  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-424-1527  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-228-6313  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-443-2975  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-27-059-5339  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-443-3155  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-430-2788  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-422-8794  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-393-0710  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-350-1478  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-258-7105  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-404-3106  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-484-3606  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-27-050-8900  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-421-9240  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-505-3906  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-443-3509  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-395-6829  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-184-5599  SWITCH,DAY/NIGHT
5930-15-152-2884  RESET CIRCUIT/S5,S6
5930-14-385-8296  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-355-4299  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-296-4354  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-447-2717  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-288-1321  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-514-0294  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-527-0159  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-326-7907  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-442-9523  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-25-120-9289  PIPE SOCKET,3/8 IN
5930-14-452-0978  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-483-6416  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-15-125-8620  INTERRUTTORE M/D
5930-14-281-0193  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-290-7275  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-423-2149  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-425-0295  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-259-4166  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-397-5415  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-373-5524  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-355-1667  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-407-4483  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-409-2820  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-439-1306  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-292-6567  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-313-7093  SWITCH,PUSHBUTTON/I
5930-14-431-9672  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-25-128-7793  TRYKKONTAKT F/LAMPE
5930-14-552-5843  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-286-0091  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-244-0274  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-295-3291  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-27-050-1718  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-439-2977  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-510-5958  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-347-2170  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-334-2970  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-99-401-1782  MANUAL/AUTO SWITCH
5930-14-268-0165  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-281-6366  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-305-6181  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-379-6086  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-323-8848  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7887  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-334-2969  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-27-044-0612  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, AY
5930-14-242-4791  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-042-4345  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-228-6326  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-231-4344  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-333-4987  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-409-8838  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-408-5942  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-33-104-8635  INTERRUPTORES/CONMU
5930-27-043-8052  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-396-9136  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-396-4665  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-283-1015  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-401-3816  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-410-2671  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-382-4538  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-15-149-5486  W/G SWITCH STATUS
5930-14-323-3836  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-530-4502  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-25-128-4879  TRYKKONTAKT M/LAMPE
5930-14-305-1619  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-390-3897  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-296-4356  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-422-8797  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-27-052-0229  ANAHTAR/ SALTER, BA
5930-14-355-2316  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-509-9280  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-371-2995  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-393-0666  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-305-6180  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-319-5947  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-445-8162  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-454-8165  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-265-7945  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-529-8017  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-269-0306  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-332-7192  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-377-7641  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-228-6327  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-511-4335  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-412-0832  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-337-4961  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-373-7622  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-99-880-3567  SWITCH,GEARBOX ON/O
5930-14-326-7882  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-412-0034  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-042-4335  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-305-1621  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-404-2365  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-228-6328  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-461-2538  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-249-6518  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-410-2395  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-350-0961  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-27-048-6020  CIHAZ/ANAHTAR, SIVI
5930-14-541-2297  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-269-0301  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-387-6141  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-524-9323  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-402-2662  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-323-3982  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-375-0564  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-33-204-4393  INTERRUPTORES/CONMU
5930-14-349-0457  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-543-8362  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-329-3906  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-399-5134  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-329-1428  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-435-0522  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C
5930-14-343-3207  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-412-4696  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-409-3343  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-401-3818  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-321-9731  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-306-9552  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-329-1144  INTERRUPTEUR/CONTAC
5930-14-336-1756  INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
5930-14-326-7884  CLE, INTERRUPTEUR/C