Overvoltage Absorber

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An item specifically designed to absorb and consume surges of voltage such as that resulting across contacts when breaking a circuit having an inductive load or a burst of static across a telephone receiver. It is connected in parallel with the item it is protecting. It may be made up of metallic rectifier cells or semiconductor devices connected back-to-back which may or may not be shunted by a capacitor. It may also be a single rectifier cell or semiconductor device shunted by a capacitor. Excludes metallic rectifiers which are rated for rectifying capabilities and all single unit semiconductor devices not shunted by a capacitor. For items perfoming this function by use of voltage sensitive resistors, see RESISTOR, VOLTAGE SENSITIVE. See also CUTOUT DISK, PROTECTIVE. View more Overvoltage Absorber

5920-12-141-1217 ABSORBER,OVERVOLTAGE 5920121411217 121411217

Managed by Germany
NSN Created on 30 May 1969
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September 2023
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