Film Fixed Resistor

5905990011127 990011127 TR4 809209 AE003D051-76 D809209 68Z3P0RM5

A resistor whose ohmic value cannot be adjusted or varied. The resistance element consists of either a thin layer of conductive material, containing either binders or insulating materials, deposited on an insulated form; or an alloy of metal and ceramic materials, usually fused to an insulated form. Opposition to the flow of current is an inherent property of the materials used and is manifest by the heat dissipation in the resistor. See also ATTENUATOR, FIXED and RESISTOR, FIXED, COMPOSITION. Excludes carbon composition type resistors. View more Film Fixed Resistor

5905-99-001-1127 RESISTOR,FIXED,FILM 5905990011127 990011127

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