Resistance Element

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An item of electrically resistive material in the form of a grid, ribbon, or wire designed to be used singly or built into groups to form a resistance unit. It is usually a maintenance part for a RESISTOR (as modified), a RHEOSTAT, or similar item. Includes items which can be used as "heaters" (heating elements) but which are rated in terms of resistance and resistance tolerance. Excludes ABSORBER, RADIO FREQUENCY RADIATION; HEATER, THERMAL RELEASE; HEATING ELEMENT, ELECTRICAL (as modified); and RESISTOR (as modified). View more Resistance Element

5905-14-518-7364 RESISTANCE ELEMENT 5905145187364 145187364

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NSN Created on 16 Feb 2000
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July 2023
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3831 https//www.nsnlookup.com /cage Frigopol Kaeltemaschinen Gmbh (CAGE Code S5529) 8 Sep 1999 5905-14-518-7364
1987 4310-14-516-0742 Compressor Mounting Plate 380530-1RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 4 8 Sep 1999 5905-14-518-7364
Feb 2006 5905-14-526-3789 Resistance Element 47011712RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 2 25 Jul 2001 5905-14-518-7364
5963-14-380-6611 5963143806611 143806611 is an electronic device capable of controlling voltage and/or current to produce gain, oscillation or similar integral functions. it consists of a collection of electronic parts such as capacitors, resistors, coils, relays, transistors, semiconductor devices, and microcircuits in a single replaceable package. the configuration, physical dimensions, and electrical parameters of the item have been standardized in accordance with government and/or industry specifications and/or standards. excludes items with nonstandardized configuration. it is not subject to disassembly as distinguished from such items as circuit card assembly and electronic components assembly. do not use if a more specific item name exists such as amplifier (as modified), coder (as modified), microcircuit (as modified), and oscillator (as modified).

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5905-14-518-7364 is a Resistance Element

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