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Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 54

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 54

FSG 54 Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding
FSG 54 Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Group 54

What is Federal Supply Group 54?
FSG 54 is the Federal Supply Group (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Group NSG 54) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding.
What is NATO Supply Classification Group 54?
NSG 54 is the NATO Supply Classification Group (also known as Federal Supply Group FSG 54 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding.
Which Federal Supply Classes are in FSG 54?
FSG 54 contains the following Federal Supply Classes (FSC) (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class [NSC]): 5410, 5419, 5411, 5420, 5440, 5445, 5430, 5450
Which NATO Supply Classification Classes are in NSG 54?
NSG 54 contains the following NATO Supply Classification Classes (NSC) (also known as Federal Supply Class [FSC] in the USA): 5410, 5419, 5411, 5420, 5440, 5445, 5430, 5450

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Group 54

What is a Meteorological Instrument Shelter? 17 Items
A Meteorological Instrument Shelter (INSTRUMENT SHELTER,METEOROLOGICAL) is an inclosing and supporting structure housing and exposing meteorological instruments. It is designed to allow free air circulation and to protect against direct solar radiation.
What is a Ready-Cut Prefabricated Building? 269 Items
A Ready-Cut Prefabricated Building (BUILDING,PREFABRICATED,READY-CUT) is a structure constructed of metal and/or wood studs, joists, rafters, siding and other parts fabricated to predetermined shapes and sizes at the factory and shipped knocked down and packaged. Designed for quick erection or dismantling and adapted for various uses.
What is a Panelized Prefabricated Building? 91 Items
A Panelized Prefabricated Building (BUILDING,PREFABRICATED,PANELIZED) is a structure constructed of metal and/or wood, prefabricated into assembled panels of specified dimensions. Designed for quick erection and dismantling, and adapted for various uses. Excludes SHELTER-CONTAINER, EXPANDABLE; and SHELTER, EXPANDABLE.
What is a Ready-Cut Prefabricated Building Addition? 15 Items
A Ready-Cut Prefabricated Building Addition (BUILDING ADDITION,PREFABRICATED,READY-CUT) is a partial structure, constructed of metal and/or wood, made up of unassembled ready-cut materials. Designed for attaching to a building for an additional room and/or storage space.
What is a Sectional Prefabricated Building? 69 Items
A Sectional Prefabricated Building (BUILDING,PREFABRICATED,SECTIONAL) is a completely fabricated metal and/or wood structure, consisting of two or more sections. Each unit is marked according to drawings and bundled separately. After arrival at building site, units are assembled and connected to each other to form a building. Parts are so fabricated that, once assembled, this building may be dismantled in the forms of units or panels and transported and reassembled at another site.
What is a Prefabricated Building Panel? 397 Items
A Prefabricated Building Panel (PANEL,BUILDING,PREFABRICATED) is a portion of, or a complete wall, ceiling, roof or floor of a prefabricated structure produced at the factory according to standardized specification. These panels consist of a frame being faced on one or both surfaces with an exterior covering. Panels may include windows, doors or frames for same, wiring, piping or insulation.
What is a Metal Window? 75 Items
A Metal Window (WINDOW,METAL) is a metal frame with integral crossbars, or a fixed or movable metal sash, used to close an opening in the wall of a building or watercraft and to admit light and/or air. It may be glazed. Excludes WINDOW, MARINE&#59; WINDOW, VEHICULAR and PORTLIGHT.
What is a Metal Window Screen? 29 Items
A Metal Window Screen (SCREEN,WINDOW,METAL) is a fixed or movable barrier for the aperture of a window, composed of a metal frame and wire cloth. It is used to provide ventilation and to bar the passage of insects.
What is a Special Purpose Prefabricated Building And Equipment? 33 Items
A Special Purpose Prefabricated Building And Equipment (BUILDING AND EQUIPMENT,PREFABRICATED,SPECIAL PURPOSE) is a complete unassembled section structure equipped with facilities for air conditioning, heating, and electricity, including the units necessary to produce each. Also, includes work benches, hoists, winch, exhaust fan, hand tools for building erection and other miscellaneous items. Excludes SHELTER-CONTAINER, EXPANDABLE; and SHELTER, EXPANDABLE.
What is an Instrument Shelter Support? 20 Items
An Instrument Shelter Support (SUPPORT,INSTRUMENT SHELTER) is a support specifically designed for supporting and positioning a meteorological instrument shelter.
What is a Ready-Cut Prefabricated Building Unit? 19 Items
A Ready-Cut Prefabricated Building Unit (BUILDING UNIT,PREFABRICATED,READY-CUT) is a partial structure or unit of a sectional building. These units consist of two types, namely, end units and center units.
What is a Prefabricated Building End Wall? 15 Items
A Prefabricated Building End Wall (END WALL,BUILDING,PREFABRICATED) is the end section, consisting of the necessary panels, to close one end of a prefabricated structure. The section is produced according to drawings and specifications and shipped knocked down, usually in pairs. Does not include BUILDING UNIT, PREFABRICATED, READY-CUT.
What is a Ground Cloth? 118 Items
A Ground Cloth is a prefabricated, textile item specifically designed to be spread over the ground to provide a clean, dry, protective surface. It may be spread inside a tent or prefabricated structure to provide a flooring, or under specific types of equipment. It may be equipped with lifting handles. Excludes TARPAULIN; DROPCLOTH, PAINTER'S; and COVER (as modified).
What is a Transportable Inflatable Shelter? 54 Items
A Transportable Inflatable Shelter (SHELTER,INFLATABLE,TRANSPORTABLE) is an impermeable fabric, single-walled, modular structure of a predetermined shape, supported by skeletal positioned air inflated members, designed for the protection of personnel/equipment from the environment. It is capable of air transportability. The structure may be expanded by additional modules and supporting assemblies.
What is a Door Stop Arm? 55 Items
A Door Stop Arm (ARM,DOOR STOP) is a device made of metal designed to be attached to a door at one end and a door post on the other end. When the arm is extended it holds the door open.
What is an Adjustable Rod Assembly? 84 Items
An Adjustable Rod Assembly (ROD ASSEMBLY,ADJUSTABLE) is a long slender implement, adjustable in length, used to support a standard intergrated command post, it may be fitted with hardware.
What is a Tubular Leg Assembly? 75 Items
A Tubular Leg Assembly (LEG ASSEMBLY,TUBULAR) is a tubular shaped device for use in conjunction with one or more similar items to form the leg support of a standard integrated command post system shelter. Itmay have a foot, pins, clamps, couplers or other attachments at one end for a base or connection.
What is a Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure Shelter? 58 Items
A Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure Shelter (SHELTER,LIGHTWEIGHT MAINTENANCE ENCLOSURE) is a flexible, portable shelter designed for the protection of personnel/equipment from the environment. It is designed to be supported by lightweight rigid frame work. It is equipped with the capability for transporting by air, land or sea. It may include lighting, electrical systems and environmental contol connections. The shelter requires minimum site development and no specialized set-up equipment.
What is a Prefabricated Shelter Dome? 43 Items
A Prefabricated Shelter Dome (SHELTER DOME,PREFABRICATED) is a structure constructed of aluminum or magnesium tubular sections of predetermined shapes and sizes and shipped knocked-down and packaged. Includes liner of coated plastic. Designed for quick erection or dismantling and adapted for various uses. The unit is completely air transportable, either before or after assembly.
What is an Utility Area Shelter System? 26 Items
An Utility Area Shelter System is a multi-functional, portable, modular construction shelter, designed for the protection of personnel, as a maintenance facility for rotary or fixed wing aircraft and tactical vehicles. It may also be used for logistics support, staging bases, general warehouse areas, and other applicatons requiring protection from various environmental conditions. It is designed to be supported by a lightweight, rigid framework. It is designed to be transported in all shipping configurations (land, air, sea, and rail). It may include lighting, electrical, ventilation, heating/air conditioning, and anchor systems as well as environmental control connections, structural exterior weather barrier fabric, interior insulation kit, and shelter erection/installation kit.
What is a Special Purpose Building? 31 Items
A Special Purpose Building (BUILDING,SPECIAL PURPOSE) is a complete structure. May be permanent or relocatable. Designed to support mission essential equipment such as meteorological stations, radio set and repair equipment, electrical display units, radar sets and/or the like. Does nt include heating and cooling units but does accommodate them. For prefabricated units that include heating, cooling, and electrical, see BUILDING AND EUIPMENT, PREFABRICATED, SPECIAL PURPOSE.
What is a Military Unit Modular Bivouac System? 34 Items
A Military Unit Modular Bivouac System (BIVOUAC SYSTEM,MODULAR,MILITARY UNIT) is a collection of subsystems designed to accomodate a military unit. Included are facilities for billeting, latrine, shower, fuel/water/power distribution, waste management, transportation aids, and system support services. Transportation of the system can be achieved by rail, sea, aircraft, and/or vehicle. Additional modules of appropriate configurations may be added as required to form a desired size base camp.
What is a Field Transportable Lavatory Unit? 14 Items
A Field Transportable Lavatory Unit (LAVATORY UNIT,TRANSPORTABLE,FIELD) is a transportable shelter which may consist of one or more toilets, hand-washing devices, urinals, showers, LAVATORY; SINK, WASHROOM, and the like, as we ll as all necessary plumbing and electrical equipment. Excludes TOILET, ENCLOSED UNIT, PORTABLE.
What is a Military Unit Modular Bivouac Subsystem? 12 Items
A Military Unit Modular Bivouac Subsystem (BIVOUAC SUBSYSTEM,MODULAR,MILITARY UNIT) is a group of items which perform operational function within a BIVOUAC SYSTEM, MODULAR MILITARY UNIT.
What is an Expandable Shelter? 481 Items
An Expandable Shelter (SHELTER,EXPANDABLE) is a rigid, portable shelter designed for the protection of personnel/equipment from the environment, with sliding, folding and/or accordian fold walls, floor(s) and ceiling(s) which permits the expansion of the structure beyond that required for transporting. It is equipped with the capability for transporting by air, land, or sea. It may include leveling devices, lighting, electrical systems, and environmental control connections. The shelter requires minimum site development and no specialized set-up equipment. Excludes BUILDING, (as modified).
What is a Nonexpandable Shelter? 2342 Items
A Nonexpandable Shelter (SHELTER,NONEXPANDABLE) is a rigid, portable shelter designed for protection of personnel/equipment from the environment, and equipped for the capability of transporting by air, land, or sea. It may include leveling devices, lighting, electrical systems, and environmental control connections. For flexible wall shelters, see TENT; and Air Supported Structures. Excludes BUILDING, (as modified).
What is a Shelter Modification Kit? 76 Items
A Shelter Modification Kit (MODIFICATION KIT,SHELTER) is an item or group of items used to modify a shelter.
What is a Cargo Door Endwall Hinge? 26 Items
A Cargo Door Endwall Hinge (HINGE,ENDWALL,CARGO DOOR) is an item designed to be mounted to a section of shelter to provide a means by which the door is attached to the system.
What is a Foot Bolt Assembly? 12 Items
A Foot Bolt Assembly is an item with a housing to enclose and support shafts, foot bolts, springs, pins, and the like for the support of cargo doors of shelters.
What is a Shelter Installation Kit? 82 Items
A Shelter Installation Kit (INSTALLATION KIT,SHELTER) is a collection of mounting/holding hardware used to install fixtures, components or equipment to prepare a shelter for various operational requirements or role.
What is a Shelter Vent Curtain? 27 Items
A Shelter Vent Curtain (CURTAIN,VENT,SHELTER) is an item designed for air intake for sections of the SHELTER, EXPANDABLE and the like.
What is a Shelter Configuration Kit? 48 Items
A Shelter Configuration Kit (CONFIGURATION KIT,SHELTER) is a collection of items, not all having the same basic name, may consist of furnishing and/or equipment required for quick deployment of a shelter.
What is a Shelter Sidewall Assembly? 134 Items
A Shelter Sidewall Assembly (SIDEWALL ASSEMBLY,SHELTER) is a wall used on the side of an expandable shelter.
What is a Support Strut Tube Assembly? 51 Items
A Support Strut Tube Assembly (TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT) is an item consisting of a tube with handle plates welded on its sides. The tube has a rectangular cross-section. It is part of a support strut used on an expandable shelter.
What is a Shelter Wall Fairing? 80 Items
A Shelter Wall Fairing (FAIRING,SHELTER WALL) is an item consisting of different materials designed for mounting on a shelter. The item may be in sandwich construction. Excludes DOOR, ACCESS.
What is a Latch Pan Assembly Housing? 57 Items
A Latch Pan Assembly Housing (HOUSING,LATCH PAN ASSEMBLY) is a housing designed to accommodate and support component parts of a latch and the like.
What is a Nonexpandable Shelter Equipment Kit? 26 Items
A Nonexpandable Shelter Equipment Kit (EQUIPMENT KIT,NONEXPANDABLE SHELTER) is a collection of items such as a fan cover, ground anchor assembly, equipment container, floodlight, and the like which are used to make the applicable item operational.
What is a Rigid Wall Shelter Parts Kit? 35 Items
A Rigid Wall Shelter Parts Kit (PARTS KIT,SHELTER,RIGID WALL) is a group of parts used for the repair of a rigid wall shelter or the replacement of rigid wall shelter parts.
What is an Integrated Nonexpandable Shelter? 145 Items
An Integrated Nonexpandable Shelter (SHELTER,NONEXPANDABLE,INTEGRATED) is a rigid wall shelter integrated with electrical components and wiring, environmental control unit, power generation equipment, gas particulate filter unit and the like. It is designed to be mounted on high mobility multi-wheeled vehicle heavy variant and used to house standardized integrated command post system communication electronic equipment.
What is a Shelter Repair Kit? 38 Items
A Shelter Repair Kit (REPAIR KIT,SHELTER) is a group of items used to provide replacement of worn out parts for expandable and nonexpandable shelters.
What is an Utility Lightweight Nonexpandable Shelter? 125 Items
An Utility Lightweight Nonexpandable Shelter (SHELTER,NONEXPANDABLE,LIGHTWEIGHT,UTILITY) is a basic rigid wall structure with personnel door, a door access ladder for when shelter is mounted on a vehicle, drain plug in floor and all inserts for attachment of vehicle hardware and attachment of a bootwall. May have a tunnel across the bottom front of shelter with opening on each side. Intended for use as a highly mobile shelter for housing communication electronic equipment and the like.
What is a Generator Set Shelter Sand Filter? 11 Items
A Generator Set Shelter Sand Filter (FILTER,SAND,GENERATOR SET SHELTER) is a device mounted on a shelterized generator set and designed to prevent sand particles from entering inside the shelter. Excludes: FILTER, PARTICULATE.
What is a Pontoon Boat? 14 Items
A Pontoon Boat is an open type watercraft designed for use as one of the floating supports for a raft or temporary military bridge.
What is a Pontoon Float? 88 Items
A Pontoon Float is an air and watertight vessel or a crate type float containing buoyancy units, fabricated of metal, wood, rubber and/or fabric. It may be used singly or in conjunction with other floats to provide a floating support for a raft, bridge or pier. Excludes PONTOON, SECTIONAL.
What is a Pontoon Boat Pin? 10 Items
A Pontoon Boat Pin (PIN,PONTOON BOAT) is a metal item consisting of a single rod, one end of which has been pointed and the other end bent to form a handle. Specifically designed to be used in pairs and to attach two PONTON BOAT together.
What is a Fixed Bridge? 70 Items
A Fixed Bridge (BRIDGE,FIXED) is a structure erected over a waterway, ravine or road, for the passing of persons, animals, railroads or vehicles. It is supported on stationary piers. Excludes BRIDGE, SUSPENSION.
What is a Floating Bridge? 58 Items
A Floating Bridge (BRIDGE,FLOATING) is a structure erected over a waterway, for the passing of persons, animals or vehicles. It is supported on pontoons instead of on stationary piers.
What is a Fixed Bridge Bridge Conversion Set? 16 Items
A Fixed Bridge Bridge Conversion Set (BRIDGE CONVERSION SET,FIXED BRIDGE) is necessary tools and equipment that provides supports for multiple span for bridges.
What is a Fixed Bridge Bridge Erection Set? 15 Items
A Fixed Bridge Bridge Erection Set (BRIDGE ERECTION SET,FIXED BRIDGE) is necessary tools and equipment, such as angles, beams, bolts, channels, derricks, frames, hoists, jacks, trolleys, winches and wrenches, for the erection of fixed bridges.
What is a Floating Bridge Bridge Erection Set? 28 Items
A Floating Bridge Bridge Erection Set (BRIDGE ERECTION SET,FLOATING BRIDGE) is necessary tools and equipment for the erection and maintenance of bridges.
What is a Bridge Launching Carrier? 21 Items
A Bridge Launching Carrier (CARRIER,BRIDGE LAUNCHING) is a self-propelled armored vehicle mounted on a tank chassis. It is designed and equipped for transporting and launching of tank assault bridges.
What is a Bridging Deck Unit? 50 Items
A Bridging Deck Unit (DECK UNIT,BRIDGING) is a rectangular shaped platform, either of wood and/or metal construction used to form the road surface of certain bridges or rafts. See also Chess Bridges.
What is a Bridge Panel? 93 Items
A Bridge Panel (PANEL,BRIDGE) is a frame work which is the basic part from which girders and piers of a bridge can be constructed.
What is a Bridge Packing Timber? 11 Items
A Bridge Packing Timber (PACKING TIMBER,BRIDGE) is timber of specific lengthe and cross section for use as packing in bridge erection and/or construction as required.
What is a Bridge Panel Pin? 65 Items
A Bridge Panel Pin (PIN,PANEL,BRIDGE) is a specially designed cylindrical item, having a tapered end, used for securing bridge panels end to end. May be headed or headless.
What is a Bridging Bracing Member Pin? 16 Items
A Bridging Bracing Member Pin (PIN,BRACING MEMBER,BRIDGING) is a specifically designed cylindrical item used to secure bracing members of a bridging structure. Do not use if a more specific name applies. For threaded items see BOLT (as modified).
What is a Bridge Curb? 26 Items
A Bridge Curb (CURB,BRIDGE) is an item fitted longitudinally along the outer edges of a roadway constructed on a bridge. May also be used for securing the roadway.
What is a Bridging Bracing Member? 52 Items
A Bridging Bracing Member (BRACING MEMBER,BRIDGING) is an item, used in bridging construction, designed to give rigidity to the structure. It may be subjected to compressive and tensile stresses.
What is a Bridge Bay Drawbar? 11 Items
A Bridge Bay Drawbar (DRAWBAR,BRIDGE BAY) is an item which is used for the erection and disassembly of a bridge.
What is a Bridge Structural Arm? 60 Items
A Bridge Structural Arm (ARM,STRUCTURAL,BRIDGE) is a pivotal device of various shapes attached by pins, bolts, or the like. May have bearings and/or bushings at pivot points. Used as a structural member in deployment and/or support for bridging (e.g. assault bridges, drawbridges, or the like).
What is a Battle Front Crossing Vehicle Float Retainer? 42 Items
A Battle Front Crossing Vehicle Float Retainer (RETAINER,FLOAT,BATTLE FRONT CROSSING VEHICLE) is a device generally tubular in shape and open along the length, with hooks or a faxation plate. It is used to hold float rubber supports to maintain the float on the frame of a vehicle crossing.
What is a Truck Mounted Bridge Launching? 52 Items
A Truck Mounted Bridge Launching (BRIDGE LAUNCHING,TRUCK MOUNTED) is a truck, specifically designed and equipped for transporting and launching of assault bridges.
What is an Extension Ladder? 483 Items
An Extension Ladder (LADDER,EXTENSION) is a ladder consisting of two or more ladders joined near the ends of the parallel sides by locking and guide devices to form a single unit. It is adjustable to varying lengths and requires a means of support.
What is a Straight Ladder? 687 Items
A Straight Ladder (LADDER,STRAIGHT) is a ladder of fixed length and requires a means of support. The sidepieces (rails) may be tapered or flared near the bottom.
What is a Stepladder? 700 Items
A Stepladder is a self-supporting ladder of fixed size consisting of front and rear sections which are hinged at the top. It is usually constructed with steps on the front section only but may be constructed as a trestle type unit with identical front and rear sections utilizing either steps or rungs.
What is a Suspension Scaffold Plank Stage? 29 Items
A Suspension Scaffold Plank Stage (STAGE,SCAFFOLD PLANK,SUSPENSION) is an item fabricated from LUMBER, SOFTWOOD, SCAFFOLD PLANK, by attaching a cross member (cleat) on the bottom of each end, which projects beyond the longitudinal sides of the plank. It is designed to be suspended along sides of ships, buildings, or the like to support workers and their tools, and materials, during construction and repair operations. The cleats may be pivoted to swing parallel to the plank for easy stowage.
What is a Concrete Paving Joint Dowel Unit? 13 Items
A Concrete Paving Joint Dowel Unit (DOWEL UNIT,CONCRETE PAVING JOINT) is an item fabricated from steel rods. It consists of two separate identical sections, each having a side frame and a fluted center rod to which dowels are welded. In assembling the two sections as a unit, the free end of each dowel of each section engages a loop at the top of the side frame of the other section and the center rods assume positions parallel to each other with a narrow space between. The center rods, in addition to serving as supports for the dowels, also serve as retainers for an expansion joint filler strip or a contraction joint steel plate when a strip or plate is installed in the space between them. It may be provided with tubes for installation on the dowels to provide clearance for expansion. It is specially designed for installation in the concrete at the contraction and/or expansion joints of highway or other concrete pavement to minimize the load transfer problems caused by heavy wheel loads.
What is a Safety Step Ladder? 255 Items
A Safety Step Ladder (LADDER,SAFETY STEP) is a ladder having flat antiskid steps mounted on an integral noncollapsible supporting frame. It may have handrails and casters. Excludes MAINTENANCE PLATFORM; STAIRCASE, AIRCRAFT BOARDING; LADDER (as modified); and STEPLADDER.
What is a Leg Scaffolding? 47 Items
A Leg Scaffolding (SCAFFOLDING,LEG) is fixed or adjustable stilts designed to elevate the working person's position while maintaining mobility. Designed to aid construction workers when performing high tasks.
What is a Ladder Step? 199 Items
A Ladder Step (STEP,LADDER) is a rigid, metallic or nonmetallic prefabricated item which forms a LADDER (as modified) when fitted together with similar components on a stringer, sidepieces or other support. It may include a nosing, an antiskid covering, mounting hardware and the like. Excludes STEP, JACOB'S LADDER.
What is a Concrete Forming Form? 36 Items
A Concrete Forming Form (FORM,CONCRETE FORMING) is an item or group of items designed to act as a mold in the creation of preformed architectural elements from cement by containing the cement in a fixed shape during the hardening process.
What is a Ladder Stringer Extension? 42 Items
A Ladder Stringer Extension (STRINGER EXTENSION,LADDER) is an item required for the leveling of a ladder. Uneven ground and abutment faces of different heights can thus be corrected. The item can also have special mounting devices.
What is a Three-Way Combination Ladder? 83 Items
A Three-Way Combination Ladder (LADDER,THREE-WAY COMBINATION) is a portable ladder capable of being used as a stepladder, or as a single ladder, or extension ladder. It may be capable of being used as a tressle ladder or a stairwell ladder or a scaffold. Its components may be used as single ladders.
What is a Scaffolding Tube? 64 Items
A Scaffolding Tube (TUBE,SCAFFOLDING) is a metal tube specifically designed for use in the erection of a temporary framework such as scaffold in buildings, racks, stages, trestles or the like.
What is a Scaffolding Coupler? 45 Items
A Scaffolding Coupler (COUPLER,SCAFFOLDING) is a metal item of various shapes designed to couple two tubes together at any angle desired. It is specifically designed to be used in the erection of a framework such as a scaffold in buildings, stages, trestles, and the like. It can be used as bracing. It may be an in-line coupler, right angle coupler, swivel coupler, and the like.
What is a Tower? 337 Items
A Tower is an open frame structure which is high in proportion to its lateral dimensions and has more than a single footing or mounting base. It is normally used to support such items as antennas, loudspeakers, water tanks, cabins, and the like, which may be furnished. Excludes TOWER, DOUBLE STRUCTURE, SURVEYING and MAST.
What is a Tower Section? 144 Items
A Tower Section is an item that is especially designed to be readily assembled together with other sections to form a tower. Does not include platform or connecting plates and angles.
What is a Tower Support Base Plate? 55 Items
A Tower Support Base Plate (PLATE,BASE,TOWER SUPPORT) is an item the shape of which is essentially that of a flat disk or rectangle and the thickness of which is small in proportion to either its length or breadth. It has a centrally located hole or depression to or in which may be welded a pipe dowel which may include bolt holes. It is used as an individual base for one of the supporting legs of a tower.
What is a Tower Support Group? 38 Items
A Tower Support Group is a collection of items, for the support of a tower.
What is a Ventilation-Exhaust Flame Arrester? 44 Items
A Ventilation-Exhaust Flame Arrester (FLAME ARRESTER,VENTILATION-EXHAUST) is a device used to prevent passage of flame through a ventilating duct while air is flowing.
What is a Collapsible Fabric Tank? 597 Items
A Collapsible Fabric Tank (TANK,FABRIC,COLLAPSIBLE) is a receptacle constructed of either canvas or nylon material and of various shapes. It may or may not be furnished with a cover and/or ground cloth. Staves and guy ropes are usually furnished to enable assembly of the item. It is used for the storage of bulk liquids, such as gasoline, oil or water. Tank may be equipped with pipe fittings. Excludes tanks installed as an integral part of another system, trailer or truck mounted tanks designed for transporting liquids, and DRUM, FABRIC, COLLAPSIBLE.
What is a Collapsible Fabric Tank Assembly? 174 Items
A Collapsible Fabric Tank Assembly (TANK ASSEMBLY,FABRIC,COLLAPSIBLE) is a group of items designed to provide all the essential material for the hasty assembly of a temporary storage container, which consists of the following type items, fabric collapsible tank, hose and valves, quick disconnect couplings, grooved type couplings and valves.
What is a Fuel Storage Tank Vent Cap? 153 Items
A Fuel Storage Tank Vent Cap (CAP,VENT,FUEL STORAGE TANK) is a cap designed to be mounted on the vent piping of a fuel storage tank to allow the unimpeded flow of gases in and out. It prevents the admission of rain, dirt, and other foreign matter to the tank. Excludes BREATHER.
What is a Fuel Storage Tank Fill Box? 11 Items
A Fuel Storage Tank Fill Box (FILL BOX,FUEL STORAGE TANK) is a water-tight device designed to be connected indirectly, by means of a pipe, to an underground fuel storage tank. It is used as a means of filling and/or gaging contents of tank. It is designed to be mounted flush with the surface of the ground, roadway, or the like.
What is a Collapsible Fabric Tank Repair Kit? 104 Items
A Collapsible Fabric Tank Repair Kit (REPAIR KIT,COLLAPSIBLE FABRIC TANK) is an assortment of items, such as nylon-coated fabric, with application accessories, for use in field repair of TANK, FABRIC, COLLAPSIBLE.
What is a Ground Cloth? 118 Items
A Ground Cloth is a prefabricated, textile item specifically designed to be spread over the ground to provide a clean, dry, protective surface. It may be spread inside a tent or prefabricated structure to provide a flooring, or under specific types of equipment. It may be equipped with lifting handles. Excludes TARPAULIN; DROPCLOTH, PAINTER'S; and COVER (as modified).
What is a Liquid Storage Tank? 1430 Items
A Liquid Storage Tank (TANK,LIQUID STORAGE) is a receptacle or structure of sturdy construction and of various shapes, the top of which may be open or closed, used for storage of bulk liquids such as gasoline, oil or water. The tank may be equipped with pipe fittings. Excludes tanks fabricated for use as an integral part of another system and trailer or truck mounted tanks designed for transporting liquids. See also TANK (1), ASPHALT STORAGE and TANK, HOT WATER STORAGE.
What is a Collapsible Tank Retention Lagoon Assembly? 30 Items
A Collapsible Tank Retention Lagoon Assembly (LAGOON ASSEMBLY,RETENTION,COLLAPSIBLE TANK) is an item generally rectangle parallelepiped in shape, open at the top. It consist of a tarpaulin, a frame support, accessories, a repair kit and a container. It is used as a tank retention in case of hazardous leakage.
What is a Fluid Tank Section? 188 Items
A Fluid Tank Section (TANK SECTION,FLUID) is one or more like or unlike sections of a fluid tank which when assembled compose a complete tank. Either or all sections may have provisions for the attachment of fittings, filler cap, mounting brackets, or the like. It is used primarily in conjunction with fuel, hydraulic, oil, or water systems.
What is a Prefabricated Latrine Box? 10 Items
A Prefabricated Latrine Box (LATRINE BOX,PREFABRICATED) is a partially assembled prefabricated structure of plywood reinforced with hardwood strips. It consists of a base sill with four hinged side panels and a top panel with holes that are covered with lids fitted with spring hinges and metal stays. It may be furnished with angle iron bars for connecting to an adjoining box. It is designed to be assembled in the field and installed over an excavation.
What is a Portable Bleacher? 41 Items
A Portable Bleacher (BLEACHER,PORTABLE) is an item consisting of a frame, seats and footboards designed for quick erection for the seating of spectators.
What is a Prefabricated Revetment? 23 Items
A Prefabricated Revetment (REVETMENT,PREFABRICATED) is a collection of parts which are designed for quick erection and dismantling and designed to protect aircraft and/or equipment from bomb shrapnel and or strafing. The assembled item may consist of parallel walls with the space between them to be filled with dirt or some other material. The assembled item will be open on one end and will not have a roof. For prefabricated items without an open end and/or with a roof see BUILDING, PREFABRICATED as modified.
What is a Revetment Panel? 22 Items
A Revetment Panel (PANEL,REVETMENT) is a portion of, or complete wall of a prefabricated revetment produced at the factory according to standardized specification. These panels consist of a frame of metal and/or wood being faced on one or both surfaces with an exterior covering.
What is a Shelter Installation And Equipment Kit? 129 Items
A Shelter Installation And Equipment Kit (INSTALLATION AND EQUIPMENT KIT,SHELTER) is a collection of different pieces of furniture and/or equipment, such as air conditioner, heater, electrical system, as well as communication facility (wire) as required in the completion of a SHELTER, EXPANDABLE, or SHELTER, NONEXPANDABLE.
What is a Platform-Rack Screen? 25 Items
A Platform-Rack Screen (SCREEN,PLATFORM-RACK) is an item made of framing uprights and cross-members with a lattice or mesh between them. It may be straight or curved to conform to the shape of a combat-vehicle turret and/or maintenance platform. In usage, it prevents cargo, tools and equipment and/or personnel from falling. Excludes FENCING, WIRE.
What is a Technical Floor Section Panel? 26 Items
A Technical Floor Section Panel (PANEL,FLOOR SECTION,TECHNICAL) is a particle board panel made of chip-like particles generallky covered with a vinyl resin tile on its upper side and a metallic plate on its lower side. It is designed to be mounted on a frame to constitue a technical raised floor which allows utility shafts running under it.
Stock Items for FSG 54
5440-00-001-3982     LADDER,EXTENSION
5445-00-001-2682     BASE ASSEMBLY,TOWER
5420-99-480-7812     POSITIONING/TRANSPO
5420-99-754-9558     POSITIONING/TRANSPO
5411-66-119-0001     PORTABLE/DEMOUNTABL
5411-14-461-1674     PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
5411-17-112-7459     SERVERINST. CORP/DI
5450-15-238-4210     MONTANTE S/SPINA MT
5410-66-148-0095     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5410-15-185-5730     STRUTTURAIN LEGA C/
5440-15-217-2269     BASE IN MOPLEN/CEME
5450-15-122-4399     GIUNTO 48/6
5410-66-148-0093     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5411-17-113-1614     SERVERINST. BRIG/GP
5411-13-113-1540     SHELTER BE/MRC-201
5440-15-209-5810     BASE PER CINEMA/TEA
5430-15-145-0908     REDUCTION 1M/3M
5440-15-210-6416     SCALA SFILO ALL.2/E
5420-99-391-0796     SECURING STRAP/WINC
5450-15-238-4208     MONTANTE S/SPINA MT
5410-66-148-0089     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5440-15-210-4892     SCALA CC/BR A 8 GRA
5410-66-148-0090     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5411-13-113-0017     SHELTER BE/MTC-62
5440-15-217-6406     SCALA MOD. 6026/12
5410-15-181-5606     TETTO 250/D GAZEBO
5410-15-231-4961     SHELTER ATTREZZATO/
5410-66-148-0087     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5440-15-182-5310     SCALA COMB/TA 2 PZ
5410-66-148-0086     TADS PORT/DEMOUNTAB
5410-66-148-0091     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5411-01-529-9190     PREFAB/SCAFFOLDING
5450-15-238-4207     MONTANTE S/SPINA MT
5430-15-155-4582     TANK A/O,RINSING FL
5410-14-427-3237     PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
5440-15-176-4060     PEDANA C/BOTOLA PER
5411-13-113-1545     SHELTER,BE/MGC-1040
5410-66-137-5950     CABIN/SHELTER SYSTE
5440-15-175-5177     SCALA SFILO ALL.2/E
5410-14-502-0708     STATION AN/TSQ 73
5440-15-210-5732     TRABATTELLO DALTON/
5410-14-427-3216     PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
5430-15-000-0590     MOLLA MECCANICA P/P
5410-15-209-8736     PANNELLO ANT/POST 1
5410-14-427-3229     PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
5410-66-148-0094     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5410-13-118-7782     SHELTER SCT/STAB B3
5411-13-113-0522     SHELTER BE/MTC 12
5411-17-106-3801     SHELTER BUREAU/COMM
5450-15-238-4209     MONTANTES /SPINA MT
5440-15-210-2488     SCALA CHIUSA T/75 A
5440-15-192-0785     SCALA 10/11 GRADINI
5411-13-112-9905     SHELTER BE/S-MRA6
5430-25-132-4307     DRIVSTOFFTANK/STATI
5410-15-237-1437     PIANALE C/BOTOLA, T
5440-15-192-0786     SCALA 7/8 GRADINI 3
5440-15-173-5534     BASE MOD. A/B PER T
5411-14-545-7492     CARTER, VERROU/TARG
5411-14-461-2678     PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
5411-14-457-7457     CARTER, VERROU/TARG
5430-25-134-3154     TRYKK-/VAKUMVENTIL
5410-66-148-0096     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5410-66-148-0088     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5410-66-148-0092     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5410-14-427-3239     PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
5430-15-000-0591     MOLLA A GAS P/PORTE
5411-14-524-5378     CARTER, VERROU/TARG
5430-25-132-4308     DRIVSTOFFTANK/STATI
5410-15-192-6006     SHELTER AN-FPS/117
5411-13-115-1652     SHELTER 2TS BE/S-MG
5411-15-205-0124     MODULO ABITATIVO/LO
5411-14-505-3746     CARTER, VERROU/TARG
5411-15-204-9888     MODULO WC/DOCCIA/LA
5410-14-427-3233     PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
5410-66-148-0097     TADS CABIN/SHELTER
5411-14-485-5829     CARTER, VERROU/TARG
5411-14-485-5830     CARTER, VERROU/TARG
5411-13-113-2453     SHELTER BE/MGX-1002
5410-00-006-8955     DOOR ASSEMBLY,TRUCK
5420-00-007-9393     CURB TORSION SHAFT
5430-01-662-0359     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5450-01-618-1141     WALL,PROTECTIVE,RAP
5450-01-618-1038     WALL,PROTECTIVE,RAP
5410-00-006-8985     PANEL FLASHING,EDGE
5410-00-004-5599     DOOR ASSEMBLY,SHELTER
5410-00-006-8957     DOOR ASSEMBLY,TRUCK
5410-00-007-1859     PANEL ASSEMBLY,SHELTER
5410-01-084-9383     ROD,BOTTLE SUPPORT
5411-01-496-2099     FRONT TRAVEL COVER ASSEMBLY
5430-01-551-2816     TANK,PRESSURE
5440-01-535-1101     STEPLADDER
5410-00-933-0845     HANDHOLD ASSEMBLY
5410-01-468-5738     COVER,BEAM EXTERNAL
5410-01-547-6528     POLE,SOLAR TYPEII
5410-01-617-4631     SCREEN,WINDOW,METAL
5411-01-225-6561     DOOR HANDLE ASSEMBL
5420-00-542-3139     STRUT,QUADRANT
5411-01-225-6577     ROLLER,HINGED FIXED
5411-01-226-4674     HINGE HALF,FLOOR
5411-01-225-3868     GRILL,LOUVER
5420-01-148-8921     ANTIFLUTTER ASSY
5420-12-347-2270     BRACING MEMBER,BRIDGING
5430-01-574-0076     TANK VENT DRYER
5430-01-617-2281     FILL BOX,FUEL STORAGE TANK
5430-01-683-0062     CAP,VENT,FUEL STORAGE TANK
5440-01-306-2648     LADDER,SAFETY STEP
5440-01-482-6287     LADDER,EXTENSION
5440-01-628-3557     STEPLADDER
5410-00-471-0289     SKID ASSEMBLY
5420-00-061-2873     RETAINER,BRIDGE PIN
5410-01-527-5781     D.C.S SCREEN ASSEMB
5410-01-548-1552     TAPE,SEAM
5410-01-671-9866     GROUND CLOTH
5411-01-225-3869     ROD,DOOR TOP
5411-01-225-6569     FOOT BOLT ASSEMBLY
5411-01-444-7258     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5420-00-731-5338     KEY
5410-01-067-6036     SHIELD,SHELTER STRUCTURE
5410-00-478-5938     SIDE BRACKET ASSEMBLY
5411-01-529-9277     CONNECTOR,RAIL SS
5420-00-987-4870     SPIDER,CLUTCH
5420-99-861-9289     PAD
5420-00-542-3129     CURB,RAMP
5430-00-794-6956     BASE,CAM LEVER
5420-12-173-9563     DORN
5420-99-660-1305     PLATE,SPECIAL ITEM
5410-01-421-3250     PANEL,FABRIC
5430-01-245-5983     PATCH ASSEMBLY,MECHANICAL
5440-01-572-1215     PAD,HEATER
5430-01-602-5162     TANK,FABRIC,COLLAPSIBLE
5430-01-668-1701     TANK,PRESSURE
5411-01-549-5844     TARP,COVER HVASC PO
5411-01-230-6908     PLATE,SAFETY
5430-01-363-4409     TANK,PRESSURE
5430-01-530-8691     TANK,PRESSURE
5430-01-542-7938     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5420-99-931-6653     CLIP,PANEL PIN
5430-01-663-4416     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5430-01-664-4129     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5440-00-061-8897     STEPLADDER
5440-00-531-6119     STEPLADDER
5411-01-529-8371     HINGE KIT,DS
5440-01-341-7663     LADDER,SAFETY STEP
5420-00-050-8734     CYLINDER,HYDRAULIC
5440-00-171-9837     STEPLADDER
5430-01-264-3675     TANK SECTION,FLUID
5430-01-542-5905     TANK,FABRIC,COLLAPSIBLE
5450-01-618-0992     WALL,PROTECTIVE,RAP
5440-00-982-0235     SHOES,LADDER SAFETY
5410-00-006-8931     GROUND FLASHING,ENDWALL
5410-00-006-8968     BASE PAD,TYPE A
5410-00-006-8934     JAMB FLASHING,TRUCK DOOR
5420-00-011-6240     SLIDE,PORT,AFT
5440-00-035-6039     SCAFFOLD SECTION,STRAIGHT
5430-01-547-2530     BERM LINER AND CHEST ASSEMBLY
5420-12-179-0320     BOLZEN
5411-01-690-7896     INSTALLATION KIT,SHELTER
5430-01-675-8934     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5450-01-618-1074     WALL,PROTECTIVE,RAP
5410-00-006-8983     PANEL FLASHING,EDGE
5430-01-526-2212     TANK,FABRIC,COLLAPSIBLE
5410-00-006-8956     DOOR ASSEMBLY,TRUCK
5420-00-011-6241     SLIDE ASSEMBLY,CENTER
5410-00-006-8984     PANEL FLASHING,EDGE
5410-00-006-8988     FLASHING,PANEL
5440-00-514-4535     STEPLADDER
5440-00-531-6122     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5430-01-506-0389     TANK SECTION,FLUID
5430-01-530-1498     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5440-01-274-0791     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5440-01-074-7833     STEPLADDER
5440-01-243-8121     LOCK,HINGE,LADDER
5419-01-581-0860     KIT,WASTE WATER
5410-01-044-0134     INSTALLATION,KIT
5440-01-703-3594     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5410-00-006-8973     PANEL,FLASHING,BOTTOM EDGE
5410-00-006-8935     JAMB FLASHING,TRUCK DOOR
5430-01-050-6321     TANK,ASPHALT STORAGE
5440-01-556-3062     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5440-01-560-2298     LADDER,SAFETY STEP
5410-00-006-8936     JAMB FLASHING,TRUCK DOOR
5411-01-476-6663     SIDE COVER ASSEMBLY
5420-99-700-5550     BRACKET,MOUNTING
5410-00-933-0849     LIFTING EYE ASSEMBLY
5410-00-018-7538     WEB NET,SHELTER
5410-00-006-8980     PANEL FLASHING,SHELTER
5445-01-702-4613     TOWER
5411-01-703-3946     FLOOR,PORTABLE SHELTER
5411-01-703-1271     SIDEWALL ASSEMBLY,SHELTER
5420-01-680-2472     BRACING MEMBER,BRIDGING
5411-01-529-8385     DRAWER 8 SMALL OD
5430-01-318-1481     TANK,FABRIC,COLLAPSIBLE
5430-01-310-6985     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5440-01-006-3181     WEDGE,CONCRETE FORM
5411-01-529-9211     NET,CARGO 48 PALLET
5411-01-529-9230     LOCKS,CAM ASSY
5420-00-788-5791     AXLE AND CARRIER
5420-00-542-3124     BRACE,TRANSVERSE
5410-00-350-8081     LANYARD ASSEMBLY,SH
5410-01-685-6708     BUILDING,SPECIAL PURPOSE
5420-12-362-0058     PANEL,BRIDGE
5430-01-701-2550     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5430-01-700-9085     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5410-01-229-1216     SHELTER,REPAIR PART
5430-15-235-4161     SERBATOIO ORIZZONTA
5430-15-216-0180     INVOLUCRO
5410-15-187-2850     TENDA PER USI CAMPA
5440-12-377-8064     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5410-15-113-2758     PIATTO SU MONTANTE
5420-14-557-0694     ARM,STRUCTURAL,BRIDGE
5430-27-034-0944     TANK, SIVI DEPOLAMA
5430-01-701-1059     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5410-01-150-0935     BUILDING,SENTRY,MOBILE
5410-01-685-8640     BUILDING,SPECIAL PURPOSE
5411-01-529-9201     PALLET,CGO MED 48
5411-01-529-9270     NET,CARGO 67 FLOOR
5411-01-530-1007     FOLDING STEP W HARD
5411-01-529-9224     LEDGE,PALLET LEFT
5430-01-667-4577     TANK,PRESSURE
5411-01-567-7764     MODIFICATION KIT,SHELTER
5440-01-505-2357     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5450-01-618-1134     WALL,PROTECTIVE,RAP
5411-01-700-0258     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5411-01-540-4925     FLOOR,PORTABLE SHELTER
5430-01-540-5357     TANK,WATER,3000 GAL
5410-15-113-2740     MONTANTE NORMALE
5440-15-220-4230     SCALA MULTIUSO CON
5440-01-238-5569     STEPLADDER
5411-33-209-3289     SHELTER,NONEXPANDABLE
5420-14-475-5913     PACKING TIMBER,BRIDGE
5411-41-000-5330     PARTS KIT,PORTABLE SHELTER
5411-01-529-8317     DRAWER 8 SMALL DS
5411-01-529-9208     PALLET,HAZMAT 48 DS
5440-00-061-8899     STEPLADDER
5410-01-036-0314     BUILDING,EQUIPMENT
5450-01-618-1105     WALL,PROTECTIVE,RAP
5450-01-618-1129     WALL,PROTECTIVE,RAP
5411-01-343-9020     SKID ASSEMBLY,SHELTER
5410-01-441-0266     MOUNTING KIT,SHELTER
5430-01-552-4002     CAP,VENT,FUEL STORAGE TANK
5430-01-050-6320     TANK,ASPHALT STORAGE
5440-01-092-1894     LADDER,EXTENSION
5430-01-703-0475     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5430-01-673-3503     TANK,PRESSURE
5440-00-227-1593     STEPLADDER
5440-00-079-0342     SPREADER LADDER
5440-01-240-8651     STEPLADDER
5440-01-297-1658     STEPLADDER
5411-01-476-6862     END COVER ASSY,SMAL
5430-01-547-2535     BERM LINER AND CHEST ASSEMBLY
5430-01-671-9479     TANK,PRESSURE
5430-01-482-1103     CAP,VENT,FUEL STORAGE TANK
5440-00-555-3367     LADDER,EXTENSION
5440-01-078-6131     LADDER,EXTENSION
5440-01-342-0700     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5440-01-675-7981     LADDER,SAFETY STEP
5440-01-400-2030     STEP,LADDER
5420-01-048-2240     DECK,EXTRUSION
5410-00-191-1562     CORNER BRACKET ASSEMBLY
5410-01-043-5424     SCREEN,WINDOW,METAL
5410-01-067-1604     STRIP ASSEMBLY,WEATHER
5410-01-128-5529     SCREEN,WINDOW,METAL
5410-01-331-3288     CONNECTOR,FRAME
5410-01-332-7684     LEG ASSEMBLY,TUBULAR
5410-01-421-9617     PANEL,FABRIC
5411-01-580-9324     INSTALLATION KIT,SHELTER
5430-01-260-8401     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5420-00-507-7030     LINK,LOWER,ROADWAY PONTON
5420-99-701-0179     HOUSING,SPECIAL
5410-01-473-0388     WINCH,HAND OPERATE
5410-01-538-3109     LEG ASSEMBLY,TUBULAR
5411-01-165-4574     DIRECTIONAL VANES A
5430-01-237-3659     LINER,BERM,TANK,FAB
5411-01-632-0474     BAR,CLAMP
5410-01-421-9619     PANEL,FABRIC
5410-00-919-4958     STEP,FOLDING
5411-01-444-7259     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5410-01-421-6497     PANEL,FABRIC
5410-01-331-7325     CONNECTOR,FRAME
5411-01-225-8395     ARM ASSEMBLY,TOP AN
5411-01-493-1645     MOUNTING KIT,SHELTE
5411-01-444-7250     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5411-01-496-2100     END SCREEN ASSY,LARGE
5411-01-444-7255     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5411-01-496-2108     SIDE SCREEN ASSEMBLY
5410-01-087-4187     HOOK,J
5411-01-529-9247     POLE ASSY,A SS
5420-00-440-5690     LEVER,RAMP PONTON
5420-00-731-5344     PLATE SEPARATOR
5420-01-041-0828     LINK,CABLE,BOW PONTON
5411-01-529-9177     ROLLER,BLACK
5420-12-179-0321     HEBEL
5411-01-529-9300     FILTER ASSY
5420-00-271-9289     BAG,EQUIPMENT
5420-99-793-5002     RAMP UNIT,SPECIAL
5420-01-180-7661     LINK
5420-00-113-2866     SHAFT
5430-00-835-3351     TANK,FABRIC,COLLAPSIBLE
5430-01-156-8276     CAP,VENT,FUEL STORAGE TANK
5420-12-356-3861     DRAWBAR,BRIDGE BAY
5430-01-283-8591     UPPER DISK,IMPULSE TANK
5430-01-350-1446     GUARD,HOUSING,FILTER
5430-01-553-9758     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5440-01-537-4073     LADDER,EXTENSION
5420-99-701-0765     PLATE,SPECIAL
5420-99-931-5943     BRACKET,STACKING,SP
5430-01-649-5019     TANK SECTION,FLUID
5430-01-451-6452     TANK SECTION,FLUID
5440-01-243-3165     CAP,LADDER RUNG
5440-01-526-4118     STEPLADDER
5440-01-269-0030     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5420-01-048-2241     DECK,EXTRUSION
5440-00-514-4490     STEPLADDER
5410-00-006-8981     PANEL FLASHING,SHELTER
5440-01-583-4985     LADDER,EXTENSION
5410-00-006-8938     SEAL,PERSONNEL DOOR
5410-00-006-8944     LOCKING PLATE,TRUCK DOOR
5410-00-022-2670     SUPPORT ASSEMBLY,SH
5410-00-007-1860     PANEL ASSEMBLY,SHELTER
5410-00-004-5597     DOOR ASSEMBLY,SHELTER
5411-01-225-6566     THERMAL BARRIER
5440-01-477-4052     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5440-00-055-4909     LADDER,HOOK
5440-01-553-0687     RAMP ASSY,SHORT,REA
5430-01-245-2563     TANK SECTION,FLUID
5410-01-471-7868     SCREEN,WINDOW,METAL
5411-01-429-8350     HOUSING,LATCH PAN ASSEMBLY
5410-00-006-8974     JAMB FLASHING,DOOR SIDE PANEL
5410-00-004-5596     DOOR ASSEMBLY,SHELTER
5430-01-505-4069     TANK,PRESSURE
5420-12-179-0330     ADMISSION
5440-00-515-5605     LADDER,SAFETY STEP
5440-01-551-2729     STEP,LADDER
5440-01-553-1998     RAMP ASSY,SHORT,FRO
5440-01-553-5009     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5445-01-166-1189     DESICCANT TOWER ASSEMBLY
5430-01-698-5875     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5420-12-349-1052     VERBINDUNGSTEIL, BR
5420-01-044-8351     RETAINER,DECK END
5430-01-519-3685     CAP,VENT,FUEL STORAGE TANK
5420-00-501-6997     PLATE,BRIDGE
5420-00-542-3151     SUPPORT,CYLINDER
5440-01-556-4070     STEP,LADDER
5440-01-630-0740     LADDER,SAFETY STEP
5420-00-542-3136     PIN,CONNECTOR
5410-01-066-9943     SEAL,WEATHER,PANEL
5440-01-595-6611     LADDER,EXTENSION
5410-01-482-4356     RAMP,SHELTER DOME P
5420-00-355-6596     CLAMP,TRANSOM
5420-00-355-7061     TEMPLATE,ROCKING ROLLER
5411-01-225-8408     LATCH ASSEMBLY,HING
5420-00-542-3127     CURB,INSIDE
5440-01-208-1432     LADDER,SAFETY STEP
5420-01-602-3337     FLAT CABLE
5440-01-240-8652     STEPLADDER
5440-01-477-4117     STEP,LADDER
5410-01-084-9400     PLATE LOOP STRAP BACK-UP
5410-01-140-0452     STUD PLATE ASSEMBLY
5410-01-331-7324     BRACE,LEG,FIELD TAB
5411-01-225-8410     PAN,LATCH HINGED
5411-01-444-8590     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5411-01-444-8594     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5410-01-302-6277     PAN,HANDHOLD
5411-01-529-9278     BAR,STABILIZER OD
5411-01-530-1001     DIVIDER,SET MEDIUM
5411-01-530-1036     POLE ASSY,A CS
5411-01-530-1025     POLE ASSY,A CS
5410-01-547-4402     TAPE,SEAM
5411-01-444-7252     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5420-01-078-6041     POST,HANDRAIL,BOW PONTON
5420-12-179-0332     BLECH
5420-12-347-5406     HALTER, VERRIEGELUN
5420-12-348-1954     AUSLEGERTEIL, FESTB
5420-99-083-1241     GUIDE,SPECIAL
5420-99-335-7331     POSITIONING AID
5420-99-356-4272     PLATE,SPECIAL
5420-99-495-8119     ROLLER
5420-99-535-2913     BODY,HYDRAULIC JACK
5420-99-793-5889     LUG,TIE-DOWN,SPECIA
5430-01-114-5392     POUCH,REPAIR KIT
5430-01-235-5442     TANK SECTION,FLUID
5430-01-237-3660     LINER,BERM,TANK,FAB
5420-01-083-4716     LINK ASSEMBLY
5430-01-250-1743     TANK SECTION,FLUID
5420-99-445-3224     CYLINDER FRAME ASSEMBLY
5430-01-275-0208     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5411-01-530-1034     POLE ASSY,B CS
5420-99-031-7108     ROPE,GUARD
5411-01-529-9802     POLE ASSY,D2 CS
5430-01-541-0513     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5430-01-562-1620     CAP,VENT,FUEL STORAGE TANK
5420-99-913-0251     STABILISER
5430-01-629-4347     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5430-01-647-7248     TANK,FABRIC,COLLAPSIBLE
5440-00-420-6526     LADDER,SUB ASSY
5411-01-675-7603     SHELTER BOOT
5440-01-544-8194     LADDER,EXTENSION
5420-00-271-9288     BASKET ASSEMBLY,EQUIPMENT
5411-01-250-3642     EXTENSION,JACK
5411-01-476-7132     END SCREEN ASSY,SMA
5411-01-444-7261     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5440-01-210-2770     CHAIR,REBAR
5410-01-331-3285     JOINT,PEAK,CENTER
5440-01-278-6273     LADDER,SAFETY STEP
5411-01-522-4823     HVASC,SUPPLY,TAN
5440-01-515-6680     STEPLADDER
5440-01-481-3355     LADDER,EXTENSION
5440-00-353-5081     SCAFFOLD
5440-00-815-7418     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5410-01-549-8543     AIR SOCK START
5430-01-192-3720     TANK,LIQUID STORAGE
5411-01-342-7988     DRIP CAP
5411-01-444-7256     TUBE ASSEMBLY,SUPPORT STRUT
5411-01-476-7130     END SCREEN ASSY,LAR
5411-01-476-7134     END COVER ASSY,LARG
5410-01-276-7663     DOOR BRACE ASSEMBLY
5410-00-006-8939     SEAL,PERSONNEL DOOR
5410-00-035-6077     SPROCKET ASSEMBLY,L
5410-00-022-2671     JACK ASSEMBLY,SHELT
5440-00-035-6037     RAILING,SAFETY
5410-00-022-2669     JACK END,FIXED
5411-01-476-6703     COLD WEATHER SKIRT
5440-01-477-3441     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5411-01-476-7144     LEFT SIDE TRAVEL C
5440-00-514-4533     STEPLADDER
5445-00-857-0998     TOWER
5440-00-531-6114     STEPLADDER
5440-00-531-6120     STEPLADDER
5440-00-531-3901     STEPLADDER
5440-00-531-6118     STEPLADDER
5440-00-816-2585     LADDER,STRAIGHT
5440-00-171-9835     STEPLADDER
5420-01-545-7365     CARRIER,BRIDGE LAUNCHING
5430-01-383-5709     TANK,PRESSURE
5420-00-542-3137     PIN,EQUALIZER PLATE
5411-01-225-6570     HOUSING,FOOT BOLT
5410-01-469-2181     ROLLER,ASSEMBLY
5410-01-490-9658     SPARE PARTS KIT
5420-00-371-9897     STAKE,ANCHOR,BRIDGE
5420-01-062-5595     DECK,EXTRUSION
5411-01-496-2106     END SCREEN ASSY,SMALL
5420-00-542-3122     BRACE,LATERAL
5420-00-542-3141     CABLE,QUADRANT
5411-01-496-2104     LEFT SIDE TRAVEL CO
5411-01-496-2105     RIGHT SIDE TRAVEL COVER
5411-01-615-9287     SHELTER,NONEXPANDABLE
5411-01-514-5493     CONFIGURATION KIT,SHELTER
5420-99-533-9502     BLOCK,RUBBER,BONDED
5420-14-553-6648     PIN,BRACING MEMBER,BRIDGING
5420-99-441-3468     BLOCK,TACKLE,BRIDGING
5411-01-529-9303     POLE ASSY,B SS
5410-01-421-6489     PANEL,FABRIC
5430-01-360-7275     TANK,PRESSURE
5410-01-421-3847     RATCHET ASSEMBLY,TENSION