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General Purpose Resilient Mount

5340999171394 999171394 SR0006/8 690M.171.P1 393-96/1

An item made of material having elastic properties. It may have rigid mounting facilities such as a flange(s), sleeve(s), stud(s) or the like. It is designed to isolate or dampen shock and/or vibration of a continuous or intermittent origin and serve as a support for an item to be isolated. Excludes MOUNT, RESILIENT, WEAPON SYSTEM&#59; SPRING (as modified)&#59; BUMPER, NONMETALLIC&#59; BUMPER, RUBBER&#59; BUSHING, NONMETALLIC&#59; hydraulic and pneumatic shock absorbers, dashpots, grommets and shock pads. View more Utility Resilient Mount

5340-99-917-1394 MOUNT,RESILIENT,GENERAL PURPOSE 5340999171394 999171394

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NSN Created on 9 May 1997
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January 2023
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5340-99-917-1394 MOUNT,RESILIENT,GENERAL PURPOSE 5340999171394 999171394
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5340-99-917-1394 is a General Purpose Resilient Mount

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