Loop Clamp

5340145170308 145170308 51411905008 28P8 51411919008 85-693-1687

A clamp designed to surround other item(s) such as cable(s), conduit(s), pipe(s), hose(s), or tube(s), and to fasten together or to another object or structure. Includes straight flexible items. For items specifically designed to clamp a hose to a connection to prevent leakage, see CLAMP, HOSE. See also HANGER, PIPE and CLIP, SPRING TENSION. For retaining straps with a bridge, see STRAP, RETAINING. Excludes CLAMP, ELECTRICAL; BAND, RETAINING; CLAMP (1), C; BRACKET PIPE. View more Loop Clamp

5340-14-517-0308 CLAMP,LOOP 5340145170308 145170308

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NSN Created on 28 Oct 1999
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July 2023
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5340-14-517-0308 is a Loop Clamp

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