Plaque De Montage

5340144718942 144718942 12332 RAS12332 85-694-7970

A metallic or nonmetallic item which is rigid, flat and generally smooth. Its thickness is small in comparison to its length and width. It is designed for mounting another item and may have drilled or threaded holes or other facilities for mounting to a supporting object or surface. See SUPPORT, as modified. Do not use if a more specific name applies. View more Mounting Plate

5340-14-471-8942 PLAQUE DE MONTAGE 5340144718942 144718942

Managed by France
NSN Created on 21 Sep 1994
Data Last Changed
January 2023
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5340-14-471-8942 PLAQUE DE MONTAGE 5340144718942 144718942
NSN 5340-14-471-8942 (Generic Image)

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5340-14-471-8942 is a Plaque De Montage

5340-14-471-8942 End Users End Users 5340-14-471-8942

France (ZF)
MOE Rule:

5340-14-471-8942 Manufacturers Approved Sources 5340-14-471-8942

Part NumberManufacturerStatus
12332 F0860 - Rassant Sa Replaced
12332 F0275 - Sn Etablissements Defleur Replaced
RAS12332 FA8Q7 - Etablissements Le Floch Active
85-694-7970 F5385 - Section De Codification Cancelled

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