Access Cover

5340144206790 144206790 5630574 FOE5630574

A rigid or flexible item of various shapes attached to a structure for the purpose of providing access for inspection, service, replacement of components and/or adjustments or mounting operations. It is designed to be attached by means of bolt holes, slots, mounting ears, tabs, and the like. To permit access, the mounted cover requires partial or complete removal. It may include an observation window. For items permanently attached by hinges and the like, see DOOR, ACCESS (as modified). Excludes all covers not specifically designed to provide access for the purposes listed above. View more Access Cover

5340-14-420-6790 COVER,ACCESS 5340144206790 144206790

Managed by France
NSN Created on 16 Dec 1987
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July 2023
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5340-14-420-6790 is a Access Cover

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France (ZF)

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