Loop Clamp

5340144112502 144112502 511119050361 35S36 HB35S36 Y35S36 A0021-35S36 ASNA0021-35S36

A clamp designed to surround other item(s) such as cable(s), conduit(s), pipe(s), hose(s), or tube(s), and to fasten together or to another object or structure. Includes straight flexible items. For items specifically designed to clamp a hose to a connection to prevent leakage, see CLAMP, HOSE. See also HANGER, PIPE and CLIP, SPRING TENSION. For retaining straps with a bridge, see STRAP, RETAINING. Excludes CLAMP, ELECTRICAL; BAND, RETAINING; CLAMP (1), C; BRACKET PIPE. View more Loop Clamp

5340-14-411-2502 CLAMP,LOOP 5340144112502 144112502

Managed by France
NSN Created on 6 Aug 1986
Data Last Changed
July 2023
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5340-14-411-2502 CLAMP,LOOP 5340144112502 144112502 1/1
NSN 5340-14-411-2502 (Generic Image) 1/1

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5340-14-411-2502 is a Loop Clamp

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Greece (ZU)

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