5331999148081 999148081 17-27B BS1806-021 100-021-0640 SP915C9

A nonmetallic circular item with an aperature, having a solid round cross-section. They are used primarily for sealing. For items with other than round cross section, see PACKING,PREFORMED. For noncircular items with a round cross-section, see SEAL,NONMETALLIC ROUND SECTION and RUBBER,ROUND SECTION. View more O-Ring

5331-99-914-8081 O-RING 5331999148081 999148081

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NSN Created on 25 Apr 1991
Data Last Changed
January 2023
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5331-99-914-8081 O-RING 5331999148081 999148081 1/1
NSN 5331-99-914-8081 (Generic Image) 1/1

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