5331997857464 997857464 200-460-4470 25929-17 A907132-17 1179640

A nonmetallic circular item with an aperature, having a solid round cross-section. They are used primarily for sealing. For items with other than round cross section, see PACKING,PREFORMED. For noncircular items with a round cross-section, see SEAL,NONMETALLIC ROUND SECTION and RUBBER,ROUND SECTION. View more O-Ring

5331-99-785-7464 O-RING 5331997857464 997857464

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NSN Created on 25 Apr 1991
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January 2023
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: 2121K414269/4644RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 2A907341-13RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 2 12 Mar 1985 5331-99-785-7464
5360-15-117-9640 5360151179640 151179640 is an open coiled spring, wound in various forms and from different shapes and types of materials and finished at the ends, designed to provide resistance to compression forces. excludes springs designed for thermal actuation (springs in which the torsion forces are designed to be counteracted by changes in temperature) and spring, reinforcing, hose.
4010-13-117-9640 4010131179640 131179640 is an assembly consisting of wire rope, with terminal attachment(s) and/or end loop(s), in a continuous run from end to end. (if without attachments, one end must terminate in a loop.) it may contain one or more intermediate and/or end attachments such as sliding or fixed ring(s), hook(s), or the like. for items specifically designed for aviation, see wire rope assembly, single leg, aviation. excludes control assembly, push-pull.
8410-17-117-9640 8410171179640 171179640 is a trouser like outer garment designed for females past the age of physical maturity.excludes slacks, utility.

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