Nonmetallic Strip Seal

5330995752222 995752222

An item fabricated from nonmetallic material designed to be used where there is no relative motion between joined parts. Items having a square or rectangular cross section must be a single piece whose ends may have been secured together to form a specific shape. It may be formed to a specific shape, except round, with or without joints. It may have fabric, cord or metal reinforcement. Except for molded corners, end cuts, and mounting facilities such as holes, slots, press-fit buttons, or the like, the item must be of one continuous cross section. For straight items with square end cuts and without mounting holes, slots or press-fit buttons see RUBBER STRIP. For items with round cross sections see SEAL, NONMETALLIC ROUND SECTION. Excludes GASKET and PACKING, PREFORMED. View more Nonmetallic Strip Seal

5330-99-575-2222 SEAL,NONMETALLIC STRIP 5330995752222 995752222

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January 2024
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5330-99-575-2222 SEAL,NONMETALLIC STRIP 5330995752222 995752222 1/1
NSN 5330-99-575-2222 (Generic Image) 1/1

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5330-99-575-2222 Demil Restrictions 5330-99-575-2222


5330-99-575-2222 is a Nonmetallic Strip Seal

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