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A deformable material which prevents the passage of matter through the joint formed when two faces are joined. It may be metallic or nonmetallic, lubricated or impregnated, solid or hollow cross section. It may be made to any predetermined dimension and shape. Excludes flat disks, items made of felt material and items having joints. For round metal and plastic items with an aperture and a solid rectangular cross section, see WASHER, FLAT; SHIM; BEARING, WASHER, THRUST; and SPACER RING. Excludes DISK, VALVE; SEAL, NONMETALLIC ANGLE; SEAL, NONMETALLIC CHANNEL; SEAL, NONMETALLIC SPECIAL SHAPED SECTION; SHIELDING GASKET, ELECTRONIC; and RING, SEALING JAR. View more Gasket

5330-14-350-5775 GASKET 5330143505775 143505775

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NSN Created on 12 Jul 1978
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January 2023
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