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Plain Encased Seal

5330331556953 331556953 632929.01 632929 632929 01 5705

A pliable rubber, felt, leather, or composition ring-shaped element, split or solid; with or without spring or spreader, having a metal shell on all or a portion of at least two of the outer surfaces. It may be designed to be either bolt mounted or pressmounted between fixed and moveable parts to form a tight and effective seal by the pressure of the spring or spreader or the resiliency inherent in the element material. Excludes PACKING WITH RETAINER. View more Plain Encased Seal

5330-33-155-6953 SEAL,PLAIN ENCASED 5330331556953 331556953

Managed by Spain
NSN Created on 18 Oct 1990
Data Last Changed
July 2023
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5330-33-155-6953 SEAL,PLAIN ENCASED 5330331556953 331556953 1/1
NSN 5330-33-155-6953 (Generic Image) 1/1

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5330-33-155-6953 is a Plain Encased Seal

5330-33-155-6953 End Users End Users 5330-33-155-6953

Spain (YB)
Morocco (YP)

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