Nonmetallic Channel Seal

5330226165491 226165491 89/129X170

An item fabricated from NONMETALLIC CHANNEL. It may be (1) formed to a specific shape with or without joints, (2) a single piece whose ends have been secured together to form a specific shape, or (3) a straight item fabricated to a specific length for a specific application with end cuts or joints. Items except for molded corners, end cut(s), and mounting facilities, such as mounting hole(s), slot(s), press fit buttons, and the like, must be one continuous cross section. It may have fabric, cord, or metal reinforcement. It is specifically designed for use in applications where there is no relative motion between joined parts. Excludes GASKET; GROMMET, NONMETALLIC; and PACKING, PREFORMED. For straight items with square end cuts and without mounting hole(s), slot(s), or press fit buttons, see NONMETALLIC CHANNEL. View more Nonmetallic Channel Seal

5330-22-616-5491 SEAL,NONMETALLIC CHANNEL 5330226165491 226165491

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NSN Created on 5 Feb 2008
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January 2023
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5330-22-616-5491 SEAL,NONMETALLIC CHANNEL 5330226165491 226165491 1/1
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2010 2320-22-621-2622 Cargo Truck MAN77DK HAMMER190HB 2009RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4 3 Sep 2010 5330-22-616-5491

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5330-22-616-5491 is a Nonmetallic Channel Seal

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