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Nails, Machine Keys, and Pins

Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5315

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 5315

Group Description: Hardware and Abrasives

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 53

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 53

FSC 5315 Nails, Machine Keys, and Pins
FSC 5315 Nails, Machine Keys, and Pins

Includes Dowel Pins, Split Pins; Spikes; Tacks; Nonoffice Type Staples; Machine Keys; Brads; Shouldered Pins; Cotter Pins; Nails.

Excludes Shafts (FSC 3040); Lock Keys (FSC 5340).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 5315

What is Federal Supply Class 5315?
FSC 5315 is the Federal Supply Class (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 5315) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Nails, Machine Keys, and Pins.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 5315?
NSC 5315 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 5315 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Nails, Machine Keys, and Pins.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 5315 in?
FSC 5315 is in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 53 which contains .
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 5315 in?
NSC 5315 is in NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG) 53 which contains .

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 5315

What is a Machine Key? 18484 Items
A Machine Key (KEY,MACHINE) is a metallic item, usually square or rectangular in cross section, usually longer in relation to its width and thickness, with or without a head, usually designed to fit into the pre-cut slots of two adjacent cylindrically shaped members, to prevent relative rotational movement between the two. It may have mounting holes or slots.
What is a Woodruff Key? 3288 Items
A Woodruff Key (KEY,WOODRUFF) is an item in the form of a segment of a disk, which may have a flat bottom, with or without projecting shoulders, designed to fit into a keyway in an axle or shaft, and into a matching slot in the hub or boss of a wheel, gear or pulley.
What is a Cotter Pin? 12143 Items
A Cotter Pin (PIN,COTTER) is a half round, cylindrical, or flat piece of metal, bent to form a straight or crimped two-pronged device with an eye at one end, for inserting in a hole drilled at right angle to the axis of the stud, shaft, or like item. Its ends are separable or one end is bent to hold it in place.
What is a Headed Grooved Pin? 5660 Items
A Headed Grooved Pin (PIN,GROOVED,HEADED) is a cylindrically-shaped headed item, having circular or longitudinal groove(s).
What is a Headed Straight Pin? 34298 Items
A Headed Straight Pin (PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED) is a headed, cylindrically-shaped item having a solid shank for fitting into corresponding holes, used for aligning or fastening. It may have welding projections. It also may contain holes drilled perpendicular to axial centerline. Excludes PIN, ECCENTRIC.
What is a Headless Grooved Pin? 11973 Items
A Headless Grooved Pin (PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS) is a headless item of various shapes, usually cylindrical, having either circular or longitudinal groove(s). Its length must not exceed 12 inches (304 MM). Excludes ROD, GROOVED, HEADLESS; SHAFT (as modified); and PIN, VEHICULAR LEAF SPRING SHACKLE.
What is a Lock Pin? 3630 Items
A Lock Pin (PIN,LOCK) is a fastening device formed from resilient wire stock into a shape resembling the letter "U", of which at least one of the prongs is straight for insertion into a hole; the other prong may have one or more curvatures along its length. It is designed to hold itself in place by its inherent spring action. See also CLIP, RETAINING and RING, RETAINING.
What is a Retaining Pin? 1703 Items
A Retaining Pin (PIN,RETAINING) is a preformed wire fastening device bent to form a spring at one end, one prong being extended, the other being bent to form a hook to hold the extended prong in place.
What is a Spring Pin? 18765 Items
A Spring Pin (PIN,SPRING) is a tubular item, so formed as to provide a spring action against the inside wall of a hole when driven into abutting pieces to position and hold them in place.
What is a Headless Straight Pin? 64138 Items
A Headless Straight Pin (PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS) is a headless, generally cylindrically-shaped item having a straight, smooth, solid body, with or without a drilled hole(s). It has an outside diameter equal to or less than its length. Its length must not exceed twelve inches (304 MM); for items whose length exceeds twelve inches (304 MM); see ROD,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS. It is used for aligning or transfer of torque and/or thrust, by fitting into corresponding holes of another item. See also PIN,STRAIGHT,THREADED.
What is a Plain Tapered Pin? 5849 Items
A Plain Tapered Pin (PIN,TAPERED,PLAIN) is a cone-shaped, unthreaded, metallic or nonmetallic item, tapered through its entire length, primarily used to position and hold two or more mating parts in alignment.
What is a Threaded Tapered Pin? 1453 Items
A Threaded Tapered Pin (PIN,TAPERED,THREADED) is a cone-shaped headless item, having a threaded portion at either end. It is used for aligning, fastening, and the like by fitting into a corresponding taper reamed hole.
What is a Quick Release Pin? 11703 Items
A Quick Release Pin (PIN,QUICK RELEASE) is a headed fastening device having a solid cylindrical or tubular body with retaining ball or pinlike detent(s). The detent(s) is/are positioned and actuated by means of a spring, elastomer or plunger. Plunger may be operated by thumb, cam or other means. May be furnished with a pull ring, pull and/or lock ring, attaching ring or hook.
What is a Card Holding Pin? 18 Items
A Card Holding Pin (PIN,CARD HOLDING) is a small, thin piece of wire, pointed at one end, the other end terminating in a double loop to provide a holding action when a card or similar object is inserted between the doubled loop.
What is a Wood Joint Corrugated Fastener? 34 Items
A Wood Joint Corrugated Fastener (FASTENER,CORRUGATED,WOOD JOINT) is a metal item, usually rectangular-shaped, and having either parallel or divergent corrugations; it is designed to be driven into wood joints for the purpose of making them strong and tight. One edge of the fastener is sharpened and may be either plain or cut to resemble saw teeth. The item may be supplied in bulk, ribbonlike form suitable for cutting into standard or special lengths as required.
What is a Cotter Pin Assortment? 61 Items
A Cotter Pin Assortment is an assortment of PIN, COTTER of various types and/or sizes.
What is a Woodruff Key Assortment? 20 Items
A Woodruff Key Assortment is a group of various sizes of KEY, WOODRUFF.
What is a Plain Tapered Pin Assortment? 24 Items
A Plain Tapered Pin Assortment (TAPERED PIN ASSORTMENT,PLAIN) is a group of various sizes of PIN, TAPERED, PLAIN.
What is a Threaded Straight Pin? 3144 Items
A Threaded Straight Pin (PIN,STRAIGHT,THREADED) is a headless, cylindrically-shaped item, having external threads at one end only. The threaded and plain portions are of one nominal diameter. Includes items having cotter pin hole(s) on either one or both ends. Its length must not exceed 12 inches (304 MM). It may have a recess drive feature. See also PIN, STRAIGHT, HEADLESS. Excludes STUD, WELDING; and SETSCREW.
What is a Headed Shoulder Pin? 5536 Items
A Headed Shoulder Pin (PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED) is a cylindrically-shaped headed item, having a solid shank in steps of two or more different diameters under and in addition to the head. Excludes PIN, ECCENTRIC.
What is a Headless Shoulder Pin? 19210 Items
A Headless Shoulder Pin (PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS) is a cylindrically-shaped headless item, having a shank at one or both ends. It is used for aligning, fastening, or transfer of torque and/or thrust by fitting into corresponding holes of another item. It may be threaded on one end.
What is a Hollow Pin? 2623 Items
A Hollow Pin (PIN,HOLLOW) is a cylindrically-shaped headless item, having a straight smooth body and a hole through the longitudinal center. Its length must not exceed five times its diameter or 12 inches (304 mm), whichever is greater. Excludes BEARING, SLEEVE; and PIN, PISTON.
What is a Guided Drive Pin? 203 Items
A Guided Drive Pin (PIN,DRIVE,GUIDED) is an item specifically designed to fasten steel, wood or composition material to concrete, masonry, or steel, with power provided by the blow of a HAMMER, HAND, while the item is in a hand-held guide.
What is an Eccentric Pin? 953 Items
An Eccentric Pin (PIN,ECCENTRIC) is a headed, cylindrically-shaped metal item having a shank and/or shoulder offset from the geometric center of the head. If shouldered, a portion of the shank and/or shoulder may be concentric with the head.
What is a Headed Toggle Pin? 742 Items
A Headed Toggle Pin (PIN,TOGGLE,HEADED) is a headed cylindrically shaped item, having a solid unthreaded shank with a toggle action retainer, which holds the item in position when perpendicular to the shank. It is used for fastening and/or aligning purposes. The head may include gripping features such as a pull ring, integral hand grip or the like. See also PIN, TOGGLE, EYE COLLAR.
What is a Nail? 2258 Items
A Nail is a headed and pointed fastening device designed for impact insertion. It has a round, square, or rectangular shank usually over 1 inch (25.4 mm) in length. Includes large nails commonly referred to as "spikes" and cupped head nails commonly referred to as "brads" or "finishing nails."
What is a Staple? 640 Items
A Staple is a U-shaped fastening device with pointed ends.
What is a Tack? 166 Items
A Tack is a short, sharp-pointed fastening device having a flat or oval head and a cut shank usually less than 1 inch (25.4 mm) in length.
What is a Detent Lock Pin? 361 Items
A Detent Lock Pin (PIN,LOCK,DETENT) is an unthreaded device formed from non-resilient round metallic stock into a shape resembling the letter "U" of which at least one of the arms has a detent for retaining that arm in a fixed position to another item. Excludes PIN, LOCK and PIN, QUICK RELEASE.
What is a Knurled Straight Pin? 333 Items
A Knurled Straight Pin (PIN,STRAIGHT,KNURLED) is a headless, cylindrically-shaped, straight, solid item with or without a drilled hole(s). It has a straight or diamond knurl. Its length must not exceed 12 inches (304 MM). It is used for aligning or transfer of torque and/or thrust, by fitting into corresponding holes of another item.
What is an Expanding Grip Pin? 200 Items
An Expanding Grip Pin (PIN,EXPANDING GRIP) is a quick-acting fastening and aligning device with a cam handle and a solid, inner pin surrounded by male and female bushings. Actuation of the handle creates an expanding or contracting action. It may be furnished with captive pin, locking cam handle, lanyard or lock ring.
What is a Solid Cotter Pin? 159 Items
A Solid Cotter Pin (PIN,COTTER,SOLID) is (All Except USA) A solid, metallic item, having a cylindrically shaped shank with a threaded portion of a smaller diameter at one end. The threaded portion must be offset to the longitudinal center-line. It may have a flat which tapers towards the threaded portion. Excludes PIN, TAPERED, THREADED.
What is a Power Actuated Drive Pin? 328 Items
A Power Actuated Drive Pin (PIN,DRIVE,POWER ACTUATED) is an item designed to fasten metal, wood, composition material and the like to concrete, masonry, metal, and wood, with power provided from a cartridge (powder), compressed gas, pneumatic and/or hydraulic power. Excludes items that have the actuating media as an integral part of the pin.
What is a Spring Pin Set? 57 Items
A Spring Pin Set (PIN SET,SPRING) is a collection of several PIN,SPRING of different sizes.
What is a Headless Straight Pin Set? 63 Items
A Headless Straight Pin Set (PIN SET,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS) is a collection of two or more PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS of different sizes.

Stock Items From Supply Class 5315

5315-00-003-4107  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-003-4044  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-003-0603  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-003-0689  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-001-9027  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-001-4855  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-001-5341  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-00-001-5342  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-001-4969  PIN,INDEXING
5315-00-001-1930  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-551-5987  PIN,COTTER SPINDLE 5/32X1-1/4
5315-14-538-7947  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-211-5608  SPINA PIP DA 3/8'
5315-15-233-3938  CHIODO 12/20
5315-01-135-5338  PIN,WARNING STREAMER/
5315-14-305-8898  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-415-5662  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-309-1977  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-166-2463  PERNO 3/8 M/A 6-1
5315-14-401-9388  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-472-5547  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-37-513-3651  PIN,T/M CABLE
5315-15-209-5619  TASSELLO VITE 6/30A
5315-14-216-8810  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-185-5855  BULLETTA OTTONE/BRO
5315-15-217-6970  SCATOAL PUNTI 80/6
5315-14-534-9123  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-538-9107  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-117-8994  PIN,STRAIGHT,H/LESS
5315-15-213-8933  CHIODINI S/TESTA 1/
5315-15-191-5512  GROOVED PIN GP/2 (P
5315-99-549-6945  KEY,SHAFT,1/8X5/8IN
5315-15-214-0703  CHIODO TIPO 21/50 S
5315-14-538-8394  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-99-750-2569  PIN,SPLIT 3/32 X 1/
5315-99-371-7956  ROD/PIN KIT,CARRY H
5315-17-114-1326  PEN M/RING
5315-14-415-5165  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-442-5007  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-15-124-0320  PERNO 1/4 M/A
5315-14-529-7884  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-452-7232  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-214-0704  CHIODO TIPO 21/50
5315-14-266-5101  ENS AXE/ROUE DENGRE
5315-99-797-6059  PIN/SHOULDER,THREAD
5315-15-213-8930  CHIODINI S/TESTA 1/
5315-14-202-9668  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-484-2681  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-251-6034  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-22-265-0405  KRAVESTIFT M/HUL
5315-15-124-0322  PERNO 3/4 M/A
5315-99-135-3113  PIN,JACK L/H.
5315-14-416-0696  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-15-166-2625  TASSELLI MASTER C/B
5315-14-309-1978  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-529-0466  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-415-5164  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-15-185-2270  PUNTI M53/8 CONF. D
5315-15-185-2271  PUNTI M53/18 CONF.
5315-15-233-3937  CHIODO 12/30
5315-15-218-1542  TASSELLO ACCIAIO 9/
5315-15-156-2291  PIN A/O,THREADED
5315-14-532-0187  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-415-5157  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-415-5154  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-442-5008  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-15-000-9946  LINK A/O,SUPPORT GE
5315-23-113-6151  PIN ASSY- STAB/TAB
5315-14-386-4530  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-37-555-3583  FINISHING NAIL 1 1/
5315-14-384-5571  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-413-9592  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-419-2093  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-204-9685  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-211-5609  SPINA PIP DA 3/4'
5315-14-375-4340  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-33-003-1125  CHAVETA C/CAMBIO
5315-14-202-9669  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-210-7456  PUNTI METALLICI 80/
5315-15-166-2411  SPINOTTO COLL.ASTA/
5315-15-221-0248  KEY (P/R MOT. DI 56
5315-15-111-6074  WHEEL/HANDLE PIN
5315-14-532-0183  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-152-4761  LINK A/O, SUPPORT G
5315-14-375-4324  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-534-9124  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-539-0014  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-372-1596  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-14-395-8082  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-25-126-6386  CYLINDER/INNE
5315-14-293-3029  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-201-7021  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-15-233-3936  CHIODO 12/38
5315-14-309-1979  AGRAFE/CRAMPILLON
5315-14-442-5009  AXE/GOUPILLE,RAINUR
5315-99-908-7223  PIN,JACK R/H.
5315-15-213-8932  CHIODINI S/TESTA 1/
5315-15-166-2626  TASSELLI MASTER C/B
5315-15-213-8931  CHIODINI S/TESTA 1/
5315-00-014-1151  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-013-8142  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-010-8247  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-010-8478  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-010-5213  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-011-2750  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-00-011-0781  PIN,TAPERED,PLAIN
5315-00-010-4659  NAIL
5315-00-010-3688  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-010-3721  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-010-3726  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-010-6512  NAIL
5315-00-011-7897  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-011-7869  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-011-6987  NAIL
5315-00-011-7989  KEY,WOODRUFF
5315-00-011-8002  KEY,WOODRUFF
5315-00-011-0743  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-010-4885  PIN,LOCK
5315-00-013-7155  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-013-7228  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-013-7258  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-014-1239  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-014-1109  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-013-8123  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-014-1242  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-006-2344  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-007-6551  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-007-6096  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-00-007-9851  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-006-2365  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-009-7773  PIN
5315-00-007-7935  KEY,IMPELLER
5315-00-009-7778  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-00-032-1963  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED
5315-00-054-5599  PIN,TAPERED,PLAIN
5315-01-669-6993  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-058-6011  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-059-0205  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-075-5828  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-054-4002  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-021-5082  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-032-3400  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-265-9297  PIN,HOLLOW
5315-01-652-0640  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-647-8189  PIN,BRAKE GUIDE
5315-01-630-6856  PIN,STRAIGHT,THREADED
5315-01-630-9162  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-275-8484  PIN,HOLLOW
5315-01-614-7182  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-589-4166  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-164-1203  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-165-2570  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-158-9642  PIN,FOLD HINGE
5315-01-159-4693  PIN,PITCH LOCK
5315-01-180-2270  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-590-3524  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-875-9135  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-934-0563  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-00-905-5543  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-145-4043  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-133-7381  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-132-0050  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-133-7382  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-01-133-9620  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-136-1860  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-573-3118  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-575-9472  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-558-5321  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-562-5506  NAIL
5315-01-564-2315  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-564-5229  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-551-8023  PIN,LOCK
5315-99-700-0009  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-99-971-0567  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-503-7200  PIN,LOCK
5315-00-011-2726  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-013-7124  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-010-3646  KEY,WOODRUFF
5315-01-017-0828  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-019-7433  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-020-6155  PIN,TOWING,RING
5315-01-024-2559  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-009-6803  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-999-2446  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-016-8503  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-00-993-0498  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-005-0407  PIN,HOLLOW
5315-00-956-5681  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-940-8033  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-965-6702  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-904-1637  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-904-6183  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-905-3830  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-893-5933  PIN,GROOVED,HEADED
5315-00-915-7744  PIN,LATCH,DOOR
5315-00-924-8087  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-931-3387  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-949-3875  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-838-4584  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-844-9710  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-234-7762  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-566-0136  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-571-2399  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-560-5096  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-565-7206  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-561-5055  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-575-8858  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-576-0617  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-566-6344  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-576-3071  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-567-5130  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-567-9687  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-568-3097  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-581-0957  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-581-6575  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-584-1507  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-583-3857  PIN,LOCK,DETENT
5315-01-569-6062  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-570-2911  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-587-2599  KEY,WOODRUFF
5315-01-591-6470  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-570-4277  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-592-9474  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-597-2951  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-598-3224  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-600-2820  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-602-6184  PIN,STOP
5315-01-605-9073  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-607-1780  PIN,RETAINING
5315-01-605-4292  PIN,TAPERED,PLAIN
5315-01-555-1084  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-554-2256  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-556-4324  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-556-9677  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-557-5723  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-557-6822  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-607-7166  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-353-1539  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-064-4395  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-058-9780  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-222-3432  PIN,HOLLOW
5315-00-137-2965  PIN,SPECIAL
5315-00-138-7831  KEY,WOODRUFF
5315-01-547-6263  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-181-6982  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-242-7486  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-066-7764  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-242-9121  NAIL
5315-00-161-0501  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-558-3644  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-563-2957  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-558-7612  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-563-9004  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-564-0419  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-564-7058  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-558-5315  PIN,LOCK
5315-00-116-1501  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-116-1847  PIN,LOCK
5315-00-066-6062  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-133-0011  PIN,GROOVED,HEADED
5315-00-144-6090  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-256-4795  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-143-6170  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-548-5965  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-143-6388  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-548-9168  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-00-265-9899  PIN,TAPERED,THREADED
5315-00-239-8022  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-241-6633  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-056-9429  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-109-8892  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-168-7341  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED
5315-00-147-9273  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-551-7336  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-552-8316  PIN,RETAINING
5315-01-553-8988  PIN,GROOVED,HEADED
5315-01-557-0851  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-563-2181  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-564-0385  PIN,LOCK
5315-01-559-5195  PIN,RETAINING
5315-01-571-5309  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-554-0341  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-554-3916  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-558-5528  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-558-9216  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-568-7578  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-558-9336  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-571-7026  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-01-571-8915  PIN,GROOVED,HEADED
5315-01-565-8071  PIN,LOCK
5315-01-569-3362  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-560-6229  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-571-9676  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-573-2424  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-574-0579  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-574-8960  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-561-9950  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-574-9652  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-566-0424  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-566-5601  PIN BRAKE SHOE ANCH
5315-01-575-3756  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-566-9139  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-567-1443  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-567-3024  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-576-7835  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-01-576-8372  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-577-3247  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-568-1644  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-578-4627  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-568-2964  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-578-9049  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-579-2377  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-568-4396  COLLAR,GROOVED PIN,
5315-01-580-5944  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-568-4784  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-581-6639  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED
5315-01-568-5573  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-01-568-5718  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-584-3106  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-585-2606  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-585-3282  PIN,LOCK
5315-01-586-2176  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-587-2898  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-587-4878  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-588-4469  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-585-8965  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-589-2529  PIN,GROOVED,HEADED
5315-01-592-9914  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-570-7131  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-593-4927  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-593-9166  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-571-2629  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-595-9994  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-596-0847  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-596-5408  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-570-3727  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-570-4770  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-599-2695  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-600-1225  PIN,TAPERED,PLAIN
5315-01-601-0092  NRP,PIN,QUICK-RELEA
5315-01-605-7610  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-600-6056  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-603-7988  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-604-2819  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-605-1301  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-605-4951  PIN,LOCK
5315-01-605-6677  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-605-8586  SLOTTED SPRING PIN
5315-01-604-5887  PIN,TRILOBE
5315-01-554-4033  PIN,ECCENTRIC
5315-01-554-5116  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-555-0802  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-555-6884  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-555-8175  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-556-4469  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-556-6672  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-557-4611  PIN,RETAINING
5315-01-303-8187  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-305-0401  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-351-1978  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-420-1429  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED
5315-01-607-8171  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-357-1818  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-609-2643  PIN,RETAINING
5315-01-299-1764  PIN
5315-01-604-1737  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-425-5466  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED
5315-00-063-7312  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-386-8468  PIN,GROOVED,HEADED
5315-01-387-9839  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-230-5238  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-161-0508  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-133-2365  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-161-0548  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-546-9259  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-234-1628  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-551-4480  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-075-3793  PINK,ECCENTRIC
5315-00-243-1169  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-536-5442  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-546-2619  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-553-3091  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-553-7643  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-553-8927  PIN,GROOVED,HEADED
5315-01-553-0430  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-542-2558  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-562-1875  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-562-5579  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-559-2061  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-064-6121  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-224-9423  PIN,TAPERED,THREADED
5315-00-165-8397  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-135-3355  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-253-7836  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-255-5580  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-547-7275  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-548-5962  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-222-2111  PIN,TOGGLE,EYE COLLAR
5315-00-264-0580  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-00-143-6231  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-066-9008  KEY,WOODRUFF
5315-01-548-6336  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-236-6884  PIN,COLLECTIVE LEVE
5315-01-548-9757  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-151-8990  PIN,SPECIAL
5315-01-541-6197  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-071-9187  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-00-104-2999  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED
5315-00-105-4556  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-00-057-6607  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-057-5541  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-105-4160  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-172-7124  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-061-8084  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-199-3405  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-058-6060  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-108-9925  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-00-058-9774  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-109-5633  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-162-5162  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-110-6361  PIN,LOCKING
5315-00-113-1959  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-113-6654  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-113-8514  PIN,LOCK
5315-00-119-7570  PIN,SPRING
5315-00-173-8508  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-126-5772  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED
5315-01-109-1442  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-109-6156  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-112-8100  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-128-5623  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-111-2914  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-106-5422  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-100-0759  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-100-1236  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-109-9807  PIN
5315-01-127-3647  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-118-5091  KEY,WOODRUFF
5315-01-115-3284  PIN,SLIPPER
5315-01-127-7206  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-115-8947  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-116-7999  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-128-5494  PIN,EJECTOR
5315-01-119-2374  KEY,GUIDE
5315-01-129-7748  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-119-5998  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-129-9995  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-130-0713  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-075-3832  PIN ASSEMBLY,HOOK
5315-01-130-1062  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-121-9530  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-00-182-9722  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-132-0055  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-123-6598  PIN,HINGE
5315-01-132-0092  PIN,PARTICULAR
5315-00-187-9391  PIN,COTTER
5315-01-124-3211  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-125-1416  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADED
5315-00-187-9408  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-081-7041  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-00-102-4603  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-00-102-9123  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-187-9528  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-188-0214  PIN,TAPERED,PLAIN
5315-00-187-9537  PIN,COTTER
5315-00-188-0223  PIN,TAPERED,PLAIN
5315-00-196-5135  KEY,MACHINE
5315-00-089-4942  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-00-197-3203  PIN,TAPERED,THREADED
5315-01-100-0758  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-100-8705  PIN
5315-01-101-1719  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-117-4066  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-119-9244  PIN,DOWEL
5315-01-111-6815  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-107-3289  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-103-2719  PIN,SHOULDER,HEADLESS
5315-01-108-3922  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-108-7340  PIN,RETAINING
5315-01-109-1443  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-111-7763  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-122-8574  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-117-9808  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-120-2960  KEY,MACHINE
5315-01-120-8030  PIN
5315-01-120-8031  PIN
5315-01-120-8282  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-104-6068  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-104-8942  PIN,THREADED END
5315-01-105-3857  PIN,GROOVED,HEADLESS
5315-01-099-8832  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-100-0294  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-109-6158  PIN,QUICK RELEASE
5315-01-105-6713  PIN,SPRING
5315-01-105-7350  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS
5315-01-113-3916  PIN,ALIGNMENT
5315-01-105-9474  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADED
5315-01-129-1282  PIN,STRAIGHT,HEADLESS