Round Plain Nut

5310142104996 142104996 11614 0178-002-520 2-520-178 430733

A nut, circular in shape, which may have wrenching facilities such as flats, holes, protrusions, slots or splines in or on the periphery or in the face opposite the bearing surface. For items having a thickness (or height) exceeding two times the outside diameter, use POST, ELECTRICAL-MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT. See also NUT (1), PLAIN, KNURLED. (When height or thickness and/or outside diameter is designated as a tolerance dimension, the maximum dimension will be used to determine compliance.) View more Round Plain Nut

5310-14-210-4996 NUT,PLAIN,ROUND 5310142104996 142104996

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NSN Created on 1 Jan 1964
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July 2023
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5310-14-210-4996 is a Round Plain Nut

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