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Square Plain Nut

5310121360783 121360783 1303320000 111941145A 130332000 WMU50L1X823

A nut, flat on top and bottom, having 4 flat sides. For items having a thickness (or height) exceeding two times the width across the flats, use POST, ELECTRICAL-MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT. (When height or thickness and/or width across the flats is designated as a tolerance dimension, the maximum dimension will be used to determine compliance.) View more Square Plain Nut

5310-12-136-0783 NUT,PLAIN,SQUARE 5310121360783 121360783

Managed by Germany
NSN Created on 30 May 1969
Data Last Changed
January 2023
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5310-12-136-0783 NUT,PLAIN,SQUARE 5310121360783 121360783
NSN 5310-12-136-0783 (Generic Image)

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5310-12-136-0783 is a Square Plain Nut

5310-12-136-0783 End Users End Users 5310-12-136-0783

Portugal (ZP)
MOE Rule:

5310-12-136-0783 Manufacturers Approved Sources 5310-12-136-0783

Part NumberManufacturerStatus
1303320000 D8015 - Robert Bosch Gmbh Active
WMU50L1X823 D8015 - Robert Bosch Gmbh Active
111941145A D9134 - Volkswagen Ag Active
130332000 D0859 - Bosch Robert Gmbh Replaced
WMU50L1X823 D0859 - Bosch Robert Gmbh Replaced

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