Hub Bolt

5306994560645 994560645 NAS145-33 27A4280

5306-99-456-0645 BOLT,HUB 5306994560645 994560645

Managed by United Kingdom
NSN Created on 25 Apr 1991
Data Last Changed
January 2023
NATO Update Count
NATO Data Quality
5306-99-456-0645 BOLT,HUB 5306994560645 994560645 1/1
NSN 5306-99-456-0645 (Generic Image) 1/1

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2990-27-026-4280 2990270264280 270264280 is a rigid tubular item designed to direct the exhaust gases away from an engine, heater, or the like. for flexible items, see hose, metallic.
5365-27-037-4280 5365270374280 270374280 is an item with a cylindrical shaped body having external threads other than pipe or hose series. it is desinged to mate into a preformed threaded component for the purpose of plugging a hole during equipment operation. it may have a head and/or internal drive and may contain a bleeder hole. see also plug, protective, dust and moisture seal and cap-plug, protective, dust and moisture seal. excludes plug, tube fitting, threaded.
5340-27-048-4280 5340270484280 270484280 is a fastening device used to join two ends of a belt, strap or the like. it may be a single unit designed to be attached to one end of a belt or strap and secure the opposite end by penetration, by clamping, or by friction, or it may consist of male and female sections having one section attached at each end of the belt or strap and joins the two ends by a hook-like or other interlocking action.
7610-27-039-4280 7610270394280 270394280 is a collection of two or more sheets of any length or shape, written or printed. the sheets are fastened together between covers and may be permanently bound or punched for permanent loose-leaf binding or stored on electronic media, containing no programs or software. does not include maintenance, installlation, and/or operating instructions applicable to one or more related pieces of equipment, see manual, technical. do not use if a more specific name exists, such as bible; dictionary; and hymnbook. see also book set.

5306-99-456-0645 Demil Restrictions 5306-99-456-0645


5306-99-456-0645 is a Hub Bolt

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