Flat Washer

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A washer having a centrally located hole with a solid or laminated cross-section and two flat parallel bearing surfaces. The hole must be 75 percent or less than the largest dimension and the bearing surface finish is greater than 32 microinch (0.8 micrometer). The thickness cannot exceed 25 percent of the largest outside dimension. When the largest outside dimension is less than 1/4 inch or 6mm, the thickness must be 0.006 inches (0.15mm) or greater and for items 1/4 inch (6mm) or larger, the thickness must be 0.016 inches (0.4mm) or greater. The maximum tolerance is applied to dimensions and used as a determining factor. Items with separable lamination use SHIM. For items fabricated from ceramic or electrically rated materials by specification or industry standards use INSULATOR (1), WASHER. Excludes DISK, VALVE, graphite impregnated and lubricated items. View more Flat Washer

5305-99-914-7995 WASHER,FLAT 5305999147995 999147995

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5310-99-458-1581 5310-12-312-3034 5310-99-466-2925 https//www.nsnlookup.com /fsg-53/fsc-5305/uk 5305-99-914-7995
5305999147995 999147995 NATO Stock Numbers Related to 5305-99-914-7995 5310-12-312-3034 5310-99
: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 1 30 May 1969 5310-99-747-0361 Flat Washer 5310-99-563-2961 Flat Washer 5305-99-914-7995
99-260-8378 Rod End Ball Bearing 5305-99-771-5094 Machine Screw 5305-99-100-9045 Men's Shoes 5305-99-914-7995
1560-01-478-9118 1560014789118 014789118 is a device of various shapes to be permanently attached to the structure of an aircraft. it is designed to permanently mount and/or support an integral member, or group of members of the airframe in a proper position and bear the stress imposed by the components being supported. it may have mounting provisions, such as slots, holes, and/or attachments to facilitate installation. excludes items which are primarily designed for dampening shock and/or vibration. excludes bracket, angle; bracket, double angle; bracket, shelf; bracket, mounting; bracket (1), structural component, aircraft; and radius block.

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5305-99-914-7995 is a Flat Washer

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