Machine Screw

5305121627541 121627541 DIN963-M3X6-5.8-A2P 24021110410 N31111895P N 3111 189 5P 6-133-1591 100379 M3X6DIN963-5-8GALZN5C DIN963M3X6-5-8A2P M3X6DIN963-5-8A2P M3X6DIN963-5.8-A2P

An externally threaded fastener whose threaded portion is of one nominal diameter, No 0 (0.060 in./1.5 mm) or larger, designed to be held or driven with either a wrench or an inserted driver or both (excluding internal socket or internal multiple spline types), in sizes below No. 10 (0.190 in./5 mm). No. 10 and larger sizes must have a head designed for any type inserted driver (excluding internal socket or internal multiple spline types), but may also be designed for external wrenching. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads. Excludes BOLT, CLEVIS; BOLT, EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY; SCREW, EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY; and SCREW, ASSEMBLED WASHER. See also, SCREW, INSTRUMENT; BOLT, MACHINE; BOLT, INTERNAL WRENCHING; and SCREW, CAP SOCKET HEAD. View more Machine Screw

5305-12-162-7541 SCREW,MACHINE 5305121627541 121627541

Managed by Germany
NSN Created on 30 May 1969
Data Last Changed
January 2023
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5305-12-162-7541 is a Machine Screw

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