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Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5305

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 5305

Group Description: Hardware and Abrasives

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 53

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 53

FSC 5305 Screws
FSC 5305 Screws

Screw Fastening System Advantage

Compared with other fastening systems, nuts and screws has the advantage that they can be disassembled as needed, while other fasteners such as rivets are designed for permanent installation. Screws are often used with nuts and washers, where the washer provides an increase in surface area over which the attachment force is applied. There are a variety of different types of nuts that can be used with a screw, the most common one being hex nuts. Other nut types include:

  • Prevailing Torque Locknuts
  • Nylon Insert Locknuts
  • K-Lock Locknuts
  • Slotted Hex (Castle) Nuts
  • Flange Nuts
  • Cap Nuts
  • Coupling Nuts
  • Wing Nuts)
  • Square Nuts
  • Panel Nuts
  • Surface Mount Nuts
  • Rivet Nuts
Nuts and screws can be used to join dissimilar materials together including wood, sheet metal, steel, iron, and polymers. Nuts can lock themselves in place with additional friction or, such as with slotted hex nuts, they can be used with a mating screw and a cotter pin to securely lock the nut in place.

Hand manual tools or power tools are available to manipulate screws and nuts including screwdrivers, socket sets, open-end wrenches, box wrenches, and powered drivers.

Screw Categories with NATO Stock Numbers

AN Screws
AN - an acronym for “Army and Navy” and sometimes "Air Force and Navy", AN screws are characterized by their specification and quality control. AN Screws are industrial aircraft screws and are manufactured according to Air Force-Navy specs. They are manufactured from cadmium or zinc plated corrosion resistant steel, unplated corrosion-resistant steel, and anodized aluminum alloys. Length, grip, diameter, drilled head, and shank are the different variables within an AN screw part number. They can be used for both ductile and/or shear applications and are coded to a specific standard. To the untrained eye, AN screws look like ordinary screws. They feature a partially threaded shank with a head. Like with most other screws, they are designed to secure multiple parts together. AN screws can be inserted through the threaded holes of two or more parts, after which they will hold the parts together. AN screws are distinguished from ordinary screws by their specification and rigorous quality control. The AN specification is the predecessor to the Military Specifications (MS or Mil-Spec) which is currently used by the US military. Current AN screws are used extensively in aerospace and aviation for their measurable reliability. AN Screws are also used in many fastening applications where their form, function and reliability are desired. AN Screws are typically only used in applications where the additional cost of the specification, quality and reliability is justified.
NAS Screws
NAS screws comply with the National Aerospace Standard and are commonly used for high technology systems. NAS screws are necessary for high strength applications and consist of a fine-threaded, dimple headed hex screw. Material markings for NAS screws are the same as AN screws, except they may be either raised or recessed.
NASM Screws
NASM screws include precision fasteners that previously fell under MIL-spec requirements and were converted to NASM specifications by the Aerospace Industries Association. The “MS” portion of the part number indicates the specification it meets (ex. MS16997).
MS Screws
MS screws have been tested and certified to Military Standard for use in high-performance applications. Military Standard screws are available with either coarse or fine threads and are made from a range of materials with different finishes.
MS16997 Socket Cap Screws
Socket head cap screws with a UNC Coarse Thread
NA Screws
NA Screws are the most recent standard covering the requirements for metric aerospace fasteners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 5305

What is Federal Supply Class 5305?
FSC 5305 is the Federal Supply Class (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 5305) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Screws.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 5305?
NSC 5305 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 5305 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Screws.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 5305 in?
FSC 5305 is in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 53 which contains .
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 5305 in?
NSC 5305 is in NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG) 53 which contains .

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 5305

What is an Externally Relieved Body Screw? 14572 Items
An Externally Relieved Body Screw (SCREW,EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY) is an externally threaded fastener whose threaded portion is of one nominal diameter, and whose unthreaded portion has been machined or ground in one or more places or over its entire length to a maximum diameter less than the minimum pitch diameter of the thread (excludes undercut for thread relief). It is No. 0 (0.060 IN.) (1.5 mm) or larger, and is designed to be held or driven with either a wrench or inserted driver (excluding internal socket and multiple spline types) or both in sizes below No. 10 (0.190 IN.) (5 mm) and larger sizes must have a head designed for any type inserted driver (excluding internal socket and multiple spline types) but may also be designed for external wrenching. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads. See also BOLT, EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY and BOLT, INTERNAL WRENCHING.
What is a Wood Screw? 9464 Items
A Wood Screw (SCREW,WOOD) is an unhardened externally threaded fastener whose continuous thread extends from a gimlet point for a distance of approximately two-thirds of the length of the screw and which is designed to be driven with an inserted driver.
What is an Instrument Screw? 864 Items
An Instrument Screw (SCREW,INSTRUMENT) is an externally threaded fastener similar to a SCREW, MACHINE but smaller than No. 0 (0.060 IN.) (1.5 mm) in size.
What is a Machine Screw? 137539 Items
A Machine Screw (SCREW,MACHINE) is an externally threaded fastener whose threaded portion is of one nominal diameter, No 0 (0.060 in./1.5 mm) or larger, designed to be held or driven with either a wrench or an inserted driver or both (excluding internal socket or internal multiple spline types), in sizes below No. 10 (0.190 in./5 mm). No. 10 and larger sizes must have a head designed for any type inserted driver (excluding internal socket or internal multiple spline types), but may also be designed for external wrenching. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads. Excludes BOLT, CLEVIS; BOLT, EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY; SCREW, EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY; and SCREW, ASSEMBLED WASHER. See also, SCREW, INSTRUMENT; BOLT, MACHINE; BOLT, INTERNAL WRENCHING; and SCREW, CAP SOCKET HEAD.
What is an Assembled Washer Screw? 3516 Items
An Assembled Washer Screw (SCREW,ASSEMBLED WASHER) is a SCREW, (as modified) to which has been assembled one or more nonremovable washer(s).
What is a Setscrew? 40493 Items
A Setscrew is an externally threaded device whose threaded portion is of one nominal diameter with or without a head and having a cup, cone, or other type of machined point designed to prevent or restrict relative movement of parts and designed to be driven with either a wrench or inserted driver. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads.
What is a Thumbscrew? 6964 Items
A Thumbscrew is an externally threaded fastener whose threaded portion is of one nominal diameter. It may have an unthreaded portion with a diameter less than, equal to, or greater than the diameter of the threaded portion. It has either a vertically flattened, circular knurled, or wing type head, all of which are designed for rotation by the thumb and fingers. For items having wrenching facilities such as socket recess, multiple spline or slot heads, use SCREW (as modified) or BOLT (as modified).
What is an Eye Screw? 284 Items
An Eye Screw (SCREW,EYE) is a fastening device with one end formed in the shape of an eye and the other end threaded with a lag or wood screw type of thread.
What is a Drive Screw? 1241 Items
A Drive Screw (SCREW,DRIVE) is a hardened cylindrical fastener with multiple spiral flutes on its shank. It also has an end smaller in diameter than the outside diameter of the spiral flutes, which acts as a pilot when driven into a drilled hole.
What is a Screw Assortment? 716 Items
A Screw Assortment is two or more different sizes and/or types of screws grouped together in a single package.
What is a Socket Head Cap Screw? 79837 Items
A Socket Head Cap Screw (SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD) is an externally threaded fastener whose threaded portion is of one nominal diameter. The head has an internal socket or multiple spline for use with an inserted driver. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads. Excludes items with bevel (conical) heads. See BOLT, INTERNAL WRENCHING. Excludes SCREW, SHOULDER; and SCREW, MACHINE.
What is a Machine Screw And Nut And Washer Assortment? 738 Items
A Machine Screw And Nut And Washer Assortment is an assortment of two or more of the same or different types of machine screws, machine screw nuts, washers and the like.
What is a Screw And Nail Assortment? 34 Items
A Screw And Nail Assortment is an assortment of nails and screws of various types and/or sizes.
What is a Hexagon Head Cap Screw? 66929 Items
A Hexagon Head Cap Screw (SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD) is an externally threaded fastener designed for insertion into holes in assembled parts, for mating with a preformed internal thread and for tightening or releasing by torquing the head. The threaded and unthreaded portions are both of the same nominal diameter of 0.190 inch (5 mm) or larger. Head dimensions and sizes of threaded and unthreaded portions shall conform to internationally recognized fastener standards. The thread length being the controlled dimension, the grip length is not specified. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads. The head is not designed to be held or driven with an inserted driver or by the thumb and fingers. Excludes BOLT,MACHINE; BOLT,EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY; BOLT,INTERNAL WRENCHING; and SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD.
What is a Panel Fastener Screw? 636 Items
A Panel Fastener Screw (SCREW,PANEL FASTENER) is a headed, threaded fastening device with special square threads, which is designed to be attached to a panel by means of a retaining washer. The screw fastener is used in conjunction with a speed nut to facilitate fastening two items.
What is a Shoulder Screw? 14639 Items
A Shoulder Screw (SCREW,SHOULDER) is an externally threaded fastener whose threaded portion is of one nominal diameter, No 0 (0.060 IN.) (1.5 mm) or larger. It has a round unthreaded neck or shank all or part of which is of greater diameter than the threaded portion. The head is designed to be driven with either a wrench or an inserted driver or both in sizes below No. 10 (0.190 IN.) (5 mm) nominal diameter. No. 10 (0.190 IN.) (5 mm) and larger sizes must be designed for any type of inserted driver, but may also provide for external wrenching of the head. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads. For items which are both shouldered and have an externally relieved body, use SCREW, EXTERNALLY RELIEVED BODY. For items with a No. 10 (0.190 IN.) (5 mm) or larger thread diameter without an inserted driver head, use BOLT, SHOULDER. Excludes BOLT, INTERNAL WRENCHING and SCREW, CAP, SOCKET HEAD.
What is a Close Tolerance Screw? 18158 Items
A Close Tolerance Screw (SCREW,CLOSE TOLERANCE) is a SCREW, MACHINE or SCREW, CAP, SOCKET HEAD whose unthreaded portion is of specified grip length, plated or unplated, and is machined to a tolerance of one thousandth (0.001 IN.) (0.025 mm) or less of a specific diameter for items (1.000 IN.) (25 mm) or less in diameter. Items over (1.000 IN.) (25 mm) in diameter shall have a tolerance of fifteen ten thousandths (0.0015 IN.) (0.038 mm) or less. The nominal major diameter of the threads shall be at least one thousandth (0.001 IN.) (0.025 mm) below the minimum shank diameter, but not below the minimum major diameter for applicable class of fit, as shown in the Screw Thread Standards, FED STD H28 and/or other nationally recognized standards. The head is designed to be held or driven with an inserted driver. It is not designed for rotation by the thumb and fingers. A locking feature may be incorporated in the design of the head or threads.
What is a Panel Screw Assembly? 3034 Items
A Panel Screw Assembly (SCREW ASSEMBLY,PANEL) is a headed, threaded fastening device over which may be assembled; (1) a stand-off; (2) a flanged bushing with washer(s) and/or a shouldered bushing without a flange, or it may have an internally threaded sleeve that is an integral part of the screw; a washer and an externally thread self-locking bushing that is driven by an inserted driver. Attached to panel by threaded bushing or by flaring end of stand-off, or bushing. Used in conjunction with a speed nut, nut plate, or driven into a threaded hole in the item that the panel is fastened to. May be spring loaded.
What is a Lag Screw? 651 Items
A Lag Screw (SCREW,LAG) is an externally threaded fastener having a square or hexagon head and with a continuous thread (wood screw type or fetter type) extending from a gimlet or cone point for a distance of slightly more than one-half the length of the screw.
What is a Self-Drilling Screw? 503 Items
A Self-Drilling Screw (SCREW,SELF-DRILLING) is a hardened, externally-threaded fastener with a self-drilling point. It drills, taps and fastens and may have a machine screw thread or a nonmachine screw thread. The threads usually extend from behind the pilot to the bearing surface of the head.
What is a Tapping Screw? 9707 Items
A Tapping Screw (SCREW,TAPPING) is a hardened externally threaded fastener whose thread extends to the bearing surface of the head. The thread may be fluted or otherwise designed to cut or form its own mating thread. Excludes SCREW, ASSEMBLED WASHER.

Stock Items From Supply Class 5305

5305-00-001-8153  SCREW,MACHINE
5305-00-003-1702  SETSCREW
5305-00-001-9781  SCREW,MACHINE
5305-00-003-0662  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-003-1691  SCREW,MACHINE
5305-00-001-4753  SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD
5305-00-001-9750  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-4752  SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD
5305-00-001-9940  SCREW,CLOSE TOLERANCE
5305-00-001-9753  SCREW,CLOSE TOLERANCE
5305-00-001-9038  SCREW
5305-00-001-8163  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-7628  SCREW,MACHINE
5305-00-001-4843  SETSCREW
5305-00-001-6671  SCREW,MACHINE
5305-00-001-6673  SCREW,MACHINE
5305-00-001-6359  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-1918  SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD
5305-00-001-5017  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-4897  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-4822  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-4781  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-5018  SCREW,MACHINE
5305-00-001-5032  SCREW,MACHINE
5305-00-001-1568  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-4777  SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD
5305-00-001-4782  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-4698  SCREW ASSEMBLY,PANEL
5305-00-001-4754  SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD
5305-00-001-4755  SCREW,CAP,HEXAGON HEAD
5305-00-001-4017  SCREW,CAP,SOCKET HEAD
5305-00-001-3869  SCREW
5305-00-001-1948  SCREW,TAPPING
5305-00-000-0094  SCREW,CLOSE TOLERANCE
5305-27-016-0960  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-139-3538  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-050-3346  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-059-7071  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-9848  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-027-1303  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2525  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-039-0019  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-2173  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-37-005-0836  CAP,SCREW,3/8";MISS
5305-27-046-0604  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-34-037-4602  SCREW,CAP,M6*20, S/
5305-27-046-0606  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-22-126-2244  SCREW UNF 2A-32X5/8
5305-27-012-5684  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-033-6450  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-009-1732  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-4096  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-2810  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-3595  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-050-3347  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-014-8413  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-1562  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2529  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-6919  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-0169  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-7453  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-3507  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-7582  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-2171  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-033-5726  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-1561  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-4844  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-009-5555  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-4028  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-138-3137  VITE F/55
5305-27-021-2516  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-2797  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7711  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-0414  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-234-1815  VITE 3/8 SX
5305-27-025-3333  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-027-5945  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-056-9146  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2524  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-059-1732  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-3476  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-5957  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-4950  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-047-9640  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-032-8963  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-9559  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-3212  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-016-4242  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-1560  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-220-2866  VITI BRONZATE 5/40
5305-27-025-1459  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-8757  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-4076  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-37-005-0834  CSP,SCREW,3/8";TURB
5305-15-124-6223  SPESSORE REG.1909/2
5305-27-043-4125  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7635  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1180  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-036-1818  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-2272  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-028-4366  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-9848  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-122-6781  RONDELLA 1/4X25FIL
5305-34-037-5139  SCREW,CAP,M8*20, S/
5305-27-026-0878  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-016-4239  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1177  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-027-5944  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-99-130-9248  SCREW,C/S
5305-27-053-3982  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-029-2831  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-047-0694  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2514  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7138  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-23-112-7646  SCREW/
5305-27-023-9572  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1170  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-011-0042  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-137-0694  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-15-179-1580  LOOKING BRACKET W/S
5305-27-042-8688  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-006-2111  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-5628  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-8703  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-054-5726  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-7569  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7174  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-0509  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2527  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-9405  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-039-6392  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-5776  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-136-8583  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-99-649-0700  SCREW M/C
5305-27-013-4078  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1173  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-041-0868  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-053-7725  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-054-6228  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-37-555-1307  BOLT/NUT & COUPLING
5305-27-023-6422  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-6662  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1153  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-1661  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-054-5721  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-136-8387  VITE (1T2-25/1)
5305-15-166-1242  VITE TSC 2-56X3/16
5305-27-019-7139  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-044-4186  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7184  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-5569  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-6769  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-011-0044  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-99-130-9247  SCREW,R/H
5305-27-018-5088  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-6153  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-3336  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-4529  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-139-7881  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-021-0076  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-011-8006  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-3335  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-028-1635  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-029-8478  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2533  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-99-820-8894  SCREW M/C
5305-27-026-0986  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-0511  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-0340  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7178  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-8235  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-4857  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-3988  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-7785  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-8817  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-047-9530  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-040-5954  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-8040  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-4095  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-1377  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-7259  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-14-407-4510  VIS/ECROUS/RONDELLE
5305-15-134-2671  VITE 7/16-14X2 1/2
5305-27-019-7180  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-14-407-7382  VIS/ECROUS/RONDELLE
5305-27-023-8878  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-9846  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-124-5999  RONDELLA 1909/26
5305-27-021-2521  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-032-3497  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-3179  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-053-4684  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-5572  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1185  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-23-112-7649  SCREW/
5305-27-023-5476  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-010-1138  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-016-4241  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-6568  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-8701  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-5573  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-5575  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-043-1637  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-011-8007  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-5089  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-014-5465  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-041-4068  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-6966  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-036-4346  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-2737  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-026-0840  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7181  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-032-8964  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-7504  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-34-037-3034  SCREW,CAP,M6*12, S/
5305-27-023-7469  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2530  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-054-8167  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-4537  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-7465  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-039-6390  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-0212  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-008-4326  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-139-7750  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-008-9134  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7179  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-131-3777  SKRUE M/STOPPSKIVE
5305-27-047-9498  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7148  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7135  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-143-3979  VITE 3/8
5305-27-016-4240  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-5978  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-99-495-9263  SCREW M/C
5305-27-013-6619  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-0601  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-032-8959  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-17-113-9320  SCREW 1/4"
5305-27-007-4279  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-041-4419  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-137-4427  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-15-210-6579  VITE AUTOF.T/SVA PI
5305-27-015-5568  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-166-0799  VITE,7/16 14X1 3/8
5305-27-042-7163  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-6572  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-7110  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-009-1742  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-053-7951  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-011-0043  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-040-6700  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-5092  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-142-3456  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-022-7776  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-5090  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-8992  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-221-0333  SCREW PLUG (P/R MOT
5305-25-137-0698  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-036-4344  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-8994  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-4725  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2517  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-137-4430  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-025-2732  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7100  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-049-7165  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-1559  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-040-6639  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-9068  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2526  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-135-5598  SKRUE M/ISOLERT
5305-27-023-0927  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2513  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-9632  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-3334  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-038-0508  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-036-5888  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-139-3104  VITE AR/76
5305-27-020-8171  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-058-9721  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-3499  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-056-6697  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-4458  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-0599  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-150-2860  SKRUE F/BOOMERANG
5305-27-025-3329  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-20-001-5631  SCREW CLAMPING W/WA
5305-27-039-6433  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-043-6965  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-058-8891  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-137-3699  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-018-8915  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-4067  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-039-0011  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7798  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-3481  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-8708  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-054-6010  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-213-8488  VITE X VASO/BIDET C
5305-27-018-8916  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-0609  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-192-1944  SLIP RING (P/R MOT.
5305-25-136-8335  SKRUE,SEKSK,M/FLENS
5305-27-055-7716  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-3044  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-014-8411  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-043-7561  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7177  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1156  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-9544  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1179  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-036-7844  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2515  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-5965  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-042-8684  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-058-1701  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-5576  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-043-4129  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-049-2196  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-7461  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2522  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-049-2353  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-007-4277  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-8695  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1171  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-042-6893  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-056-3187  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2523  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7669  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-133-6483  SKRUE/DISTANSESETT
5305-27-018-5098  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-010-1137  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2519  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-6993  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-3117  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-044-4185  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-22-256-6903  BOLT 1/4IN UNF
5305-17-108-2149  SCHROEF,V/BMW-SYSTE
5305-27-021-2528  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-008-7209  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-23-112-7648  SCREW/
5305-15-139-3100  VITE ACM/80
5305-27-015-5570  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-047-1634  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-120-9362  HOOP 5/8 UNC
5305-27-040-8186  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-37-517-3984  WASHER NYLON3/8"D
5305-27-018-3213  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1169  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2531  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-3046  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-054-0873  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-037-5483  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-007-4281  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-22-256-6941  SCREW P.K.RD.HDX1/4
5305-27-019-7614  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-027-4457  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-6918  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2518  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-99-730-7342  SCREW/MACHINE
5305-27-046-0597  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-34-037-6451  SCREW,CAP,M4*15, S/
5305-27-019-7682  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7176  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-009-5751  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7183  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-4059  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-3043  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-052-0933  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-1591  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-7615  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-2334  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-042-7377  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-028-6117  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-166-1007  VITE 3/8
5305-27-051-6148  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-053-4572  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-138-7592  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-017-4951  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-4063  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-4074  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-1651  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-032-8961  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-8179  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-189-5964  SCW 4/40 X 3/16FUCO
5305-99-420-3347  SCREW M/C
5305-00-735-2159  SCREW,BEARING AND N/T
5305-27-014-5469  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-2239  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-5571  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-166-1008  VITE 3/8
5305-27-025-2792  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-010-1139  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-042-8752  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-016-0961  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-0411  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-4635  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-043-4127  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-140-9051  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-024-8993  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-059-3747  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7182  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-051-6575  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-99-768-5762  SCREW,3/4 UNC
5305-27-013-4071  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-3050  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-059-7485  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-9926  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-056-7274  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-137-4425  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-059-7486  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-137-2446  SKRUE M/MUTTER
5305-27-023-9434  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-024-1822  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-038-7576  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-041-0495  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-043-4135  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-9849  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-040-6640  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-138-9520  SKRUE,SEKSK M/FLENS
5305-27-021-8521  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-056-9156  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-018-5096  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2532  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-8055  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1168  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2534  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-134-2672  VITE 1/2-20X11/2
5305-27-019-2132  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-042-8683  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-014-8412  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-014-5468  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-7772  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-8242  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-003-8110  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-053-4488  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-053-2914  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-1080  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-4530  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-054-8293  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-2520  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-2109  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-016-0959  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1172  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-020-1155  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-210-6578  VITE AUTOF.T/SVA PI
5305-27-026-9209  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-039-4390  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-6154  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-023-7470  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-047-9633  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-8211  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-137-8716  SKRUE,SEKSK.M/FLENS
5305-27-022-8699  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-032-8960  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-2517  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-138-6280  VITE F/UNO
5305-27-025-2739  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-043-7444  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-043-8984  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-99-192-3225  SCREW M/C
5305-27-043-4128  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-8469  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-040-0394  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-040-6637  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-010-1143  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-053-1695  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-7860  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-007-8594  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-5574  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-25-150-2859  SKRUE F/LEGGEPLATE
5305-27-019-7185  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-5958  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-8328  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-015-1367  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-013-4062  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-012-5683  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-163-1998  ADJ/SCREW
5305-27-008-4188  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-046-0608  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-8542  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-6573  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-15-234-1814  VITE 3/8 DX
5305-99-300-4010  SCREW M/C M3X12
5305-27-035-0298  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-048-3816  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-99-728-2617  SCREW M/C 2BAX3/8IN
5305-27-049-2766  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-047-9517  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-022-6661  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-042-7356  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-027-4393  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-4092  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-038-5748  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-042-0535  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-017-6541  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7133  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-025-2336  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-019-7175  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU
5305-27-021-0510  AYAR VIDASI/ SETSKU