Spanner Wrench

5120145287269 145287269 815-1-99-122

A tool on which are located one or more pins, lugs, holes, keyways, or hooks, designed to engage matching holes, slots, or projections on a coupling, nut, or the like; for exerting a torsional force, concentrated at a point or points of a mating part, tending to turn the mating part about an axis. The drive end may have a hole for a separate straight bar used as a handle. Excludes WRENCH, BUNG. View more Spanner Wrench

5120-14-528-7269 WRENCH,SPANNER 5120145287269 145287269

Managed by France
NSN Created on 6 Feb 2002
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January 2023
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5120-14-528-7269 is a Spanner Wrench

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