Boss Coupling

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A straight one-piece fitting 12 inches (304 mm) long or under having the same size fitting on each end (straight machine threads other than pipe or hose series). It may have internal threads on both ends or internal threads on one end and external threads on the other designed to facilitate a gasket, preformed packing, washer, or the like, to form a seal at the boss. It is designed to join two bosses or boss fittings. Excludes items having external threaded connections on both ends. View more Boss Coupling

4730-33-107-6543 COUPLING,BOSS 4730331076543 331076543

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https//www.nsnlookup.com /cage Rabintex Industries Ltd (CAGE Code S9352) DAC: 3 17 Mar 2000 4730-33-107-6543
| DAC: 3 17 Mar 2000 4820-33-107-6555 Valve Body 6739RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3 17 Mar 2000 4730-33-107-6543
Sep 2001 4730-14-513-2827 Boss Coupling GSM1934DET35TERRNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 4 10 Mar 1999 4730-33-107-6543
4730-01-250-9362 4730012509362 012509362 is a fluid line fitting having a pipe, tube or hose connection or a through hole to accommodate a bolt, fluid passage on one end. the other end must have an internal or external quick disconnect feature for connecting a mating part to form a quick disconnect coupling assembly. the fitting may incorporate a self-sealing feature for the purpose of automatically shutting off the flow of fluid when disconnected from its mating half. for self-sealing fittings with an external or internal threaded disconnect end, see coupling half, self-sealing. see also, connector, multiple, fluid pressure line.
3040-66-136-3182 3040661363182 661363182 is a rigid item usually in the form of an arm of various shapes and cross sections, containing two or more holes so spaced that one serves as a pivot with or without hubs and must have a definite means for securing to a shaft (such as threaded hole for set-screw, keyway(s), splines, serrations or some clamping device). the other hole(s) connect(s) to connecting link, rigid; wire rope assembly, single leg; or clevis, rod end; to provide transmission of movement to other parts of the mechanism. see also bell crank. for manually operated items see lever, manual control.

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4730-33-107-6543 is a Boss Coupling

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