Lubrication Fitting

4730660107152 660107152 276201 HA7 LUBRICATI0NFITTINGS ADDED AT CONVERSION

A specifically designed item pressed or threaded into a lubrication passage, for the purpose of adapting a related coupler and/or grease gun, to dispense grease to a bearing, shaft and similar items. View more Lubrication Fitting

4730-66-010-7152 FITTING,LUBRICATION 4730660107152 660107152

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NSN Created on 1 Jan 1968
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January 2023
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4730-66-010-7152 FITTING,LUBRICATION 4730660107152 660107152 1/1
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4710-21-871-2546 4710218712546 218712546 is a straight, one piece metallic pipe in excess of 12 inches (304 mm) in length. it may have external or internal threads or may be unthreaded. for pipe having external threads 12 inches (304 mm) or less in length see nipple,pipe. for pipe having internal threads 12 inches (304 mm) or less in lenght see coupling,pipe.
4710-21-667-1778 4710216671778 216671778 is a straight, hollow product, welded or seamless, of round, square, or any other cross section and continuous periphery, which does not conform in cross sectional dimensions to recognized pipe standards, or those in tables 1 through 10, appendix c, fiig a004a. it is designed to convey fluids, gasses, and/or semisolids. it may be rolled into coils for ease in handling. for items designed to join a tube or tube fitting to another tube, pipe, or hose or fitting, see adapter (as modified); coupling (as modified); or nipple (as modified). excludes tube, bent (as modified); pipe, metallic; spacer, sleeve; metal bar (hollow); and items with fittings, except end protectors.

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