Rotary Compressor

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A positive displacement compressor designed to compress air or gas by means of rotating elements inclosed in a housing. The rotating elements may be classified as (1) Sliding Vane, which is a combination of longitudinal vanes and rotor, (2) Axial Screw, which consists of two or more symmetrically-formed helical rotors mounted on parallel shafts, (3) Two Impeller, which consists of mated lobed impellers, symmetrical in design synchronized by a pair of gears, (4) Liquid Piston, which is a rotor with shrouded vanes wherein water or other liquid is used as a sealing agent. It is designed to be driven by an independent power source such as an electric motor, gasoline or diesel engine, or the like. It does not include the prime mover, air storage tank, and the like. It may include various peripheral components such as drive pulley, unloader, and the like. View more Rotary Compressor

4310-14-520-8132 COMPRESSOR,ROTARY 4310145208132 145208132

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6515-01-381-1431 6515013811431 013811431 is an item designed for insertion through the urinary tract as far as the bladder to allow drainage, irrigation, observation, and application of medication. for items designed to drain the ureter, see catheter, ureteral. for items designed to be inserted through an incision or wound, see drain, surgical; and tube, (as modified).

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