Sleeve Bushing

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A tubular shaped unthreaded item with or without a flange at one end designed to be inserted into a hole to reduce the inside diameter of the hole and to protect the surrounding body structure from damage resulting from stress, strain, and/or vibration. The overall length must exceed 25 percent of the outside diameter or the shortest distance between peripheral flats of the body. Includes items which are divided into two or more segments which includes 180 degrees (3.141 radians) or less of the bearing periphery. For items made of rubber, see BUSHING, NONMETALLIC. See also BEARING, SLEEVE; BUSHING, TAPERED; SPACER, SLEEVE; INSULATOR, BUSHING; and BUSHING, ELECTRICAL CONDUCTOR. Excludes BUSHING, DRILL, JIG. View more Sleeve Bushing

3120-14-386-3131 BUSHING,SLEEVE 3120143863131 143863131

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NSN Created on 24 Aug 1983
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January 2023
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Aug 1983 5977-14-235-2825 Electrical Contact Brush 124041RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 6 1 Jan 1967 3120-14-386-3131

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