Needle Roller Bearing

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A single or multiple-row antifriction bearing used with or without inner or outer races characterized by relatively small size rollers usually not ranging above 0.250 inch (6.35mm) diameter and generally longer in length in relation to diameter. View more Needle Roller Bearing

3110-14-518-7333 BEARING,ROLLER,NEEDLE 3110145187333 145187333

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January 2023
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12 Apr 2000 4140-12-309-6609 Axial Fan Impeller 10426RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 9 | DAC: 3 13 Feb 1987 3110-14-518-7333
3040-01-384-6251 3040013846251 013846251 is a shaft having two or more different diameters (greater than 0.031 inches (0.79 millimeter)) along its length. it must have one or more of the following conditions: a specified surface finish designation in the range 1 to 125 microinches (0.025 to 3.2 micrometers) arithmetical average (aa), machined peripheral flat(s), circular groove(s), keyway(s), splines, threads, or holes. the ends and/or shoulders may be machined to accommodate bearings, couplings, and the like. it is not designed for use in aligning by fitting into corresponding holes of another item. for items used to support rotating members see axle(1), shouldered. for items not having any of the above conditions see pin, shoulder, headless. excludes shaft(1), straight; and axle(1), straight.
2815-12-384-6251 2815123846251 123846251 is a circular metal item specifically designed to be attached to the engine crankshaft. its primary function is to counteract variable torque and reduce the fluctuations of an internal combustion engine, during changes of speed. it may have a ring gear, cooling fan, permanent magnets, and/or the like. excludes engine crankshaft dampers.

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3110-14-518-7333 is a Needle Roller Bearing

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