Manual Control Lever

3040144453817 144453817 BLC234198

A rigid item of various shapes and cross-sections, specifically designed to manually actuate and/or regulate a variety of mechanisms. It usually has an integral handgrip, knob, or the like, or provisions for the mounting of the same. It may have accommodations for locking and/or positioning. The point of fulcrum may be an integral shaft perpendicular to the axis or a through hole to provide a definite means of securing, and usually has additional accommodation(s) for attachment of CONNECTING LINK,RIGID; WIRE ROPE ASSEMBLY,SINGLE LEG; and CLEVIS,ROD END; and the like. Excludes ARM (as modified); LEVER,REMOTE CONTROL; AND BELL CRANK. View more Manual Control Lever

3040-14-445-3817 LEVER,MANUAL CONTROL 3040144453817 144453817

Managed by France
NSN Created on 12 Feb 1991
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January 2023
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3040-14-445-3817 LEVER,MANUAL CONTROL 3040144453817 144453817
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3040-14-445-3817 is a Manual Control Lever

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France (ZF)
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BLC234198 F5316 - Giat Industries Centre De Tarbes Active

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