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Fluid Filter Element

2940000017717 000017717 PV1010L LP1000 3545

A replaceable device designed to remove solid particles from fluids ranging in density from heavy liquids to gases. The removal of particles is accomplished by porous material (metallic or non-metallic), stacked disks, wound wire, or the like, constructed so the fluid can flow through the device while the solid particles are retained. It may be designed to fit into a FILTER, FLUID (or similar cavity), or it may have an integral outer casing and mounting facilities and be designed to connect directly to an engine, compressor, or the like. The degree of removal of particles must be nominally rated at less than 50 microns or absolutely rated at less than 75 microns. Excludes FILTER ELEMENT, AIR CONDITIONING. See also STRAINER ELEMENT, SEDIMENT. View more Fluid Filter Element

2940-00-001-7717 FILTER ELEMENT,FLUID 2940000017717 000017717

Managed by United States
NSN Created on 29 Sep 1972
Data Last Changed
November 2023
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2940-00-001-7717 FILTER ELEMENT,FLUID 2940000017717 000017717 1/1
NSN 2940-00-001-7717 (Generic Image) 1/1

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2940-00-001-7717 Demil Restrictions 2940-00-001-7717


2940-00-001-7717 is a Fluid Filter Element that does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application. Demilitarization of this item has been confirmed and is not currently subject to changes. This item is considered a low risk when released from the control of the Department of Defense. The item may still be subject to the requirements of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This item is not suspected to be hazardous. The precious metals content of this item is unknown.

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