Electrical Engine Starter

2920420001707 420001707 AZE6517 24V 3,0KW Z9 11.131.485

An item consisting of an electric, direct current, motor and integral and associated components, primarily designed to crank an internal combustion engine, or a gas turbine engine until it starts operating under its own power. May include facilities for manual or mechanical actuation. Excludes MOTOR, ENGINE STARTER, ELECTRICAL; STARTER, MOTOR; STARTER, ENGINE (as modified); and SWITCH, ENGINE STARTER, ELECTRICAL. View more Electrical Engine Starter

2920-42-000-1707 STARTER,ENGINE,ELECTRICAL 2920420001707 420001707

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NSN Created on 9 May 2012
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January 2023
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-000-0798 Electrical Engine Starter AZE 2632 24V2.5KWZ9RNCC: 5 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3 4 Nov 2009 2920-42-000-1707
Supply Items Approved for CAGE 1036Q Page 1 of 1 2920-42-000-1707 Electrical Engine Starter AZE6517 24V
energize an internal combustion engine starter. https//www.nsnlookup.com /fsg-29/fsc-2920/si 2920-42-000-1707
Electrical Engine Starter 2920420001707 2920-42-000-1707 2920420001707 420001707 is an item consisting
2920-42-000-0797 2920420000797 420000797 is a generator primarily designed to be mounted on an internal combustion engine, and to be driven by the engine to keep the battery in a charged condition. may also supply current for the engine ignition system and/or electrical equipment which is connected to the battery circuit. includes alternating current generators designed for use with a rectifier. excludes the major generator of "generating sets". for generators specifically designed for aircraft use and not mounted on the engine, see generator, direct current.

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2920-42-000-1707 is a Electrical Engine Starter

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France (ZF)

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