Engine Accessory Generator

2920420000797 420000797 11.201.021 AAG 0702 14V30A

A generator primarily designed to be mounted on an internal combustion engine, and to be driven by the engine to keep the battery in a charged condition. May also supply current for the engine ignition system and/or electrical equipment which is connected to the battery circuit. Includes alternating current generators designed for use with a rectifier. Excludes the major generator of "GENERATING SETS". For generators specifically designed for aircraft use and not mounted on the engine, see GENERATOR, DIRECT CURRENT. View more Engine Accessory Generator

2920-42-000-0797 GENERATOR,ENGINE ACCESSORY 2920420000797 420000797

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January 2023
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AZE6517 24V 3,0KW Z9RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 111.131.485RNCC: 3 | RNVC: 2 | DAC: 3 9 May 2012 2920-42-000-0797
Stock Items From Supply Class 2920 Page 1 of 1 2920-42-000-0797 Engine Accessory Generator AAG 0702 14V30ARNCC
2920-42-000-0796 2920420000796 420000796 is an item having a moving plunger type core which travels parallel to the longitudinal axis of the coil(s), and which is primarily designed to perform the dual function of closing the circuit of a starter, engine, electrical and actuating the starter engaging mechanism. it must have provisions for attaching the mechanical linkage for actuating the engaging mechanism if the linkage is not included. may have provisions for manual actuation. without contacts this item is known as a solenoid, electrical. without provisions for attaching mechanical linkage this item is known as a relay, electromagnetic. see also switch, engine starter, electrical.
JavaScript in your web browser . 2920-14-463-6845Engine Accessory Generator2920144636845 144636845 11.201.021
2 DAC 5 AAG070214V30A F8661 - Mahle Letrika France (Replaced) Secondary Buy RNCC 5 RNVC 2 DAC 5 11.201.021
3120-14-461-2747 3120144612747 144612747 is a tubular shaped item with or without flange(s) designed to reduce friction and carry a kinetic load on the surface(s) parallel to the axis of the bore. it must have a visible or detectable means of lubrication or be self-lubricated. the over all length must exceed 25 percent of the outside diameter or the shortest distance between peripheral flats of the body, except for straight tubular (without flange or shoulder) items having a bearing surface(s) parallel to the axis of the bore only. includes items which are divided into two or more segments which include 180 degrees (3.141 radians) or less of the bearing periphery. see also bushing, sleeve; spacer, sleeve; and washer (as modified). excludes pin, hollow.

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2920-42-000-0797 is a Engine Accessory Generator

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