Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft - United Kingdom (UK)

Federal Supply Class (FSC): 2910

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 2910

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 29 Engine Accessories

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 29 Engine Accessories

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NSN Format for Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft
Codified by United Kingdom

Federal Supply Class

NATO Supply Class 2910 is a classification within NATO Supply Group 29, which is dedicated to Engine Accessories. Specifically, NATO Supply Class 2910 focuses on Engine Fuel System Components for Nonaircraft applications.

Engine Fuel System Components are essential parts of an engine's fuel delivery system. They are responsible for storing, filtering, and delivering fuel to the engine for combustion. These components ensure the proper functioning and efficiency of the engine's fuel system.

Nonaircraft applications refer to engine fuel system components that are used in vehicles other than aircraft. This can include components used in land-based vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and tanks, as well as marine vessels and other non-aircraft engines.

Examples of Engine Fuel System Components that fall under NATO Supply Class 2910 include fuel pumps, fuel injectors, fuel filters, fuel tanks, fuel lines, carburetors, and other related parts.

The purpose of NATO Supply Group 29 and its associated classes, such as NATO Supply Class 2910, is to provide a standardized classification system for military logistics and procurement purposes. This classification system helps ensure efficient supply chain management and facilitates the identification and procurement of specific engine accessories and components needed for military operations.

FSC 2910 Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft - United Kingdom (UK)
FSC 2910 Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft - United Kingdom (UK)

Includes Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Tanks; Components for all engines except Aircraft and Guided Missile Prime Moving.

Note-Unless specifically excluded, engine accessories for all vehicles, such as aircraft, motor vehicles, ships, tractors, and construction vehicles, as well as accessories for stationary engines, are classified in this Group.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 2910 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 2910

What is Federal Supply Class 2910?
FSC 2910 is the Federal Supply Class (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 2910) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 2910?
NSC 2910 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 2910 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 2910 in?
FSC 2910 is in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 29 which contains Engine Accessories.
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 2910 in?
NSC 2910 is in NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG) 29 which contains Engine Accessories.

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 2910 Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 2910

What is a Float Carburetor? 196 Items
A Float Carburetor (CARBURETOR,FLOAT) is a carburetor utilizing one or more floats to maintain a constant liquid level.
Parts Kit,Carburetor 26 Items
Parts Kit,Engine Fuel Pump 57 Items
What is an Engine Fuel Tank? 470 Items
An Engine Fuel Tank (TANK,FUEL,ENGINE) is a tank specifically designed to be installed as an integral part of an engine fuel system. Excludes TANK, FUEL, AIRCRAFT and TANK, LIQUID STORAGE, METAL.
What is a Cam Actuated Fuel Pump? 222 Items
A Cam Actuated Fuel Pump (PUMP,FUEL,CAM ACTUATED) is a device designed to transfer liquid fuel from a tank to a carburetor, or fuel injector metering and distribution pump of an internal combustion engine. Reciprocating motion of the diaphragm(s) is actuated through linkage from the engine camshaft. It may include a diaphragm actuated vacuum booster. Excludes electrical and rotor type engine fuel pumps.
What is a Fluid Filter Head? 31 Items
A Fluid Filter Head (HEAD,FLUID FILTER) is a component of a fluid filter designed to contain the inlet and/or outlet ports of the filter. It acts as a cover and attaches to the fluid filter body or mounts directly to an integral cavity in an engine, manifold, casing, or the like. The item may include relief, check, by-pass valves, and/or fluid filter element(s). It may have means for supporting the filter element(s), and means for mounting the filter. Excludes HEAD, SEDIMENT STRAINER and COVER, FLUID FILTER.
What is a Fluid Filter Body? 30 Items
A Fluid Filter Body (FILTER BODY,FLUID) is a component of a FILTER, FLUID designed to contain the FILTER ELEMENT, FLUID and attach to the HEAD, FLUID FILTER or the COVER, ACCESS. It may have inlet and/or outlet connections, means for mounting a drain plug(s), check, relief and or by-pass valves. Excludes BOWL, SEDIMENT.See also STRAINER BODY, SEDIMENT.
What is a Fluid Filter? 189 Items
A Fluid Filter (FILTER,FLUID) is a filter having inlet and outlet connections and designed to be connected in a pipe, tube or hose line. For spin-on, base-mounted filtering devices with integral outer casings, see FILTER ELEMENT, FLUID. Excludes AIR CONDITIONER.
What is a Fluid Filter Assembly? 11 Items
A Fluid Filter Assembly (FILTER ASSEMBLY,FLUID) is two or more FILTER, FLUID on a common mounting or mounted on each other. They may be separable and operate in series, parallel, or individually.
What is a Fluid Filter Element? 258 Items
A Fluid Filter Element (FILTER ELEMENT,FLUID) is a replaceable device designed to remove solid particles from fluids ranging in density from heavy liquids to gases. The removal of particles is accomplished by porous material (metallic or non-metallic), stacked disks, wound wire, or the like, constructed so the fluid can flow through the device while the solid particles are retained. It may be designed to fit into a FILTER, FLUID (or similar cavity), or it may have an integral outer casing and mounting facilities and be designed to connect directly to an engine, compressor, or the like. The degree of removal of particles must be nominally rated at less than 50 microns or absolutely rated at less than 75 microns. Excludes FILTER ELEMENT, AIR CONDITIONING. See also STRAINER ELEMENT, SEDIMENT.
What is an Electrical Fuel Pump? 141 Items
An Electrical Fuel Pump (PUMP,FUEL,ELECTRICAL) is an electrically actuated positive displacement device, which utilizes reciprocating or rotary motion to transfer fuel from a tank to a carburetor or fuel injector metering and distribution pump of an internal combustion engine. Excludes General Purpose Pumps.
What is a Sediment Bowl? 30 Items
A Sediment Bowl (BOWL,SEDIMENT) is a removable concave vessel designed as a component part of a carburetor, cam-actuated fuel pump, sediment strainer, water separator, and the like for collecting the sediment from a fluid. The item may have a pressure relief valve, drain plug, or drain valve. Excludes: Bowl (as modified); FILTER BODY, FLUID; AND STRAINER BODY, SEDIMENT.
What is a Fuel Injector Assembly? 301 Items
A Fuel Injector Assembly (INJECTOR ASSEMBLY,FUEL) is an item consisting of springs, o-rings, plungers and miscellaneous internal and external parts that provide atomized fuel at specific pressure(s) to engine combustion chambers. It may include NOZZLE, FUEL INJECTION.
What is a Carburetor Nozzle? 124 Items
A Carburetor Nozzle (NOZZLE,CARBURETOR) is an item generally of cylindrical shape with one or several bores which are designed to restrict the flow of fuel or air, respectively.
What is a Liquid Level Switch? 31 Items
A Liquid Level Switch (SWITCH,LIQUID LEVEL) is a switch which is actuated by a float or sensing device(s) to control liquid level and/or actuate visual or audible warning systems. It may include a relay controlled by the switch element. Excludes TRANSMITTER,LIQUID QUANTITY.
Spray Tip,Nozzle,Fuel Injector 182 Items
What is a Carburetor Assembly? 10 Items
A Carburetor Assembly is an item consisting of a CARBURETOR (1) (as modified) and other parts such as sensors, control units, and suction pipes which are required for mixture formation or for the control of the mixture composition, respectively.
What is a Fuel System Valve? 30 Items
A Fuel System Valve (VALVE,FUEL SYSTEM) is an item specifically designed to automatically/manually maintain outlet/inlet fuel.
What is a Special Shaped Actuator Valve Diaphragm? 12 Items
A Special Shaped Actuator Valve Diaphragm (DIAPHRAGM,ACTUATOR VALVE,SPECIAL SHAPED) is an item constructed of one or more layers of thin flexible material, either laminated or separated, designed to form a tight seal between the chambers of a valve, and to transmit pressure inducted motion to a valve disk either directly or through a mechanical linkage. The surface of the item must be formed or molded to have a beaded or rolled edge, ribs or any other raised surfaces. The item may contain bolt holes and/or center holes. Excludes DIAPHRA GM, VALVE, FLAT and GASKET.
What is a Fuel System Parts Kit? 12 Items
A Fuel System Parts Kit (PARTS KIT,FUEL SYSTEM) is a parts kit which contains such items as hoses, valves, connectors, bushings, clamps and accessories for the repair of a FUEL SYSTEM.
What is a Fuel Pump Hand Pump? 11 Items
A Fuel Pump Hand Pump (PUMP,HAND,FUEL PUMP) is an item generally designed to be screwed into the housing of a PUMP, FUEL, CAM ACTUATED. It is used to fill the injection system of a combustion engine during start-up or refilling of pipes, or to vent the injection system after maintenance.
What is a Carburetor Needle Valve? 17 Items
A Carburetor Needle Valve (NEEDLE VALVE,CARBURETOR) is associated items, comprising a slender rod or needle fitting into a conical seat, designed to restrict the flow of fuel into the float chamber of a carburetor when the desired level is reached. See also NEEDLE, CARBURETOR NEEDLE VALVE and SEAT VALVE. Excludes NEEDLE, TAPERED, CARBURETOR.
What is a Carburetor Tapered Needle? 20 Items
A Carburetor Tapered Needle (NEEDLE,TAPERED,CARBURETOR) is a small needle designed to operate in a cylindrical bore or jet to give increased aperture with a greater lift. For items which are a component part of a NEEDLE VALVE, CARBURETOR see NEEDLE, CARBURETOR NEEDLE VALVE.
What is a Fuel Pump Cover? 23 Items
A Fuel Pump Cover (COVER,FUEL PUMP) is a cover designed to cover the internal working parts of a PUMP, FUEL (as modified). It does not have inlet or outlet connections.
What is a Diesel Engine Governor Weight? 21 Items
A Diesel Engine Governor Weight (WEIGHT,GOVERNOR,DIESEL ENGINE) is a weight which operates by centrifugal force in opposition to a spring to regulate the fuel supply either directly, through a mechanical linkage, or indirectly, through a hydraulic pilot valve.
What is a Nonaircraft Fuel Injector Nozzle Spray Tip? 18 Items
A Nonaircraft Fuel Injector Nozzle Spray Tip (SPRAY TIP,NOZZLE,NONAIRCRAFT FUEL INJECTOR) is a device of various sizes with a varying number of precison drilled orifices in one end. It is designed to atomize a small quantity of accurately metered fuel into the combustion chamber of nonaircraft type engines.
What is a Carburetor Float? 31 Items
A Carburetor Float (FLOAT,CARBURETOR) is a hollow, airtight device used to actuate an inlet valve for regulating the level of a liquid fuel in the bowl of a CARBURETOR,FLOAT. Excludes FLOAT,VALVE.
Governor,Diesel Engine 19 Items
What is a Fuel Injection Nozzle? 70 Items
A Fuel Injection Nozzle (NOZZLE,FUEL INJECTION) is a spring loaded nozzle designed to meter and inject fuel at specific pressure(s) to engine fuel combustion chambers.
What is a Metering And Distributing Fuel Pump? 316 Items
A Metering And Distributing Fuel Pump (PUMP,FUEL,METERING AND DISTRIBUTING) is a device specifically designed to (1) increase the pressure of, (2) meter the amount of, (3) control the distribution of liquid fuel received directly or indirectly from the TANK, FUEL, ENGINE to the individual air inlet tubes or combustion chambers of gasoline or diesel engines.

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