Tube Assembly

2840008773820 008773820 429589

2840-00-877-3820 TUBE ASSEMBLY 2840008773820 008773820

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NSN Created on 1 Jan 1962
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January 2023
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2840-00-877-3820 TUBE ASSEMBLY 2840008773820 008773820 1/1
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5915-01-299-8157 5915012998157 012998157 is an item designed to suppress undesired (interfering) frequencies and have a minimal effect on the desired frequencies when inserted in an electrical power circuit. excludes items which consist of a single capacitor, inductor, resistor, or devices consisting of only two or more circuit elements of the same basic name. excludes filter, low pass and suppressor, ignition interference. for items designed to be inserted in a line which is primarily intended to carry high frequency waves modulated with signals, such as antenna lead-in, see filter, band suppression and filter, band pass. see also limiter, electrical noise.
JavaScript in your web browser . 5970-27-001-7782Bushing Insulator5970270017782 270017782 TM55-2925-216-429589
001-7782 Turkey (ZW) Approved Sources 5970-27-001-7782 Part NumberManufacturerStatusTM55-2925-216-429589

2840-00-877-3820 Demil Restrictions 2840-00-877-3820


2840-00-877-3820 is a Tube Assembly This item is a US Munitions List Item and must be mutilated to scrap. This item is not suspected to be hazardous. This item does not contain a precious metal.

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France (ZF01)
Effective Date:
1 Apr 1991

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2840-00-877-3820 Freight Data Freight Information 2840-00-877-3820

2840-00-877-3820 has freight characteristics.It has a National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) of 011790. A Sub NMFC of Z. It has a NMFC Description of AIRCRAFT PARTS NOI. 2840-00-877-3820 is rated as a variable freight class when transported by Less-Than Truckload (LTL) freight. It has a Uniform Freight Classification (UFC) number of 04720 which rates the freight between FCL and LCL. 2840-00-877-3820 has a variance between NMFC and UFC when transported by rail and the description should be consulted. It has a Water Commodity Code (WCC) of 671 for ocean manifesting and military sealift. 2840-00-877-3820 is not classified as a special type of cargo when transported by water. 2840-00-877-3820 is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84" in any dimension. It should be compatible with a standard 72" Aircraft Cargo Door when transported by air.