Miscellaneous Vehicular Components - Canada (CA)

Federal Supply Class (FSC): 2590

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 2590

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 25 Vehicular Equipment Components

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 25 Vehicular Equipment Components

Items Managed by Canada (CA) - NCB is 20 or 21

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NSN Format for Miscellaneous Vehicular Components
Codified by Canada

Federal Supply Class

NATO Supply Class 2590 is a classification for Miscellaneous Vehicular Components within NATO Supply Group 25, which is dedicated to Vehicular Equipment Components.

This supply class includes a wide range of components that are used in various types of vehicles. These components are essential for the proper functioning and maintenance of vehicles in military operations.

Some examples of the miscellaneous vehicular components included in this supply class are:

1. Brakes: This includes brake pads, brake drums, brake calipers, and other related components that are crucial for the vehicle's braking system.

2. Suspension Systems: This includes shock absorbers, springs, and other components that help in maintaining the stability and smoothness of the vehicle's ride.

3. Fuel Systems: This includes fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel tanks, and other components that are responsible for the storage and delivery of fuel to the vehicle's engine.

4. Electrical Systems: This includes batteries, alternators, starters, and other electrical components that are necessary for the vehicle's electrical system to function properly.

5. Cooling Systems: This includes radiators, water pumps, and other components that help in regulating the temperature of the vehicle's engine.

6. Exhaust Systems: This includes mufflers, exhaust pipes, and other components that are responsible for the proper discharge of exhaust gases from the vehicle's engine.

7. Steering Systems: This includes steering racks, tie rods, and other components that enable the driver to control the direction of the vehicle.

These are just a few examples of the miscellaneous vehicular components included in NATO Supply Class 2590. The class encompasses a wide range of components that are essential for the operation and maintenance of military vehicles.

FSC 2590 Miscellaneous Vehicular Components - Canada (CA)
FSC 2590 Miscellaneous Vehicular Components - Canada (CA)

Includes Attachments for Tanks, Self-propelled Weapons, and High Speed Tractors; A-frames and Winches specifically designed for truck mounting; Cranes and Crane Booms for Wrecker Trucks.

Note-The term "vehicular" as delimited for group 25, is applicable to those vehicles and tractors included in groups 23 and 24, construction vehicles included in group 38, and warehouse trucks, tractors, and trailers included in group 39. It does not apply to railway vehicles (group 22), aircraft (group 15), or watercraft (group 19). An item of supply which is a "vehicular" component, within the scope delimited above, is classified in this group regardless of whether it has additional applications on vehicles outside the delimitations for this group.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 2590 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 2590

What is Federal Supply Class 2590?
FSC 2590 is the Federal Supply Class (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 2590) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Miscellaneous Vehicular Components.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 2590?
NSC 2590 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 2590 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Miscellaneous Vehicular Components.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 2590 in?
FSC 2590 is in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 25 which contains Vehicular Equipment Components.
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 2590 in?
NSC 2590 is in NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG) 25 which contains Vehicular Equipment Components.

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 2590 Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 2590

What is a Metal Molding? 134 Items
A Metal Molding (MOLDING,METAL) is a shaped piece of metal having a plane or curved surface, either sunk or projecting, used for ornamental or other application.
What is a Push-Pull Control Assembly? 49 Items
A Push-Pull Control Assembly (CONTROL ASSEMBLY,PUSH-PULL) is a control consisting of a wire, wire rope, or a center load rail with ball bearings, within a flexible conduit. One end must have a threaded sleeve for mounting to a wall, bulkhead, or handle, or clevis. It is used to operate or control, either manually or mechanically a mechanical device. It may include such attaching devices as nut(s), washer(s), clevis, bracket(s), and/or the like. For items designed to transmit rotary motion, see SHAFT ASSEMBLY, FLEXIBLE.
Blade,Bulldozer,Earth Moving 11 Items
What is a Vehicle Mounting Drum Winch? 17 Items
A Vehicle Mounting Drum Winch (WINCH,DRUM,VEHICLE MOUNTING) is a power operated mechanical device designed to be mounted on a self-propelled vehicle and driven by the vehicle power take-off or an integral power unit. The device has a horizontally mounted revolvable drum(s) on the periphery of which the end of a rope, line, or chain is secured for exerting a raising, lowering, or pulling motion. The device may also contain a revolvable head(s) or spool(s) (gypsy head) around which one or more turns must be taken for exerting pulling power. See also WINCH, GYPSY. Excludes WINCH, DRUM, POWER OPERATED and WINCH, AIRCRAFT MOUNTED.
What is a Hydraulic System Oil Tank? 14 Items
A Hydraulic System Oil Tank (TANK,OIL,HYDRAULIC SYSTEM) is a fully inclosed tank used to hold the reserve hydraulic oil in hydraulic systems. It must have an opening for manual filling. Excludes hydraulic cylinders, TANK, PRESSURE and TANK, HYDRAULIC FLUID, AIRCRAFT.
What is a Cushioning Pad? 194 Items
A Cushioning Pad (PAD,CUSHIONING) is a pad of various shapes and cross sections, designed for mounting on vehicular panels, doors, hatches, bulkheads, racks, boxes, and the like, for the protection of personnel and equipment from injury and/or damage resulting from sudden stops, jarring, bumping, etc.
What is a Headlight Beam Selecting Switch? 20 Items
A Headlight Beam Selecting Switch (SWITCH,BEAM SELECTING,HEADLIGHT) is a switch actuated by an external plunger and designed to be mounted on a vehicle for the purpose of switching the headlights from high beam to low beam or vice versa. Excludes SWITCH, PUSH and SWITCH, FOOT.
What is a Plate Spacer? 12 Items
A Plate Spacer (SPACER,PLATE) is a flat metal or plastic item of various peripheral shapes having a solid (not laminated) cross-section. It is designed to maintain a predetermined distance between two surfaces. For round items without a hole having a solid rectangular cross-section use DISK, SOLID, PLAIN. For round or hexagonal items with only one hole centrally located and with the length (thickness) exceeding 25 percent of the outside diameter or distance across peripheral flats, see SPACER, SLEEVE. The thickness between the two parallel bearing surfaces must be 0.006 inch, (0.152 mm) or more for items less than 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) across the peripheral diameter, or smallest overall outside dimension, or must be 0.016 inch (0.406 mm) or more for items 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) or greater across the peripheral diameter or smallest overall outside dimension. For items with a thickness less than those indicated above, see SHIM. For items with one hole centrally located conforming to the above dimensional criteria use WASHER, FLAT or SPACER, RING as applicable. When thickness and/or outside diameter or smallest overall outside dimension is designated as a tolerance/dimension the maximum dimension will be used to determine compliance. Excludes GASKET&#59; INSULATOR (as modified) and MOUNTING PAD, ELECTRICAL-ELECTRONIC COMPONENT.
What is a Filler Opening Cap? 32 Items
A Filler Opening Cap (CAP,FILLER OPENING) is a part basically circular in shape, designed to cover or seal the filler-neck or inlet opening of a fuel tank, radiator, oil reservoir, liquid storage tank or the like. It may be either permanently attached to the object for which it is designed or provided with a means of removal and replacement. Excludes CAP, VENT, FUEL STORAGE TANK; and COVER (1), (as modified).
What is an Ammunition Stowage Rack? 24 Items
An Ammunition Stowage Rack (RACK,AMMUNITION STOWAGE) is an open frame structure for the stowage of ammunition, which may or may not contain subdivisions.
What is a Vehicular Equipment Components Modification Kit? 57 Items
A Vehicular Equipment Components Modification Kit (MODIFICATION KIT,VEHICULAR EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS) is an item or items employed individually or conjunctively to modify vehicular equipment components.
What is a Vehicular Components Bracket? 1581 Items
A Vehicular Components Bracket (BRACKET,VEHICULAR COMPONENTS) is a rigid item designed to suspend, support, retain and/or position vehicular component and/or attachment items. Do not use if a more specific item name exists.
What is a Control Cable Assembly? 28 Items
A Control Cable Assembly (CABLE ASSEMBLY,CONTROL) is an assembly of wire cables fitted to runners, guides, levers and the like to remotely operate controls.
What is a Spare Tire Retainer? 19 Items
A Spare Tire Retainer (RETAINER,SPARE TIRE) is an item/items, which may contain winching capabilities, designed to position and/or restrain movement of a WHEEL, PNEUMATIC TIRE.
What is a Vehicular Baggage Rack? 16 Items
A Vehicular Baggage Rack (RACK,BAGGAGE,VEHICULAR) is an open frame structure designed for transporting baggage and other objects. It is primarily mounted on the roof and/or exterior of a vehicle. Mounting hardware, a ladder, a handrail and facilities for securing the cargo during transport may be included.
What is a Platform-Rack Screen? 56 Items
A Platform-Rack Screen (SCREEN,PLATFORM-RACK) is an item made of framing uprights and cross-members with a lattice or mesh between them. It may be straight or curved to conform to the shape of a combat-vehicle turret and/or maintenance platform. In usage, it prevents cargo, tools and equipment and/or personnel from falling. Excludes FENCING, WIRE.
What is a Vehicular Components Cover? 100 Items
A Vehicular Components Cover (COVER,VEHICULAR COMPONENTS) is a usually flexible item designed to partly or completely cover vehicle components, vehicle attachments or vehicles and to protect them mainly against weather elements and dirt. It is generally adapted to the external dimensions of the item to be covered. Excludes TARPAULIN.
What is a Vehicular Small Arms Bracket? 62 Items
A Vehicular Small Arms Bracket (BRACKET,SMALL ARMS,VEHICULAR) is an item which retains a rifle, shotgun or the like in a vehicular cab, body or turret. It may be a component of a rack or cabinet. The weapon must be removed from its stowed position prior to usage. Excludes BRACKET (1), MOUNTING.
What is a Vehicle Mounted Cable Cutter? 36 Items
A Vehicle Mounted Cable Cutter (CUTTER,CABLE,VEHICLE MOUNTED) is a device specifically designed and mounted on the vehicle with various cutting blades to sever cables (wire rope) of the TIEDOWN, GUYWIRE, CONSTRUCTION type and the like. See also CUTTER, CABLE, AIRCRAFT MOUNTED.
What is an Automotive Trim Bezel? 10 Items
An Automotive Trim Bezel (BEZEL,AUTOMOTIVE TRIM) is a preformed shape of nonmetallic material and/or metal specifically designed to add a cosmetic appearance around a headlight, door lock, tailight, instrument cluster,, and the like. Excludes MOLDING, METAL; BEZEL, INSTRUMENT MOUNTING.
What is a Vehicular Components Filler Neck? 13 Items
A Vehicular Components Filler Neck (FILLER NECK,VEHICULAR COMPONENTS) is a metallic tubular item specificlly designed for directing the flow of a fluid, and must accommodate a CAP (as modified) or BREATHER on one end. The opposite end has provisions for mounting directly on, or indirectly through a pipe, tube, or hose to an engine crankcase, radiator, fuel tank, transmission housing, and the like. It may have means for overflow. For items which do not accommodate a BREATHER or CAP, see TUBE, PIPE or HOSE (as modified).
What is a Stabilizing Spade? 10 Items
A Stabilizing Spade (SPADE,STABILIZING) is a flat or concave blade to be mounted on vehicle for the purpose of leveling and stabilizing the vehicle chassis during maneuvers. The spade will incorporate manuel mechanical locking pins during travel mode. It is designed to be lifted or lowered with the use of hydraulics.

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