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Miscellaneous Vehicular Components

Federal Supply Class (FSC): 2590

NATO Supply Classification Class (NSC): 2590

Group Description: Vehicular Equipment Components

Federal Supply Group (FSG): 25

NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG): 25

FSC 2590 Miscellaneous Vehicular Components
FSC 2590 Miscellaneous Vehicular Components

Includes Attachments for Tanks, Self-propelled Weapons, and High Speed Tractors; A-frames and Winches specifically designed for truck mounting; Cranes and Crane Booms for Wrecker Trucks.

Note-The term "vehicular" as delimited for group 25, is applicable to those vehicles and tractors included in groups 23 and 24, construction vehicles included in group 38, and warehouse trucks, tractors, and trailers included in group 39. It does not apply to railway vehicles (group 22), aircraft (group 15), or watercraft (group 19). An item of supply which is a "vehicular" component, within the scope delimited above, is classified in this group regardless of whether it has additional applications on vehicles outside the delimitations for this group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Federal Supply Class 2590

What is Federal Supply Class 2590?
FSC 2590 is the Federal Supply Class (formally known as NATO Supply Classification Class NSC 2590) in the USA for supply items codified in the category of Miscellaneous Vehicular Components.
What is NATO Supply Classification Class 2590?
NSC 2590 is the NATO Supply Classification Class (also known as Federal Supply Class FSC 2590 in the USA) for supply items codified in the category of Miscellaneous Vehicular Components.
Which Federal Supply Group is FSC 2590 in?
FSC 2590 is in Federal Supply Group (FSG) 25 which contains .
Which NATO Supply Classification Group is NSC 2590 in?
NSC 2590 is in NATO Supply Classification Group (NSG) 25 which contains .

Supply Items Included in Federal Supply Class 2590

What is an Identification Plate? 477 Items
AnIdentification Plate(PLATE,IDENTIFICATION) is an item which is rigid or semi-rigid, generally flat and smooth designed to be attached to an item and provides data such as name/nomenclature, weight, tire pressure, dimensional data and the like. See also MARKER,IDENTIFICATION; PLATE,DESIGNATION; PLATE,INSTRUCTION; PLATE SET,IDENTIFICATION; and TAG,MARKER. Excludes LABEL.
What is a Reel Control? 53 Items
AReel Control(CONTROL,REEL) is a device which determines the mode of operation of a reel.
What is a Metal Molding? 1326 Items
AMetal Molding(MOLDING,METAL) is a shaped piece of metal having a plane or curved surface, either sunk or projecting, used for ornamental or other application.
What is a Tubeaxial Fan? 10 Items
ATubeaxial Fan(FAN,TUBEAXIAL) is a nonpositive displacement mechanical device without guide vanes and having an axial fan impeller inclosed within a tubular housing. It is designed primarily for duct installation to move air or gas axially over a wide range of volumes at medium pressures.
What is an Earth Moving Bulldozer? 14 Items
AnEarth Moving Bulldozer(BULLDOZER,EARTH MOVING) is a broad, horizontal, metal, pushing blade with framework and equipment for mounting on and parallel to the front of a motorized vehicle; used for ground clearing and earth moving.
What is a Crane Middle Boom Extension? 15 Items
ACrane Middle Boom Extension(BOOM EXTENSION,MIDDLE,CRANE) is a lattice-type metal structure with facilities designed for attaching to the center of a crane boom to increase its length.
What is a Crane Boom Jib? 17 Items
ACrane Boom Jib(BOOM JIB,CRANE) is a steel structure designed for attaching to the upper end of a crane boom, containing sheaves over which the lifting cables operate. Its primary function is to add to the stability and reach of the boom.
What is a Push-Pull Control Assembly? 3086 Items
APush-Pull Control Assembly(CONTROL ASSEMBLY,PUSH-PULL) is a control consisting of a wire, wire rope, or a center load rail with ball bearings, within a flexible conduit. One end must have a threaded sleeve for mounting to a wall, bulkhead, or handle, or clevis. It is used to operate or control, either manually or mechanically a mechanical device. It may include such attaching devices as nut(s), washer(s), clevis, bracket(s), and/or the like. For items designed to transmit rotary motion, see SHAFT ASSEMBLY, FLEXIBLE.
What is a Cable Reel Holder? 75 Items
ACable Reel Holder(HOLDER,CABLE REEL) is a holder specifically designed to accommodate and/or support one or more cable reels. Does not include reels. For items which include devices for cranking or in other ways controlling the rotation of the reel(s), see REELING MACHINE, CABLE (as modified).
What is a Cable Reel? 212 Items
ACable Reel(REEL,CABLE) is a reel designed to accommodate wire, cord and/or cable. Excludes REEL, SOUND RECORDING WIRE. See also REELING MACHINE, CABLE (as modified).
What is a Vehicle Mounting A-Frame? 37 Items
AVehicle Mounting A-Frame(A-FRAME,VEHICLE MOUNTING) is an A-shaped item designed to be mounted on a vehicle to act as a support and/or extension for lifting objects with a hoist or winch. Excludes GIN, POLE; DERRICK, STIFF LEG and BOOM (as modified).
What is an Immersion Type Electrical Heating Element? 144 Items
AnImmersion Type Electrical Heating Element(HEATING ELEMENT,ELECTRICAL,IMMERSION TYPE) is an electrical device in the form of a resistor consisting of a resistance wire, an insulating material, and a sheath. It is designed to transform electrical current into heat while immersed in a liquid to be heated or in contact with materials to be melted. It may include an automatic control to regulate the amount of heat generated.
What is a Roller Fairlead? 19 Items
ARoller Fairlead(FAIRLEAD,ROLLER) is an item consisting of a framework with rollers (exclude flanged) fitted therein, so mounted as to provide an opening through which lines are passed. It is used to provide protection from chafing when oblique pull may occur, and/or to change direction of lines.
What is a Crane Boom? 79 Items
ACrane Boom(BOOM,CRANE) is a metal structure, built as a single unit having a fixed length or composed of two or more units adjustable to various lengths, designed for attaching to a crane or crane-shovel basic unit, the top being fitted with one or more sheaves through which wire ropes are passed to raise or lower a hook, various types of buckets, grapples or other attachments in conjunction with the crane or crane-shovel basic unit when used in excavation or material handling operations.
What is a Double Ball Joint? 16 Items
ADouble Ball Joint(BALL JOINT,DOUBLE) is an assembly consisting of two (2) BALL JOINT. Excludes items specifically designed for vehicular steering and torsion application.
What is a Vehicle Mounting Drum Winch? 614 Items
AVehicle Mounting Drum Winch(WINCH,DRUM,VEHICLE MOUNTING) is a power operated mechanical device designed to be mounted on a self-propelled vehicle and driven by the vehicle power take-off or an integral power unit. The device has a horizontally mounted revolvable drum(s) on the periphery of which the end of a rope, line, or chain is secured for exerting a raising, lowering, or pulling motion. The device may also contain a revolvable head(s) or spool(s) (gypsy head) around which one or more turns must be taken for exerting pulling power. See also WINCH, GYPSY. Excludes WINCH, DRUM, POWER OPERATED and WINCH, AIRCRAFT MOUNTED.
What is a Semitrailer Retractable Support? 109 Items
ASemitrailer Retractable Support(SUPPORT,RETRACTABLE,SEMITRAILER) is an assembly usually having two adjustabel legs with wheels or shoes at their ends, designed to support the front of a semitrailer when disengaged from the towing vehicle or dolly. Excludes support and leveling jacks.
What is a Hydraulic System Oil Tank? 1245 Items
AHydraulic System Oil Tank(TANK,OIL,HYDRAULIC SYSTEM) is a fully inclosed tank used to hold the reserve hydraulic oil in hydraulic systems. It must have an opening for manual filling. Excludes hydraulic cylinders, TANK, PRESSURE and TANK, HYDRAULIC FLUID, AIRCRAFT.
What is a Vehicular Body Hydraulic Hoist Unit? 55 Items
AVehicular Body Hydraulic Hoist Unit(HOIST UNIT,HYDRAULIC,VEHICULAR BODY) is a mechanical device, consisting of a base frame and hydraulic cylinder(s), designed to be connected to the body, body lifting frame, or to a cam and roller assembly. It may include hydraulic pump(s) and controls. It is designed for rear and/or side tilting and/or raising of vehicle bodies to facilitate unloading and/or loading of cargo.
What is a Hydraulic System Fuse? 21 Items
AHydraulic System Fuse(FUSE,HYDRAULIC SYSTEM) is a valve-like safety device used on hydraulic lines to prevent loss of hydraulic fluid from the system when the lines are ruptured or fail for any reason.
What is a Hydraulic Accumulator? 320 Items
AHydraulic Accumulator(ACCUMULATOR,HYDRAULIC) is an accumulator in which liquids are stored under pressure for momentary energy in a hydraulic system. Excludes ACCUMULATOR, HYDRAULIC, SQUIB ACTUATED.
What is a Pneumatic Accumulator? 50 Items
APneumatic Accumulator(ACCUMULATOR,PNEUMATIC) is an accumulator in which gases are stored under pressure for momentary energy in a pneumatic system.
What is a Cushioning Pad? 3956 Items
ACushioning Pad(PAD,CUSHIONING) is a pad of various shapes and cross sections, designed for mounting on vehicular panels, doors, hatches, bulkheads, racks, boxes, and the like, for the protection of personnel and equipment from injury and/or damage resulting from sudden stops, jarring, bumping, etc.
What is a Semitrailer Retractable Support Leg? 243 Items
ASemitrailer Retractable Support Leg(LEG,SEMITRAILER RETRACTABLE SUPPORT) is a rigid metal item of various shapes and cross sections which may be a single member component of a SUPPORT, RETRACTABLE, SEMITRAILER. It may have a shoe, foot, wheel, or the like, attached at one end for a base. It must have facilities for direct or indirect mounting to a semitrailer.
What is a Nonrotating Shaft Eye Bracket? 52 Items
ANonrotating Shaft Eye Bracket(BRACKET,EYE,NONROTATING SHAFT) is a rigid metal item usually fabricated from steel castings and/or welded steel pieces and designed with one or more hole(s) in line to accompany and hold, align, or support a nonrotating mechanical shaft. It has mounting holes for fastening to a supporting member or main body. It may have provision to accommodate a pin or threaded fastener to hold the shaft in a fixed position.
What is a Rotating Shaft Eye Bracket? 45 Items
ARotating Shaft Eye Bracket(BRACKET,EYE,ROTATING SHAFT) is a rigid metal item usually fabricated from steel castings and/or welded steel pieces and designed with one or more hole(s) in line to accompany and hold, align, or support a mechanical shaft that rotates through an arc not to exceed 360 degrees (6.282 radians). It may have provision to accommodate a bushing or sleeve but usually it has a straight drilled shaft-support hole. Mounting holes are provided for attaching to a supporting member or main body. Excludes HOUSING, BEARING UNIT (as modified).
What is a Headlight Beam Selecting Switch? 152 Items
AHeadlight Beam Selecting Switch(SWITCH,BEAM SELECTING,HEADLIGHT) is a switch actuated by an external plunger and designed to be mounted on a vehicle for the purpose of switching the headlights from high beam to low beam or vice versa. Excludes SWITCH, PUSH and SWITCH, FOOT.
What is an Ammunition Rack Cover? 21 Items
AnAmmunition Rack Cover(COVER,AMMUNITION RACK) is a fabricated removable textile, leather, or plastic cover specifically designed to fully or partially inclose an ammunition rack for protection from damaging elements such as moisture, dust, and the like. It has means of securing to the equipment such as straps, tie lines, zipper fasteners, and the like. It may have openings or flaps and/or windows of transparent material. Excludes TARPAULIN.
What is a Winch Cover? 63 Items
AWinch Cover(COVER,WINCH) is a removable cover of various materials, designed to fully or partially inclose a winch for protection from damaging elements such as moisture and dust and for operational safety. It may have means of securing to the equipment such as straps, tie lines, zipper fasteners and the like. Excludes TARPAULIN.
What is a Dolly Retractable Support? 52 Items
ADolly Retractable Support(SUPPORT,RETRACTABLE,DOLLY) is an assembly usually having one or more adjustable legs with wheels, shoe skids, pads or the like at their ends for a base. It is designed for use as a stablizing device to support the front or both the front and the rear of a dolly when disengaged from the towing vehicle. Excludes SUPPORT, RETRACTABLE, SEMI-TRAILER and SUPPORT, RETRACTABLE, TRAILER.
What is a Dashpot? 51 Items
ADashpotis a device usually consisting of a piston and cylinder with means of securing one or both ends. It is used for cushioning or clamping a movement to avoid shock, absorb vibration,or for time delay, by the restricted passage of fluid (gas or liquid) through an orifice or around the piston.
What is a Plate Spacer? 105 Items
APlate Spacer(SPACER,PLATE) is a flat metal or plastic item of various peripheral shapes having a solid (not laminated) cross-section. It is designed to maintain a predetermined distance between two surfaces. For round items without a hole having a solid rectangular cross-section use DISK, SOLID, PLAIN. For round or hexagonal items with only one hole centrally located and with the length (thickness) exceeding 25 percent of the outside diameter or distance across peripheral flats, see SPACER, SLEEVE. The thickness between the two parallel bearing surfaces must be 0.006 inch, (0.152 mm) or more for items less than 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) across the peripheral diameter, or smallest overall outside dimension, or must be 0.016 inch (0.406 mm) or more for items 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) or greater across the peripheral diameter or smallest overall outside dimension. For items with a thickness less than those indicated above, see SHIM. For items with one hole centrally located conforming to the above dimensional criteria use WASHER, FLAT or SPACER, RING as applicable. When thickness and/or outside diameter or smallest overall outside dimension is designated as a tolerance/dimension the maximum dimension will be used to determine compliance. Excludes GASKET&#59; INSULATOR (as modified) and MOUNTING PAD, ELECTRICAL-ELECTRONIC COMPONENT.
What is a Hydraulic Accumulator Cylinder? 125 Items
AHydraulic Accumulator Cylinder(CYLINDER,HYDRAULIC ACCUMULATOR) is a cylinder designed to house a piston and other necessary component parts of a hydraulic accumulator.
What is a Linear Actuating Cylinder Assembly Parts Kit? 364 Items
ALinear Actuating Cylinder Assembly Parts Kit(PARTS KIT,LINEAR ACTUATING CYLINDER ASSEMBLY) is a collection of various o-rings, seals, sleeves, wear rings and gaskets to repair actuating cylinders. May include cylinder and mounting hardware.
What is a Hydraulic Accumulator Bladder? 26 Items
AHydraulic Accumulator Bladder(BLADDER,ACCUMULATOR,HYDRAULIC) is an item fabricated from a flexible material, to be used in conjunction with an ACCUMULATOR, HYDRAULIC for the purpose of alleviating line shock and to equalize and maintain a predetermined pressure. It may include an integrally molded valve.
What is an Access Cover? 633 Items
AnAccess Cover(COVER,ACCESS) is a rigid or flexible item of various shapes attached to a structure for the purpose of providing access for inspection, service, replacement of components and/or adjustments or mounting operations. It is designed to be attached by means of bolt holes, slots, mounting ears, tabs, and the like. To permit access, the mounted cover requires partial or complete removal. It may include an observation window. For items permanently attached by hinges and the like, see DOOR, ACCESS (as modified). Excludes all covers not specifically designed to provide access for the purposes listed above.
What is a Filler Opening Cap? 3072 Items
AFiller Opening Cap(CAP,FILLER OPENING) is a part basically circular in shape, designed to cover or seal the filler-neck or inlet opening of a fuel tank, radiator, oil reservoir, liquid storage tank or the like. It may be either permanently attached to the object for which it is designed or provided with a means of removal and replacement. Excludes CAP, VENT, FUEL STORAGE TANK; and COVER (1), (as modified).
What is a Horn Button Switch Parts Kit? 52 Items
AHorn Button Switch Parts Kit(PARTS KIT,HORN BUTTON SWITCH) is a parts kit used on the switch assembly of a HORN, FLUID OPERATED&#59; or a HORN, ELECTRICAL.
What is a Fluid Filter Element? 107 Items
AFluid Filter Element(FILTER ELEMENT,FLUID) is a replaceable device designed to remove solid particles from fluids ranging in density from heavy liquids to gases. The removal of particles is accomplished by porous material (metallic or non-metallic), stacked disks, wound wire, or the like, constructed so the fluid can flow through the device while the solid particles are retained. It may be designed to fit into a FILTER, FLUID (or similar cavity), or it may have an integral outer casing and mounting facilities and be designed to connect directly to an engine, compressor, or the like. The degree of removal of particles must be nominally rated at less than 50 microns or absolutely rated at less than 75 microns. Excludes FILTER ELEMENT, AIR CONDITIONING. See also STRAINER ELEMENT, SEDIMENT.
What is a Trailer Retractable Support? 292 Items
ATrailer Retractable Support(SUPPORT,RETRACTABLE,TRAILER) is an assembly usually having one or more adjustable legs with wheels or shoes at their ends, designed to support the front of a trailer when disengaged from the towing vehicle. Excludes support and leveling jacks.
What is a Mechanical Equipment Seal Replacement Parts Kit? 148 Items
AMechanical Equipment Seal Replacement Parts Kit(PARTS KIT,SEAL REPLACEMENT,MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT) is a parts kit consisting of numerous items. The kit may contain seals, gaskets, packing, and/or retainers for repairing mechanical equipment. Excludes kits including tools, collars, pins, sleeves and associated hardware. Excluds PARTS KIT (1), SEAL REPLACEMENT, ARTILLERY.
What is an Automotive Multifunction Control? 266 Items
AnAutomotive Multifunction Control(CONTROL,MULTIFUNCTION,AUTOMOTIVE) is an item which is normally mounted on the steering column below the steering wheel of a motor vehicle, that performs a variety of functions. The respective actuators are pressed, flipped, pushed, pulled, or rotated to control the operation of the directional signal light, headlamp flasher, high-low beam, wiper, washer, horn, and the like. It may have cable assemblies or single conductor cords that provide correction with the circuitry. Excludes CONTROL, DIRECTIONAL SIGNAL LIGHT, AUTOMOTIVE.
What is an Ammunition Stowage Rack? 469 Items
AnAmmunition Stowage Rack(RACK,AMMUNITION STOWAGE) is an open frame structure for the stowage of ammunition, which may or may not contain subdivisions.
What is a Mine Clearing Blade? 67 Items
AMine Clearing Blade(BLADE,MINE CLEARING) is consists of two independently, mechanically operated moldboards with scarifier teeth (tines) supported by skid shoes. Each blade is designed to be mounted on the front of a full-tracked, combat tank with the sole purpose of clearing antitank mines from within the track path. The bottom section of each moldboard has scarifier teeth welded permanently in place. The scarifier teeth dig into the ground and act as the cutting edge for the blade. The teeth cast the mines up into the moldboards which in turn throws them aside and away from the tank's track.
What is a Vehicular Hood Latch? 13 Items
AVehicular Hood Latch(LATCH,HOOD,VEHICULAR) is a rigid fastening device designed to engage an adjoining cavity or notched rest and is activated by spring pressure or the like to secure hood in locked or release position.
What is a Jack-Support Shoe? 371 Items
AJack-Support Shoe(SHOE,JACK-SUPPORT) is an item of various materials and shapes, designed to create, enhance, or secure a supporting surface of a JACK (as modified) or SUPPORT (as modified) and the like. It can be installed temporarily or permanently under the material to bear for some maintenance operations, lifting, handling and the like.
What is a Structural Channel? 77 Items
AStructural Channel(CHANNEL,STRUCTURAL) is a structural shape fabricated from a ferrous or nonferrous material and has a flange extending usually at right angles in the same direction from each edge of a web and/or resembling the letter U in cross-sectional form.
What is a Push-Pull Control Assembly Parts Kit? 10 Items
APush-Pull Control Assembly Parts Kit(PARTS KIT,PUSH-PULL CONTROL ASSEMBLY) is a parts kit used to repair a CONTROL ASSEMBLY, PUSH-PULL.
What is a Hydraulic Manifold Assembly? 99 Items
AHydraulic Manifold Assembly(MANIFOLD ASSEMBLY,HYDRAULIC) is a hydraulic system component designed to distribute fluids between components such as accumulators, restrictors, valves, filters and the like. It includes some or all of the above components.
What is a Gear Pump-Motor Hydraulic Housing? 40 Items
AGear Pump-Motor Hydraulic Housing(HOUSING,HYDRAULIC,GEAR PUMP-MOTOR) is a complete housing unit designed to cover and or protect gear pump and motors.
What is a Hydraulic Winch Brake Valve Assembly? 34 Items
AHydraulic Winch Brake Valve Assembly(BRAKE VALVE ASSEMBLY,HYDRAULIC WINCH) is provide directional control of brake system pressure. They also provide the operator with a pedal feel proportional to brake system pressure. These valves are designed for use with vehicles that are equipped with other hydraulic power devices.
What is a Lift Blade Arm Assembly? 171 Items
ALift Blade Arm Assembly(ARM ASSEMBLY,LIFT BLADE) is a metallic item of different design configurations with fastening devices on both ends. One end is mounted on the vehicle. The other end is designed for accomodation of attachments such as a lift blade. Excludes BOOM JIB, CRANE.
What is a Vehicular Equipment Components Modification Kit? 1021 Items
AVehicular Equipment Components Modification Kit(MODIFICATION KIT,VEHICULAR EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS) is an item or items employed individually or conjunctively to modify vehicular equipment components.
What is a Hook Block Assembly Plate? 50 Items
AHook Block Assembly Plate(PLATE,HOOK BLOCK ASSEMBLY) is an item specifically designed to encase/protect a pulley and component parts. It may include mounting facilities.
What is a Vehicular Components Bracket? 37934 Items
AVehicular Components Bracket(BRACKET,VEHICULAR COMPONENTS) is a rigid item designed to suspend, support, retain and/or position vehicular component and/or attachment items. Do not use if a more specific item name exists.
What is a Mounting Plate? 644 Items
AMounting Plate(PLATE,MOUNTING) is a metallic or nonmetallic item which is rigid, flat and generally smooth. Its thickness is small in comparison to its length and width. It is designed for mounting another item and may have drilled or threaded holes or other facilities for mounting to a supporting object or surface. See SUPPORT, as modified. Do not use if a more specific name applies.
What is a Control Cable Assembly? 839 Items
AControl Cable Assembly(CABLE ASSEMBLY,CONTROL) is an assembly of wire cables fitted to runners, guides, levers and the like to remotely operate controls.
What is a Mine Clearing Supplementary Equipment? 53 Items
AMine Clearing Supplementary Equipment(SUPPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT,MINE CLEARING) is a collection of items such as mineclearing equipment, armor plates and any other protective devices designed to enhance the operational capabilities of a vehicle.
What is a Spare Tire Retainer? 385 Items
ASpare Tire Retainer(RETAINER,SPARE TIRE) is an item/items, which may contain winching capabilities, designed to position and/or restrain movement of a WHEEL, PNEUMATIC TIRE.
What is a Vehicular Baggage Rack? 371 Items
AVehicular Baggage Rack(RACK,BAGGAGE,VEHICULAR) is an open frame structure designed for transporting baggage and other objects. It is primarily mounted on the roof and/or exterior of a vehicle. Mounting hardware, a ladder, a handrail and facilities for securing the cargo during transport may be included.
What is a Vehicular Baggage Rack Crossrail? 23 Items
AVehicular Baggage Rack Crossrail(CROSSRAIL,BAGGAGE RACK,VEHICULAR) is an item forming an intefral part of a RACK, BAGGAGE, VEHICULAR.
What is a Vehicular Camouflage Net Stacker? 53 Items
AVehicular Camouflage Net Stacker(STACKER,CAMOUFLAGE NET,VEHICULAR) is an item designed for stowing a NET, CAMOUFLAGE, FIBER; CAMOUFLAGE SCREENING SYSTEM or similar item. It is predominantly affixed to the outside of the vehicle and can be of different shapes.
What is a Jack Support Shoe Inner Leg? 45 Items
AJack Support Shoe Inner Leg(LEG,INNER,SHOE,JACK SUPPORT) is a rigid metal item enclosing the inner gear mechanism and components that comprise the leg of the SHOE, JACK SUPPORT, covered by an outer housing.
What is an Ammunition Rack Adapter? 15 Items
AnAmmunition Rack Adapter(ADAPTER,AMMUNITION RACK) is an item which alters the shape of internal compartments in an ammunition rack so that shells may be stored/transported with less risk of damage due to vibration.
What is a Vehicular Components Bracket Parts Kit? 241 Items
AVehicular Components Bracket Parts Kit(PARTS KIT,BRACKET,VEHICULAR COMPONENTS) is a parts kit used for the repair or replacement of the worn or damaged parts of a BRACKET, VEHICULAR COMPONENTS.
What is a Platform-Rack Screen? 100 Items
APlatform-Rack Screen(SCREEN,PLATFORM-RACK) is an item made of framing uprights and cross-members with a lattice or mesh between them. It may be straight or curved to conform to the shape of a combat-vehicle turret and/or maintenance platform. In usage, it prevents cargo, tools and equipment and/or personnel from falling. Excludes FENCING, WIRE.
What is a Deep Fording Air Duct? 50 Items
ADeep Fording Air Duct(AIR DUCT,DEEP FORDING) is a turret-like waterproof superstructure of an armored vehicle ensuring the inlet of combustion air to the engine and the ventilation of the interior space during deep fording. It may be mounted over an access hatch and be passable for personnel or be mounted to the inlet duct. Accessories such as gaskets, mounting parts, conductors, and telephone cables may be included.
What is a Deep Fording Air Duct Section? 53 Items
ADeep Fording Air Duct Section(AIR DUCT SECTION,DEEP FORDING) is an item which together with other items forms an AIR DUCT, DEEP FORDING.
What is a Vehicular Blade Lock? 23 Items
AVehicular Blade Lock(LOCK,BLADE,VEHICULAR) is a multisectional assembly which may be actuated hydraulically or mechanically. It is designed to secure a BLADE (1) (as modified) and to relieve the hydraulic system while the vehicle is in motion or in a resting position. The item is mounted on the vehicle and accommodate the locking mechanism on the BLADE (1) (as modified).
What is a Vehicular Components Cover? 5703 Items
AVehicular Components Cover(COVER,VEHICULAR COMPONENTS) is a usually flexible item designed to partly or completely cover vehicle components, vehicle attachments or vehicles and to protect them mainly against weather elements and dirt. It is generally adapted to the external dimensions of the item to be covered. Excludes TARPAULIN.
What is a Vehicular Small Arms Bracket? 906 Items
AVehicular Small Arms Bracket(BRACKET,SMALL ARMS,VEHICULAR) is an item which retains a rifle, shotgun or the like in a vehicular cab, body or turret. It may be a component of a rack or cabinet. The weapon must be removed from its stowed position prior to usage. Excludes BRACKET (1), MOUNTING.
What is a Vehicular Warning Assembly? 36 Items
AVehicular Warning Assembly(WARNING ASSEMBLY,VEHICULAR) is an acoustic and/or optical warning device installed in a vehicle. It is designed to detect, by means of ultrasonic sensors, obstacles during maneuvering and/or forward driving and to indicate them to the driver via alarm signals.
What is a Full Tracked Combat Engineer Vehicle Backhoe Boom? 11 Items
What is a Vehicular Air Intake Closure Assembly? 16 Items
AVehicular Air Intake Closure Assembly(CLOSURE ASSEMBLY,AIR INTAKE,VEHICULAR) is a device with clasp designed to automatically close vehicular air vents during submerged travel or when crossing contaminated areas.
What is a Winch Drum? 63 Items
AWinch Drum(DRUM,WINCH) is a cylindrical item which accommodates and secures, on the periphery, a rope, line, chain, or the like, and is used on a WINCH, DRUM POWER OPERATED or WINCH, DRUM, HAND OPERATED. Excludes DRUM, WINCH, AIRCRAFT.
What is a Vehicular Loading Latch Assembly? 95 Items
AVehicular Loading Latch Assembly(LATCH ASSEMBLY,VEHICULAR LOADING) is a rigid fastening device designed to secure the vehicular loading, in particular pallets, containers, boats and the like.
What is a Retractable Support Brace? 68 Items
ARetractable Support Brace(BRACE,RETRACTABLE SUPPORT) is a rigid item made of metal designed to connect or reinforce a SUPPORT, RETRACTABLE (as modified). The item is equipped with attachment fitting. Excludes TUBE, STRUCTURAL.
What is a Vehicle Mounted Cable Cutter? 133 Items
AVehicle Mounted Cable Cutter(CUTTER,CABLE,VEHICLE MOUNTED) is a device specifically designed and mounted on the vehicle with various cutting blades to sever cables (wire rope) of the TIEDOWN, GUYWIRE, CONSTRUCTION type and the like. See also CUTTER, CABLE, AIRCRAFT MOUNTED.
What is a Dolly Retractable Support Body? 20 Items
ADolly Retractable Support Body(BODY,SUPPORT,RETRACTABLE,DOLLY) is the upper part of a SUPPORT, RETRACTABLE, DOLLY which is designed to accomodate an adjustable leg.
What is an Automotive Trim Bezel? 880 Items
AnAutomotive Trim Bezel(BEZEL,AUTOMOTIVE TRIM) is a preformed shape of nonmetallic material and/or metal specifically designed to add a cosmetic appearance around a headlight, door lock, tailight, instrument cluster,, and the like. Excludes MOLDING, METAL; BEZEL, INSTRUMENT MOUNTING.
What is a Vehicular Hood Catch? 74 Items
AVehicular Hood Catch(CATCH,HOOD,VEHICULAR) is a locking device of a spring loaded barrel or cylinder. One end has a handle with a claw, hook, loop or the like, and the opposite end is designed for a plate or bracket for mounting.
What is a Combat Identification Panel? 297 Items
ACombat Identification Panel(PANEL,IDENTIFICATION,COMBAT) is an item specifically designed to be attached to a combat/tactical vehicle.It is color coded to assist in the visual identification of the vehicle on the battlefield as a friendly unit.
What is a Vehicular Winch Drum? 53 Items
AVehicular Winch Drum(DRUM,WINCH,VEHICULAR) is a cylindrical item which accommodates and secures, on the periphery, a rope, line, chain, or the like, and is used on a WINCH, DRUM, VEHICLE MOUNTING.
What is a Vehicular Components Filler Neck? 932 Items
AVehicular Components Filler Neck(FILLER NECK,VEHICULAR COMPONENTS) is a metallic tubular item specificlly designed for directing the flow of a fluid, and must accommodate a CAP (as modified) or BREATHER on one end. The opposite end has provisions for mounting directly on, or indirectly through a pipe, tube, or hose to an engine crankcase, radiator, fuel tank, transmission housing, and the like. It may have means for overflow. For items which do not accommodate a BREATHER or CAP, see TUBE, PIPE or HOSE (as modified).
What is an Amphibious Vehicle Breakwater? 15 Items
AnAmphibious Vehicle Breakwater(BREAKWATER,AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE) is an item primarily made of metal, designed to break the waves during water crossing. It may be hinged and/or include mounting hardware.
What is an Utility Access Door? 46 Items
AnUtility Access Door(DOOR,ACCESS,UTILITY) is a rigid item of various shapes permanently attached to a structure, designed to provide access for inspection, service, replacement of components and/or adjustments. It is designed to be attached by means of hinges or similar devices. It may include self-closing features and have a quick release or other type latching to permit access with a minimum of effort. It may include an observation window. Excludes COVER, ACCESS and DOOR, ACCESS, WEAPON SYSTEM.
What is a Crane Inner Boom Section? 29 Items
ACrane Inner Boom Section(BOOM SECTION,INNER,CRANE) is the inner or base section of a BOOM, CRANE which is attached to the crane base, or turntable. The lower portion of a two-piece BOOM, CRANE.
What is a Crane Outer Boom Section? 30 Items
ACrane Outer Boom Section(BOOM SECTION,OUTER,CRANE) is the outer or top section of a BOOM, CRANE which may be fitted with one or more sheaves through which wire ropes are passed to raise or lower a hook, various types of buckets, grapples or other attachments. The upper portion of a two piece BOOM, CRANE.
What is a Trailer Platform Hold-Down Hook? 30 Items
ATrailer Platform Hold-Down Hook(HOOK,HOLD-DOWN,TRAILER PLATFORM) is a flat metallic item with a hole at one end which serves as a pivot, and a notch at the other end which engages a pin, bar, eye, or the like. It is designed to hold a spring mounted trailer platform in a fixed position in relation to the trailer frame by immobilizing the spring action.
What is a Hull Drain Poppet Valve Seat? 26 Items
AHull Drain Poppet Valve Seat(SEAT,HULL DRAIN POPPET VALVE) is a device which acts as a stem guide and provides a seating surface for a VALVE, POPPET, HULL DRAIN.
What is a Hull Drain Poppet Valve? 119 Items
AHull Drain Poppet Valve(VALVE,POPPET,HULL DRAIN) is a mushroom or tulip-shaped item having an extended stem which is specifically designed to permit drainage of a vehicle hull. It is manually operated either directly or through a series of linkage for remote control. It may have rubber vulcanized on the seating surface for positive sealing.
What is a Hull Drain Poppet Valve Assembly? 33 Items
AHull Drain Poppet Valve Assembly(VALVE ASSEMBLY,POPPET,HULL DRAIN) is a VALVE, POPPET, HULL DRAIN complete with SEAT, HULL DRAIN POPPET VALVE, and spring or the like. Excludes linkage for remote control.
What is a Branched Wiring Harness? 976 Items
ABranched Wiring Harness(WIRING HARNESS,BRANCHED) is an item conforming to the definition of WIRING HARNESS with branches (forks). See also CABLE ASSEMBLY, SPECIAL PURPOSE, ELECTRICAL, BRANCHED, Excludes LEAD ASSEMBLY, ELECTRICAL; and LEAD, TEST.
What is an Accumulator Cap? 34 Items
AnAccumulator Cap(CAP,ACCUMULATOR) is a cap having inlet and/or outlet ports. It is designed to mate with the end(s) of a hydraulic or pneumatic accumulator cylinder.
What is a Hydraulic Fluid Tank Piston Rod? 16 Items
AHydraulic Fluid Tank Piston Rod(ROD,PISTON,HYDRAULIC FLUID TANK) is a basically cylindrical item designed to mate with the piston(s) of a hydraulic fluid tank.
What is a Stabilizing Spade? 32 Items
AStabilizing Spade(SPADE,STABILIZING) is a flat or concave blade to be mounted on vehicle for the purpose of leveling and stabilizing the vehicle chassis during maneuvers. The spade will incorporate manuel mechanical locking pins during travel mode. It is designed to be lifted or lowered with the use of hydraulics.
What is a Vehicular Cable And Conduit Assembly? 155 Items
AVehicular Cable And Conduit Assembly(CABLE AND CONDUIT ASSEMBLY,VEHICULAR) is an item designed for brake, clutch, gear change or other function in motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, heavy duty construction equipment or recreation vehicles. The item consists of two or more strands of wire or wire rope, laid or twisted together within a flexible conduit. It may be insulated with an outside wrapping to resist corrosion, be furnished with clip(s), cable guide(s), pin(s), spring(s), or the like and fitted with end fittings which may be threaded, loop, button, or eye. Excludes CONTROL ASSEMBLY, PUSH-PULL.
What is a Specialized Parts Kit? 80 Items
ASpecialized Parts Kit(PARTS KIT,SPECIALIZED) is use of this name is restricted to the support of DLA's kitting project.
What is a Vehicular Equipment Components Installation Kit? 218 Items
AVehicular Equipment Components Installation Kit(INSTALLATION KIT,VEHICULAR EQUIPMENT COMPONENTS) is a collection of small parts, necessary for the installation of vehicular components. It may include items such as hoses, gaskets, clamps, bolts, instruction sheets, and the like. Does not apply to parts kits used for repair.
What is a Projectile Defense Netting Frame Assembly? 81 Items
AProjectile Defense Netting Frame Assembly(FRAME ASSEMBLY,NETTING,PROJECTILE DEFENSE) is a rigid item of various shapes, designed for mounting on a vehicle body, door or the like to accommodate a NETTING SECTION,PROJECTILE DEFENSE. It is used to protect the vehicle and personnel from Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) and the like. Excludes NETTING KIT,PROJECTILE DEFENSE&#59; NETTING SECTION,PROJECTILE DEFENSE.
What is a Vehicular Step Assembly? 137 Items
AVehicular Step Assembly(STEP ASSEMBLY,VEHICULAR) is a single item designed to be mounted on the exterior of a vehicle for ascending or descending.
What is a Vehicular Stowage Shelf? 152 Items
AVehicular Stowage Shelf(SHELF,STOWAGE,VEHICULAR) is a metallic or nonmetallic item which is rigid, flat and generally smooth. Its thickness is small in comparison to its length and width. It is designed for additional storage of equipment, supplies and other items.
What is a Vehicular Protective Shield? 75 Items
AVehicular Protective Shield(SHIELD,PROTECTIVE,VEHICULAR) is a shield designed to protect the outside or inside of a vehicle. May be slotted or solid. Includes flash protection.
What is a Standing Platform Service Kit? 11 Items
AStanding Platform Service Kit(SERVICE KIT,PLATFORM,STANDING) is a truck mounted item designed to provide a safe working platform for overhead installation, inspection, maintenance, repair or construction operations. A small floored area (working platform) is mounted interior or exterior of a vehicle, which may be mounted on articulated booms allowing rotation in any horizontal plane within the limits of the supporting equipment.
What is a Vehicular Propshaft Hardware Kit? 13 Items
AVehicular Propshaft Hardware Kit(HARDWARE KIT,PROPSHAFT,VEHICULAR) is a collection of common hardware items, such as nuts, bolts, and washers,designed to replace damaged or worn parts.
What is a Processing Unit Mounting Assembly? 21 Items
AProcessing Unit Mounting Assembly(MOUNTING ASSEMBLY,PROCESSING UNIT) is a composition of various items designed to hold and mount prcessor units in vehicles and ships&#59; may be mounted to the floor or wall.
What is a Combat Identification Panel Kit? 73 Items
ACombat Identification Panel Kit(PANEL KIT,IDENTIFICATION,COMBAT) is a collection of items that includes thermal panels, aluminum panels with thermal tape, infrared beacons, and the like, and mounting equipment that attach to a combat/tactical vehicle to aid in identification of the vehicle as friendly. Allows ground-to-ground and air-to ground identification. Excludes BATTLEBOARD KIT, IDENTIFICATION, VEHICLE MOUNTING.
What is a Handrail? 156 Items
AHandrailis an item which can be supported by balusters or attached to a wall, partition, and the like.It can be used as a guard and/or to be grasped by the hand as a support.
What is a Section Housing Panel? 35 Items
ASection Housing Panel(PANEL,HOUSING,SECTION) is an item of any shape and material designed to mate with other sections to form a complete housing unit. May have louvers or vents to allow passage of airflow.
What is a Vehicular Stowage Rack? 29 Items
AVehicular Stowage Rack(RACK,STOWAGE,VEHICULAR) is a preformed or assembled rack of any material designed to store additional items of various sizes. May include shelves or spindles.
What is a Vehicular Footrest Parts Kit? 10 Items
AVehicular Footrest Parts Kit(PARTS KIT,FOOTREST,VEHICULAR) is a kit composed of various items to repair and or replace footrests in vehicles.

Stock Items From Supply Class 2590

2590-27-044-4711    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-8205    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-351-0787    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-99-796-8344    PARTS KIT/HYDRAULIC
2590-99-579-7988    REWORK KIT,INPUT/OU
2590-27-051-4640    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0804    TAKVIYE/DESTEK,ARAC
2590-27-029-9137    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6088    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0661    RACCORDO NIPPLO 1/2
2590-15-134-0673    RACCORDO NIPPLO 1/2
2590-27-007-8555    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-7629    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-022-0287    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-479-6561    KIT BATTERY/ANTENNA
2590-27-058-6169    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-413-8712    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-37-557-1032    HANDLE ASSY-DR I/S
2590-17-118-5683    HOSES LIFT/TILT CYL
2590-27-054-0725    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0797    TAKVIYE/DESTEK,ARAC
2590-14-373-6954    CHASSIS/TIROIR,FONC
2590-27-035-5722    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-050-9771    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-048-1729    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8561    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-429-8892    FREIN,VERIN,S/ENSEM
2590-14-363-1064    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-14-433-3341    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-15-134-0660    RACCORDO NIPPLO 3/8
2590-27-021-0716    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0144    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-363-1037    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-058-6083    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-25-136-4437    FORING M/HYLSE
2590-14-403-3378    CHASSIS/TIROIR,FONC
2590-27-021-0143    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-577-3822    LINK REAR L/H
2590-27-055-3559    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-4706    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6163    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-532-0186    CAPOT/HOUSSE,TREUIL
2590-99-495-5932    HINGE,L/H
2590-27-024-2994    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6149    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-047-5583    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-048-8629    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-0170    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-048-0939    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0335    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8556    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-034-9151    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-1873    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-048-8644    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-25-150-5657    GF/CES EQUIPMENT
2590-15-134-0663    RONDELLA RAME 3/4
2590-14-464-2992    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-051-6732    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-374-0474    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-040-7004    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6159    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-2510    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6158    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-37-114-3991    WINCH ASSY W/W CAB
2590-27-058-6164    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-579-8137    KIT BATTERY/ANTENNA
2590-27-047-8199    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-050-7402    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0145    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-781-6334    ROD/THROTTLE CONTRO
2590-27-050-9772    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-939-3388    MOTOR ELECTRIC/PUMP
2590-27-050-9770    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-312-0860    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-055-3537    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-042-0234    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0659    RACCORDO NIPPLO 3/4
2590-27-016-8288    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-373-6955    CHASSIS/TIROIR,FONC
2590-27-007-8579    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-8423    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-024-4492    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-016-8287    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-25-150-6192    RADIO/INTERCOM MTD
2590-27-021-0137    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-050-7285    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-047-1767    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-022-0288    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-433-3340    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-053-3886    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-2078    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-050-7405    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-373-1978    SIEGE, ROBINET/VANN
2590-27-058-6076    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8564    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-25-137-7837    STAALTAUHJUL M/HYLS
2590-15-216-0304    NIPPLES 3/4'
2590-15-134-0665    RACCORDO A T 3/8
2590-27-017-7414    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0721    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0799    TAKVIYE/DESTEK,ARAC
2590-27-055-3560    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0754    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6172    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-3536    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-8646    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8152    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0722    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0656    RACCORDO NIPPLO 1/2
2590-27-021-6947    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-8200    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-7633    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-042-0237    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-17-118-5682    HOSES LIFT/TILT CYL
2590-27-053-9624    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6086    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-053-9686    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-028-2499    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8147    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-026-9087    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6082    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-261-5406    COVER PLATE,INPUT/O
2590-25-150-5914    MANIFOLD/TANK
2590-15-133-7524    SFERA 3/16
2590-99-789-8285    INSERT/FLANGED
2590-17-118-5686    HOSES LIFT/TILT CYL
2590-27-048-0860    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-053-9626    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0718    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-25-150-5681    WEBASTO A2/100
2590-27-054-0796    TAKVIYE/DESTEK,ARAC
2590-27-042-0231    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6157    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-3153    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-164-2681    GOMMA PEDALE FRENO/
2590-27-053-9680    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-396-5837    BROCH. 1OBRAS/EMBAS
2590-66-157-6264    AMBULANCE MODULE A/
2590-14-410-6407    INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
2590-27-007-8145    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8566    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6156    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-517-4996    VEHICLE FIRE/OVERHE
2590-27-044-7513    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-01-503-5691    WHEEL,IMPELLER,AAV RAM/RS
2590-99-838-3220    PLUG FILLER/LEVEL
2590-27-048-3272    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0183    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0671    RONDELLA RAME 3/4
2590-99-756-7505    HINGE,R/H
2590-27-021-0723    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0669    RACCORDO FORATO 1/2
2590-27-040-7014    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-7507    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-22-119-6189    BESLAG:MG,M/62
2590-27-052-3854    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-207-2017    FILTRO LF-1/8-D MIN
2590-27-058-8870    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0010    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-0167    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-2076    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-164-2685    TIR.SBLOCC.CAB.190/
2590-14-373-2098    CHASSIS/TIROIR,FONC
2590-27-029-9136    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-164-2506    TROMBA ARIA COMP.C/
2590-27-042-0232    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-413-8714    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-058-6170    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-050-7269    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-3156    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-016-8172    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6078    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-996-2136    CAPPING/SEAL ARRANG
2590-27-044-3154    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0675    RACCORDO NIPPLO 3/4
2590-15-134-0657    RACCORDO TAPPO 3/4
2590-17-118-5680    HOSES LIFT/TILT CYL
2590-27-016-8286    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-043-8428    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6079    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-048-6219    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-7511    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-016-8173    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8574    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-6091    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-125-8544    TUBO FLESSIBILE 1/4
2590-27-034-9160    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0672    RONDELLA 1/4 (RAME)
2590-27-007-8576    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-363-1051    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-14-433-5508    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-99-502-2608    BLADE/LINK ASSEMBLY
2590-27-021-0720    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0139    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-125-8540    TUBO FLESSIBILE 1/4
2590-14-532-0206    CAPOT/HOUSSE,TREUIL
2590-27-007-8141    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0012    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-049-3093    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0717    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-17-118-5679    HOSES LIFT/TILT CYL
2590-27-058-6085    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-083-6827    LOCKWHEEL(ELEV/TRAV
2590-27-044-7615    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0670    RACCORDO NIPPLO 1/4
2590-99-845-5117    BLADE/LINK ASSEMBLY
2590-27-051-7154    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-3157    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-384-4141    STOP/RUN LEVER
2590-27-040-7016    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0825    TAKVIYE/DESTEK,ARAC
2590-27-048-0937    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0138    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6154    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-5856    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-053-9691    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-8198    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-37-557-0499    BRAKET ASSY P/B LEV
2590-27-050-7401    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-374-0607    CHASSIS/TIROIR,FONC
2590-27-044-7627    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-549-3120    NUT/GASKET
2590-27-047-8758    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-042-0227    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-9866    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-420-4707    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-020-7139    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-028-2495    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-047-5584    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-5461    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0141    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6152    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0803    TAKVIYE/DESTEK,ARAC
2590-27-047-8849    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-9868    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6077    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0674    RACCORDO TAPPO 3/8
2590-27-017-1755    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-049-3390    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0755    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-029-9135    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-17-118-5681    HOSES LIFT/TILT CYL
2590-27-017-1754    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-125-8543    TUBO FLESSIBILE 1/4
2590-15-134-0666    RACCORDO NIPPLO 3/4
2590-27-007-8572    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0801    TAKVIYE/DESTEK,ARAC
2590-27-021-0140    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-047-8206    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-042-0235    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8143    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-028-5206    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-164-2603    TAPPO 1/2' TM 8
2590-27-058-6171    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-396-5836    BROCH. 2O/1O BRAS
2590-27-058-6155    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8578    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-413-8713    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-37-517-9814    CRANE Z-60/34
2590-27-028-2493    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-2524    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6151    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-363-1050    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-007-8580    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8577    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0719    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-025-0778    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-047-8204    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0334    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-6687    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6160    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-9823    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-25-150-7589    YOKE,BATTERY/BRAKE
2590-27-054-0013    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6080    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-5923    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-549-2784    DIM/DIP UNIT
2590-14-549-4903    CAPOT/HOUSSE,TREUIL
2590-15-125-8542    TUBO FLESSIBILE 1/4
2590-27-055-5463    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0182    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-055-8206    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-048-4877    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0184    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-8111    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-016-8289    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-034-9157    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8581    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-148-1397    CONDENSER/DRYER ASS
2590-27-007-8144    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-37-557-0072    MANUAL DRAIN VV 3/4
2590-27-055-6092    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8142    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6162    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-430-1706    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-032-2254    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-363-1063    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-058-6089    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-040-7000    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6166    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-1872    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-049-3389    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-324-3131    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-042-0302    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-25-146-7464    SPYLERTANK,M/MOTOR
2590-27-054-6684    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8146    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-051-7166    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-767-8406    SHAFT/STRAIGHT
2590-27-048-6329    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-430-1711    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-048-0859    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8557    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6087    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-050-9769    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-047-8208    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-8869    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-37-557-1033    HANDLE ASSY-DR I/S(
2590-27-044-3152    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0331    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-9826    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6153    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-22-119-6190    FENCE:MG M/62
2590-14-502-2028    TOURELLE,OBSER/CHAR
2590-27-048-1141    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-048-0934    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-028-2487    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-438-4064    INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
2590-27-053-9636    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8568    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-047-8201    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-047-1765    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-601-8088    TRIGGER/CUTTER
2590-27-020-7138    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-053-9679    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-044-7630    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-326-9379    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-044-5920    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-974-0067    BODY MOUNTING/FLAT-
2590-25-137-5149    HOLDER,OEKS/SPADE
2590-15-125-8541    TUBO FLESSIBILE 1/4
2590-27-048-0861    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6148    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6081    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-053-9693    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-363-1038    PORTE DE VISITE/ACC
2590-27-058-6165    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-99-761-1103    VALVE,INFLATION/DEF
2590-27-043-8426    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8573    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8154    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-042-0229    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8562    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6090    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6168    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-058-6167    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-373-2099    CHASSIS/TIROIR,FONC
2590-27-047-8197    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-028-2497    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-050-7403    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-423-8903    INTERRUPTEUR/COMMUT
2590-27-055-0179    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-042-0300    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-15-134-0668    RACCORDO 3/8
2590-27-051-2454    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-048-0858    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-054-0795    TAKVIYE/DESTEK,ARAC
2590-27-042-0301    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0715    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-021-0142    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-007-8148    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-14-447-0996    CAPOT/HOUSSE,TREUIL
2590-27-021-0146    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-27-053-9632    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-25-150-6005    RADIO/INTERCOM
2590-27-048-8630    PERVAZ/CITA, METAL
2590-00-010-3794    BRACKET THROTTLE LINKAGE
2590-00-008-7242    CAP,FILLER OPENING
2590-01-671-2530    DASHPOT
2590-01-154-1394    PARTS KIT,WINCH
2590-01-592-7671    PLATE,SHEAR MOUNT,V-HULL
2590-01-155-3646    CONTROL ASSEMBLY,PUSH-PULL
2590-01-567-7415    SKIRT BAR
2590-01-568-6493    SUPPORT,MARKER LIGH
2590-01-575-6985    CAP,FILLER OPENING
2590-01-564-5331    CONTROL ASSEMBLY,PUSH-PULL
2590-01-565-7676    PAD,CUSHIONING
2590-01-647-8842    PLATE,MOUNTING
2590-00-008-6069    PAD,FRICTION,SIDE
2590-01-099-1473    CAP,FILLER OPENING
2590-01-111-4060    CONTROL ASSEMBLY,PUSH-PULL
2590-00-823-5584    SOCKET BASE,SPADE
2590-01-084-6012    SWITCH AND LEADS AS
2590-01-078-0805    ARM ASSEMBLY,LEVEL
2590-01-072-8155    PAD,CUSHIONING
2590-01-609-4575    WIRING HARNESS,BRANCHED
2590-01-605-2541    WIRING HARNESS,BRANCHED
2590-01-571-6563    RACK,AMMUNITION STOWAGE
2590-01-568-5970    PAD,CUSHIONING
2590-00-999-2011    CAP,FILLER OPENING
2590-01-568-6403    MP-PLATE,DCM
2590-01-601-0818    GUNNER SLING SEAT
2590-01-555-4899    REAR CVR LT
2590-01-567-0282    EXTENSION,FRONT FEN
2590-01-495-6964    PAD,CUSHIONING
2590-01-511-5292    CAP,FILLER OPENING
2590-01-526-6085    PAD,CUSHIONING
2590-01-196-8021    CONTROL ASSEMBLY,PUSH-PULL
2590-01-179-7527    BRACKET,VALVE INBOA
2590-01-556-5710    SPACER AXIS
2590-01-556-6225    LENS,INSTR CLUSTER,
2590-01-525-4645    SHELF SUBASSY,LWR-M
2590-01-537-4612    RACK,AMMUNITION STOWAGE
2590-01-167-9246    PAD,CUSHIONING
2590-01-180-2806    FILTER ELEMENT,FLUID
2590-01-567-8236    DOOR,HATCH,VEHICLE
2590-01-184-0559    BEZEL,AUTOMOTIVE TRIM
2590-01-480-8732    PANEL,DROPSIDE,20FT
2590-01-614-7434    HANDRAIL,VEHICULAR
2590-01-646-5719    PLATE,MOUNTING
2590-01-656-1220    STEP ASSEMBLY,VEHICULAR
2590-01-660-5134    COVER,ACCESS
2590-01-326-5322    CONTROL ASSEMBLY,PUSH-PULL
2590-00-491-6856    VEHICLE JACK
2590-01-169-4983    BEZEL,AUTOMOTIVE TRIM
2590-01-267-6007    ARM ASSEMBLY,LIFT BLADE
2590-01-588-1673    HOLD DOWN ASSEMBLY,CABLE
2590-01-622-9531    HOOD,ENGINE COMPARTMENT
2590-01-677-3930    COVER,ACCESS
2590-01-692-1427    COVER,ACCESS