Dump Truck

2320661351321 661351321 FSR650SHORT ADDED AT CONVERSION 8EC02-321 8EJ02-321

A truck with an open top metal body mounted on a chassis or articulated unit having an integral front panel which may include a cab protector. The metal side panels may be hinged or fitted into grooves which restrict the loss of fine materials, such as sand, gravel, or the like and may have provisions for the attachment of solid side extensions. It may have either a hinged type tailgate with or without a chute opening or a sloped back. It must have a manual or power operated body tilting mechanism to facilitate discharge of its load by gravity. The rear wheels may be powered by a chain, an electric, hydraulic, and/or air motor(s), or conventional drive. Excludes TRUCK, CARGO; TRUCK, FLATBED; TRUCK, STAKE; and TRUCK, VAN. View more Dump Truck

2320-66-135-1321 TRUCK,DUMP 2320661351321 661351321

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NSN Created on 31 Jul 1991
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January 2023
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