Articulated Telescope

1240121406970 121406970 1224-101 532008-0000.000 TZF-1A 532008

A telescope which is affixed to a weapon to provide viewing parallel to the direction of the gun bore line. It is designed with a rigidly held eyepiece and with movable sectional tubes connected by geared joints. The angles of reflective optical elements adjust automatically to provide a line of sight through the telescope as the gun tube is elevated or depressed. View more Articulated Telescope

1240-12-140-6970 TELESCOPE,ARTICULATED 1240121406970 121406970

Managed by Germany
NSN Created on 30 May 1969
Data Last Changed
September 2023
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1240-12-140-6970 TELESCOPE,ARTICULATED 1240121406970 121406970 1/1
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