TM-9-2350-247-20-3 Unit Maintenance Manual Volume 3 M548A1 M548A3 Tracked Cargo Carrier Download

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TM 9-2350-247-20-3 TECHNICAL MANUAL UNIT MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR CARRIER, CARGO TRACKED, 6–TON M548A1 2350–01–096–9356 (EIC AEU) M548A3 2350–01–369–6081 (EIC AE9) S U P E R S E D U R E N O T I C E — T his man ual su persedes T M 9–2 350–247 –20-3 da ted A ugu st 1994, includin g all changes. D ISTRIBUTION STAT EMENT A Appro ved for public release ; distrib utio n is unlimited. HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY 30 June 2001 M548A1 M548A3