TB-9-2350-277-40&P-2 M121 M1064A3 Crew Modification Kit Volume 2 Download

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TB 9-2350-277-40&P-2 EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION – Continued 0002 00 0002 00-3 KEY NOMENCLATURE FUNCTION 1 Remote Control Unit (RCU)/Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Assembly Supports the RCU and PDA cradle. The PDA cradle provides hands-free operation of the PDA while the operator is in the vehicle. It can also be used for charging the PDA main battery and the PDA internal memory battery. Power is provided via the vehicle power cable. 2 Global Positioning System (GPS) Kit with Mounting Assembly Provides an exterior bracket that will work with or without an antenna installed. 3 CREW II Primary Unit Mounting Assembly Supports primary unit located on the right side sponson just back from the commander’s station. 4 Antenna Riser Assembly Provides the CREW II antenna with the height needed to maximize coverage during operations. 5 Power Harness Used to provide power to the vehicle cradle from the vehicle power source. It contains a 5-amp in-line circuit breaker. The circuit breaker provides over current protection to the PDA. If the circuit breaker trips due to over current condition, the circuit breaker can be reset. 6 RCU Cable Main interface cable between CREW II Primary Unit located mid-way back on right side sponson and the RCU. 7 Tactical PDA Cable Used to connect the PDA interface cable to the RCU. This cable is used when the PDA is being operated in the PDA (vehicle) cradle or in the desktop cradle. 8 GPS Cable Provides GPS positioning data from the GPS sensor to the CREW II Primary Unit.