TB-9-2350-277-40&P-2 M121 M1064A3 Crew Modification Kit Volume 2 Download

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TB 9-2350-277-40&P-2 INTRODUCTION – Continued 0001 00 0001 00-4 14. Tools and Equipment. a. Commonly-used tools and equipment having application to sustainment maintenance, in general, furnished by the maintenance activity/contractor. See WP 0012 00. b. Special tools: See WP 0012 00. c. Fabricated tools: See WP 0013 00. 15. Recording and reporting of the installation. a. Reporting requirements. Refer to AR-750-10/DA Pamphlet 750-8. b. Marking equipment. Remove existing part number 12369630 and replace with 12498099 on reworked cover, engine compartment. 16. Material change (MC) number. Not applicable. END OF WORK PACKAGE