TB-9-2350-277-40&P-2 M121 M1064A3 Crew Modification Kit Volume 2 Download

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TB 9-2350-277-40&P-2 INTRODUCTION – Continued 0001 00 0001 00-3 e. Parts disposition. Parts removed and not reinstalled are considered excess for TB application. Excess parts listed in Table 3 should be discarded IAW AR 725-50 or local salvage regulations. Table 3. Excess Parts to be Discarded QTY. NOMENCLATURE PART NUMBER CAGE NSN 4 Screw, Cap, Hexagon H B1821BH025C175N 80204 5305-00-071-2510 4 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex M45913/1-4CG5C 81349 5310-00-088-1251 2 Screw, Cap, Hexagon H B1821BH025C100N 80204 5305-00-225-3843 2 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex MS51922-1 96906 5310-00-088-1251 1 Screw, Cap, Hexagon H B1821BH038C100N 80204 5305-00-068-0510 1 Nut, Self-Locking, Hex M45913/1-6CG5C 81349 5310-00-087-4652 1 Bracket, Angle 12369628 19207 5340-01-332-1520 2 Screw, Cap, Hexagon H B1821BH038C150N 80204 5305-00-725-2317 2 Washer, Flat 10910174-16 19200 5310-00-987-1294 2 Screw, Cap, Hexagon H B1821BH031F100N 80204 5305-00-051-4076 4 Washer, Lock MS45904-72 96906 5310-00-889-2527 2 Nut, Plain Hexagon MS35690-522 96906 5310-00-582-5615 8. Special tools, tool kits, jigs, test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment (TMDE); and fixtures required. Installation requires common hand and power tools (wrenches, drill, etc.) furnished by the maintenance shop/contractor. No special TMDE, jigs, or fixtures are required. 9. Expendable/durable items list. See WP 0014 00. 10. Calibration requirements. No calibration is required. 11. Weight and balance data. Weight and balance are not affected. 12. Facilities. No special facilities are required. No welding is required. 13. Inspection requirements. a. Prior to kit installation, inspect all mounting provisions for signs of fatigue failure, cracking, and loose or missing attaching hardware. The Crew II kit cannot be installed until certain hull mounting provisions have been completed. See WP 0005 00 for hull preparation procedures. b. Ensure all kit parts are available prior to installation. See WP 0015 00 for a list of kit parts. Inspect all kit parts for signs of cracking or distortion of the supports and brackets, damaged cables, and missing hardware. c. After kit installation, ensure all kit components are mounted securely. Inspect the new cables to ensure they are securely clamped and tied to the existing cables and are not going to be pinched or damaged during carrier operation.