TB-9-2350-277-40&P-2 M121 M1064A3 Crew Modification Kit Volume 2 Download

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TB 9-2350-277-40&P-2 INTRODUCTION 0001 00 0001 00-1 PURPOSE The purpose of this technical bulletin (TB) is to provide instructions and guidance on the method of modifying the M113A3 Armored Personnel Carrier for Crew II. It further provides instruction on the installation of the Crew II modification kit P/N 12498026. The Crew II modification kit provides mounting for the next generation of improvised explosive device (IED) jammers. The modular Crew II “plug and play” design, allows the main line replaceable unit (LRU), FRF105C dual antenna, and the remote control unit (RCU) to be utilized by any Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT) vehicle. The M113A3 location was chosen to provide the least impact on mission requirements, for example the commander’s cupola with .50 cal must rotate 360°; however, care must be taken when operating any weapons towards the right rear as the antenna is fixed in that position. GENERAL 1. Priority. This bulletin is classified NORMAL. 2. End item(s) to be modified. This TB applies to the M113A3, Armored Personnel Carrier, 2350- 01-219-7577, P/N 8750170. 3. Module(s) (components, assemblies, subassemblies, boards, and cards) to be modified. Not applicable. 4. Parts to be modified. Vehicle Hull and Engine Compartment Cover (P/N 12369630) will be reworked. 5. Application. a. Time compliance schedule. Not applicable. b. Lowest level of maintenance authorized to apply this modification. The lowest level of maintenance authorized to perform installation described by this TB is Sustainment. c. Work force and man-hour requirements for application of the modification to a single unit, end item, or system. A mechanic and helper require approximately 4 man-hours to install. d. Modifications to be applied to or concurrently with the application of this kit. Not applicable. e. Additional information deemed necessary to assist in the application of this modification. Kit application will be concurrent with other depot overhaul/conversion programs, as applicable. 6. Technical publications affected/changed. The installation will be supported by TM 9-2350-277 series technical manuals with the upcoming Change 6.