TB-9-2350-277-40&P-2 M121 M1064A3 Crew Modification Kit Volume 2 Download

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TB 9-2350-277-40&P-2 iv HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL The safest, easiest, and best way to use and maintain Crew II is to use this bulletin. Learning to use this bulletin is as easy as reading it. Knowing what is in this bulletin and how to use it will save you time. Becoming familiar with the work, procedures, and cautions will help you in your job and reduce your exposure to unnecessary hazards. WHERE DO YOU START This bulletin is divided into chapters and front and rear matter. The chapters are further divided into Work Packages (WPs) for ease of use. Go to the area within the manual that covers what you are to do and follow the instructions. Be sure to read and follow the WARNINGs, CAUTIONs, and NOTEs. HOW THIS BULLETIN IS ORGANIZED The WARNING SUMMARY section provides safety and first aid information. This section includes a list of the most important warnings extracted from the WPs. All of these warnings cover hazards that could kill or injure personnel. The TABLE OF CONTENTS lists the WPs in each Chapter. CHAPTER 1 covers general information. CHAPTER 2 covers maintenance instructions. CHAPTER 3 contains repair parts and special tools list information. CHAPTER 4 contains supporting information, such as lists of references, tools, expendable/durable items, etc. The INDEX is an alphabetical listing of all the WPs in this manual. Each entry is cross-referenced to the WP number and page number. The DA FORM 2028 is used to report errors and to recommend improvements for procedures in this bulletin. Three blank DA Form 2028s are in the back of this bulletin. The back cover includes a METRIC CONVERSION CHART that can be used to convert U.S. customary measurements to their metric equivalents. Measurements in this manual are given in U.S. customary unit with metric units in parentheses. HOW TO USE THE WORK PACKAGES Pick a key word and look in the INDEX for this key word. Turn to the WP and page indicated. How to Read the WP WPs provide either descriptive/supporting information or detailed procedures for repair. Pay attention to all WARNINGs, CAUTIONs, and NOTEs. These can appear in all types of procedures. They help you avoid harm to yourself, other personnel, and equipment. They also tell you things you should know about the procedure.