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LO-9-2350-266-12 Lubrication Order for M981 Armored Fire Support Download

LO-9-2350-266-12 Lubrication Order for M981 Armored Fire SupportLUBRICATION ORDERLO 9-2350-266-1219 March 1990Supersedes LO 9-2350-266-12, dated 10 April 85.CARRIER, PERSONNEL, FULL TRACKED,ARMORED FIRE SUPPORT,M981 (NSN2350-01-085-3792)References: TM 9-2350-266-10, TM 9-2350-266-20, TM 9-2350-261-20, TB 43-0210, and CL9100SLIntervals (on-condition or hard time) and therelated man-hour times are based on normaloperation. The man-hour time specified is thetime you need to do all the services pre-scribed for a particular interval. Hard timeintervals will be indicated by one of thefollowing symbols as appropriate: Daily (D),Weekly (W), Monthly (M), Semiannually (S),and Annually (A). On-Condition (OC) oil sam-ple intervals shall be applied unless changedby the Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP)laboratory. Change the hard time interval ifyour lubricants are contaminated or if you areoperating the equipment under adverse oper-ating conditions, including longer-than-usualoperating hours. The hard time interval maybe extended during periods of low activity. Ifextended, adequate preservation precautionsmust be taken. Hard time intervals will beapplied in the event AOAP laboratory sup-port is not available. Clean fittings beforelubricating. Clean parts with dry cleaningsolvent P-D-680. Dry before lubricating. Dot-ted arrow points indicate lubrication on bothsides of the equipment.LEVEL OF MAINTENANCE.The lowestlevel of maintenance authorized to lubricate apoint is indicated by one of the followingsymbols as appropriate: Operator/Crew (C)and Unit Maintenance (O).REPORTING ERRORS AND RECOMMENDINGIMPROVEMENTS.You can help improvethis manual. If you find any mistakes or if youknow of a way to improve the procedures,please let us know. Mail your letter or DAForm 2028 (Recommended Changes to Pub-hcations and Blank forms) direct to: Com-mander, US Army Tank-Automotive Com-mand, ATTN: AMSTA-MB, Warren, Ml48397-5000. A reply will be furnished toyou.WARNINGDry cleaning solvent is toxic andflammable. Death or injury mayresult. To avoid death or injury,do the following:Wear protective goggles andgloves and use only in wellventilated area. Avoid breathingvapors.Avoid using near open flame orexcessive heat (flash point is100-138°F or 38-50°C).If you become dizzy while usingsolvent, get fresh air immediate-ly and get medical aid.If contact with eyes is made,wash your eyes with water andget medical aid immediately.NOTEPark carrier on level ground tocheck oil levels. Check/lubricateall oil and grease fitting pointsafter washing or fording.ARMY OIL ANALYSIS PROGRAM (AOAP).AOAP is an effective maintenance diagnostictool and not a maintenance substitute. TB43-0210 must not be interpreted to meanAOAP minimizes, in any way, the need toemploy good maintenance practices andstrong maintenance disciplines.Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.Card 1 of 51/(52 blank)