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LO-9-2350-247-12 Lubrication Order for M548A1 M548A3 M1015A1 Download

LO-9-2350-247-12 Lubrication Order for M548A1 M548A3 M1015A1LUBRICATION ORDERLO 9-2350-247-128 JULY 1994(Supersedes LO 9-2350-247-12, March 1982)CARRIER, CARGO TRACKED, 6-TON: M548A1-2350-01-096-9356CARRIER, CARGO, TRACKED, 6-TON: M548A3-2350-01-369-6081CARRIER, ELECTRONIC WARFARE SYSTEMS, TRACKED, 6-TON:M1015A1-2350-01-136-8745Reference: TM 9-2350-247-10, TM 9-2350-247-20, IL 91OOSL, TB 43-0106, TM 9-2300-422-23 & P, FM 9-207REPORTING OF ERRORSYou can improve this publication by calling attention to errors, recommending improvements and by stating yourreasons for the recommendations. Your letter or DA Form 2028, Recommended Changes to Publications andBlank Forms, should be mailed directly to Commander, U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command, ATTN:AMSTA-MB, Warren, MI 48397-5000. A reply will be furnished directly to you.Lubrication intervals, other than the AOAP On-Condi-and M548A3 carriers use approved OE/HDO type oiltion (OC) symbol, will be indicated by one of the(see Temperature Key Charts for required oils). Forfollowing symbols: Before operation (B), Daily (D), Af-specific data, see applicable pages in this Lubricationter (AF), Weekly (W), Monthly (M), 1,500 miles (2400Order.km), Semi-annually (S), or Annually (AN). Additionally,the “either-or” clause may be utilized to reflect hardOn drawings, arrows indicate lubrication points ontime intervals where AOAP is not required or notequipment.available (i.e., “1,500 miles or semi-annually”, “6000WARNINGmiles or annually”, etc).Dry cleaning solvent PD-680 is toxic and flam-mable. Death or injury may result. Always use in anOn-condition (OC) AOAP Laboratory determined oilopen area with good air flow, away from sparks,change intervals shall be applied instead of hard timeheat, or flames. Wear protective goggles and gloves.intervals such as hourly, calendar, or mileage, unlessDo not breathe vapors. Avoid contact with skin,otherwise notified. The services will be required wheneyes, and clothes. If you get dizzy while usingdirected by an Army Oil Analysis Program (AOAP)solvent, breathe fresh air and get medical help. IfLaboratory which has analyzed the oil for serviceability.solvent gets on hands, wash them. If solvent getsin eyes, flush eyes with fresh water and get medicalThe lowest level of maintenance authorized to lubricatehelp immediately. Keep fire extinguisher nearby.a point is indicated by one of the following symbols asappropriate: Operator/Crew (C) or Unit MaintenanceNOTE(O).Park carrier on level ground to check oil levels.Clean fittings with dry cleaning solvent (PD-680,Oil filled components such as engine, transmission,Type III, or equivalent). Dry before lubricating.Check/lubricate all oil and grease fitting pointsfinal drives, and fan gear box on the M548A1/M1015A1after washing or fording.Approved for public release: distribution is unlimited.Card 1 of 40