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MWO-9-2320-280-35-1 HMMWV Dual Service Parking Brake Download

MWO-9-2320-280-35-1 HMMWV Dual Service Parking BrakeNORMALMWO effective date is 1 OCTOBER 1991 and completion date is 30 SEPTEMBER 1995MWO 9-2320-280-35-1MODIFICATION WORK ORDERMODIFICATION OF 1-1/4 TON VEHICLESM998 SERIESNOMENCLATURENSNTruck, Utility, 1-1/4 Ton, 4x4:Cargo/Troop CarrierCargc/Troop Carrier, W/WinchTOW Carrier, ArmoredTOW Carrier, Armored, WinchTOW Carrier, W/Supplemental ArmorTOW Carrier, W/Supplemental Armor, W/WinchArmament Carrier, ArmoredArmament Carrier, Armored, W/WinchArmament Carrier, W/Supplemental ArmorArmament Carrier, W/Supplemental Armor, W/Wnch2320-01-107-71552320-01-107-71562320-01-107-71532320-01-107-71542320-01-146-71912320-01-146-71882320-01-128-95512320-01-128-95522320-01-146-71902320-01-146-7189Truck, Ambulance, 4x4: 2-Litter, Soft Top2310-01-146-7194Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, D.C.30 March 1990REPORTING OF ERRORS AND RECOMMENDING IMPROVEMENTSYou can help improve this MWO. If you find any mistakes or if you know of a way to improvethese procedures, please let us know. Write a letter or complete and mail a DA Form 2028,Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms, to: U.S. Army Tank-AutomotiveCommand, ATTN: AMSTA-MB, Warren, MI 48397-5000. A reply will be provided to you.APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE; DISTRIBUTION IS UNLIMITED.1. PURPOSE.This modification provides a dual service parking brake that is more efficient and reliable than thesingle caliper parking brake.